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  1. That would be my 1 year old daughter, when she attempts to poke my eye out Probably not going to be about tonight, as we have guests visiting. If they don't stick about to late, I will try and sneak on for the last race
  2. A dedicated Time Trial mode in Sport Mode, that is good news. Sorry I wasn't able to join in on Monday, my 1 year old Daughter decided it would be fun to stab her finger in my eye, promptly screwing my vision up for the last few days!
  3. Fuji Race made up for the disaster at Dragon Tail! I don't know what was going on with my wheel, but about half way through the first lap it felt like the force feedback was switching on and off, made it almost impossible to get around a corner without spinning. I resorted to restarting the wheel whilst in the pits, and that seemed to sort it, but by then I was over a minute behind the leader. Enjoyed our little battle for pole position at Fuji, went back and forth a few times between @marsh noble and myself, then we all got wiped out on the first corner of the race Close finish at the end with @McSpeed If only I hadn't run out of overtake boost on the final straight
  4. Good turn out last night, and some great racing. I Was having a good battle with @marsh at Interlagos, until i picked up a few consecutive penalties for exceeding track limits, and mistakenly tried to scrub them during the race. Ended up costing me a lot more time than the actual penalties I had accumulated. Would have been better to just take the time penalty at the end of the race. 3rd place at Bathurst, was like a win for me around that track May have finished a bit closer to the top 2 if I hadn't over fueled by an extra lap. Super Formula race was as good as ever, crazy the speed you can carry through some of the corners, especially the series of corners from 6 to 10 at Autodromo Lago Maggiore. Was keeping up with the top 3 for first half, but a few messy laps put me out of touch, so I decided to try and pinch the fastest lap from @mexos which I just about managed on the penultimate lap.
  5. Looks like people were managing to cut the final chicane and not get a penalty!
  6. All the lap times had been deleted last night!
  7. I should be about tonight. Hopefully, the new track provides as much entertainment as Goodwood did last time out
  8. Use https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/stats.php?profile=search for finding out your previous weeks best times(plus some other useful stats). I was hoping that the official GT app would provide something similar, but it's pretty useless! Didn't get much time on the game last week, and I struggled to string a decent lap together around Suzuka. The online races I had weren't much fun either, and my SR rating has taken a beating, due to getting dive bombed off the track at the first corner. Hopefully I will be able put up a bit more of a challenge at Interlagos.
  9. Think I have a new favourite track. Minis were great fun, liftoff oversteering around the corners, and they seemed to have as much grip on the grass as they did on the asphalt F40 was a shock to the system after the minis, where you dare not touch the green stuff, and had to scrub a lot more speed before attempting to take the corner. I was lucky on the last lap to reap the benefits of everyone else going off track, as I did all my off road excursions in the previous laps. Over confidence got the better of me in the last race, as having built a few seconds lead, I set out to beat @marsh fastest lap, and ended up binning it instead on the penultimate lap! I Will leave fastest lap chasing to the time trails from now on
  10. The track limit penalties are a bit strict at La Sarthe, took me about 3 attempts to put a clean lap in! Should be able to knock a few seconds off my time, now I know what corners I need to keep well away from the edge on. Annoying that you need the Toyota Super Formula to take place in the Autopolis race, especially when apart from the badge, they are identical. Porsche 356 is quite fun around Brands, hadn't driven the car before, and it was a pleasant surprise. Need to keep your momentum through the corners, as it bogs down if you scrub too much speed. Once you get the hang of it, you can pull off some impressive four wheel slides.
  11. New Daily(weekly!) races are out. Porshce 356 around Brands indy Circuit, Gr3 at Circuit de la sarthe and Super Formulas around Autopolis. Looking forward to driving the Super Formulas again. Anyone racing tonight?
  12. Sounds good to me. Maybe have a play with the Super Formula around Barcelona too?
  13. Ooh close then, think my best was a 1:47.3 in the end.
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