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  1. Thank you man. I had a friend over today, we played famicom. I'm itching to get back to Outzone. Pretty much have the first 2 stages down (without continuing) Plan is to have a big session with it tomorrow....
  2. Arkanoid 2 (revenge of Doh) Famicom, with my friend, Damocles. It has a pong like versus mode, as well as arcade and an edit mode. Game is tough, we play both this and the original frequently when he's over. We love it.
  3. Can I use a uk Megadrive power supply on the mark iii. Please may I ask the best av cable available, and where to buy. Thank you.
  4. Still out zone. It's tough! (Arcade)
  5. Just picked this up. Toaplans out zone. Looks great on my set up...I'm so sorry I can't capture this any good. I'm super happy. Arcade games on Saturday...Perfy!
  6. Kid Niki Radical Ninja - famicom. I finished the 2nd a while back...still can't finish stage 8 on original game. I love this port.. The plan is finish this, and pick up the arcade board (cash permitting) The music is its biggest drawback, it's too repetitive, which is a shame because everything else is wonderful. 1987.
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