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  1. Sega arcade game gets ported to the master system and gets a bad rap! Get out the house!
  2. I've just paid for this shipping from Japan...a week away yet!
  3. Power Stone Ii is a beautiful game on the Dreamcast. Capcom magic again. Can't speak for the releases on Sony..
  4. Will check these suggestions out Retro gamer just arrived....hoping for something sms inside!
  5. Have owned r-type, cloud master and sagaia before.... Will definitely give them another shot...
  6. I had a magical session with this last night. Playing this in a tidy sms2 console...on a decent consumer crt, In 2020. Was all kinds of magical. Going to look at picking up a shoot em up to rotate with my platformers. Last thing I do want though is too many unfinished games... With a poor camera and no light in my room/sorry.
  7. Asterix sms. Have seen about half the game so far. It's wonderful!
  8. I love lost stars! I know It often gets criticized for its simplicity, but that's one of the reasons I find it so endearing. Anyway....Put that to one side for now as I'm really into asterix....which I'll be playing shortly.
  9. The lost stars is here. I'll do a picture soon...I'm still doing chores. Apologies too...if you've quoted me and got no reaction.... I'm getting the message that I can't do reactions.....I'm all out!
  10. I've used Everdrives and I could spend hours just watching the attract screens. Especially on Megadrive. I found some magical ones from the devs Tokai iirc.
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