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  1. Even the year after we won the title, my goal for the season is always the same - get 40 points! Once we’ve got those, I start to enjoy the season. Fofana looked great yesterday; good job because Soyuncu has been ruled out for 3 months.
  2. We had 5 of our first XI out - Vardy, Perreira, Ndidi and Soyuncu all out injured with Maddison only coming on with 20 minutes or so left. Think it ultimately shows how one dimensional we are without Vardy to disrupt defences; regardless of his goal scoring prowess, he does amazing work pulling defenders out of position thereby freeing up space for the likes of Barnes, Perez and the fullbacks to benefit from. Villa were the better team over the 90 but think a draw was in order.
  3. That's karmic retribution for me not paying £15 for that bloody game.
  4. I haven’t. I pay enough already to watch football on tv; club won’t miss out, spent the money on some LCFC gear for my kids for Xmas instead. The exorbitant cost was the main factor, but a minor consideration was that we’ve got quite a few injuries and bloody Jon Moss is the referee. Can’t stand him.
  5. It's an absolute doddle. Both consoles will need to have both of your accounts on them. Make his PS4 as your main console and vice versa. If you want any of his purchased games, then log onto his account on your PS4 and download them - they will then appear for you to play on your account. He would do the same on his PS4 to get your games. Have two factor purchasing on so that he can't purchase games on your account (best practice - not casting aspersions..) https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-gameshare-on-ps4?r=US&IR=T
  6. Well Leicester v Villa is every bit the festival of football you’d imagine it would be for £15. Other than the most blatant yellow card of the system and Grealish’s swan dives it’s been an absolute damp squib.
  7. I know I could Google this, but do these Instant Pots really allow you to do a 10 hour slow cook in 30 minutes? Really? Is there any decrease in flavour? Finally, are the Ninja Foodi's as good in that area?
  8. I think that's really unfair. They truly care about the fairness and equality of football, that the historic values that underpin football are being dismantled in front of our very eyes and that the integrity of our competitive league is being questioned. Lets just, er, forget about Project Big Picture, though shall we..
  9. Pretty much anything that Sampha is on. Got a great warmth to his voice. This guy has great range. Give this a go. Madison McFerrin, Daughter of Bobby. Has an absolute beautiful voice. I prefer the Photay remix version but if you're not into electronica, it might not be your cup of tea. Anderson Paak is probably as close as there is to a male Janelle Monae. So he's worth checking out. I'm an utter sucker for a duet, often adds up to more than the sum of their parts vocally.
  10. That Richarlison tackle is an utter disgrace. Hope he’s injured himself. Utterly cowardly.
  11. In that Maguire should have been sent off earlier. And that it was a pretty soft penalty. What the hell was Pickford thinking though?
  12. Just realised England are playing Denmark this evening. This came to mind immediately.
  13. Can't say I noticed them at all @milko. I think part of the problem is that there's an awful lot of repetition in advertising across international fixtures and so I largely zone out from paying them any attention. Having said that, I think those steps ads work really well.
  14. You'll have to forgive those of us who don't support the Big 6 that this is any more than a fairly cynical land grab. When Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal are guilty of some pretty reprehensible approaches to furlough and redundancies, whilst also spending tens of millions on players, then any belief in their altruistic intentions is utter hogwash. The Premier League undoubtably need to assist the EFL. The resounding silence that addressed Macclesfield's demise was fairly damning. However it's naive to expect the wealthier clubs to come in and bankroll the fairly poor financial misma
  15. That Telegraph article is a depressing read. Further evidence that United is a soulless husk of a football club under the Glazers. And for all the positive vibes that Liverpool have garnered over the Klopp years, this is a poor PR move. Not that PR is what is important to either club but a focus on maximising the bottomline. Seeing the delight on a 33 year old Andy Considine's face as he played his first game for Scotland this week and Coady's shit-eating grin when he scored for England are the wonderful side of football; this is the increasingly shitty face of the game however.
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