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  1. Hiya mate, yes, the yellow Snk rental banner was bought off another forum..it's a repro... The rest are original. I'm still 2 posters short on that wall...and I need two more for the wall left of Snk banner. Glad you like them Thank you.
  2. Kof97 poster arrived. Kof98 poster was for some reason returned to sender. Nothing hung...I got a flu bug (started new years eve) I feel so ill.
  3. Cheng Sinzan in the House! (Just arrived)
  4. One of the plush dolls I ordered, just arrived. Mai Shiranui
  5. I'm waiting on two Snk plush dolls. Here are two I have, Morgana and Chun Li.
  6. I'm currently changing my retro gaming corner of my room. It's not done yet, so, I'll just post what was here waiting for me, from when I not got long in from Christmas shopping. I guess we might be of a certain age where this isn't for everyone...but...Please post pictures of, Posters, toys, dolls, anything like that, maybe you could post links to upcoming figures, dolls, maybe stuff you wouldn't buy, but would like to share. I'll do more pictures soon, I've had a skinful, but wanted to start this thread. Currently loving neo geo...I'm so happy with this king poster, great character to play with in the kof games I've played. Merry Christmas Wishes too xx
  7. RastanSaga

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    The other mystical ninja on n64...I had this year's ago...I was over 20 hours in... I remember getting stuck and not finishing it...so I will replay that at some point. The original snes game...wow, that blew me away, very special. I played the 2nd one, Japanese only release and the music and platforming and wackiness is just out of this world, just a shame my Japanese is very very limited. The 3rd and 4th on snes, I've always avoided, I understand one of them you need a faq for a few sections (due to language barrier) and the other one needs a full on faq. If they ever got translated....wow....I remember asking about that years ago... The one I'm currently playing...just brilliant, the analogue stick works well, you can use d pad too.. Pure action platforming, bit of exploring, some nice colourful graphics and stages, music so beautiful.
  8. RastanSaga

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Ridiculously good! Two worlds down now, plus some of the hidden entry passes. Loving it

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