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  1. bridger

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    I gave up Destiny 2 fairly rapidly after release last year but the new expansion is sucking me back in again. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide to what's what these days and also advise me on the cheapest way to upgrade the base game on PS4? Thanks.
  2. bridger

    Next-Gen Headset Recommendations

    Bought myself an Astro Mixamp Pro TR for my Xbox One X in the last day or so in readiness for Battlefield V. Since then and with it left connected up I’ve noticed that the console is always warm to the touch even when it’s been turned off overnight or for hours at a time. The Mixamp is turned off and I’m surprised that it’s drawing enough power over USB in that state to make the console warm. Anyone else experienced this? Is it normal? Edit - Ignore me. Seems like I’m being an idiot and it’s normal for them to be warm when in standby and Instant On mode. Nothing to do with the Mixamp.
  3. bridger

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    I don't feel anything towards Strictly Come Dancing. I'd therefore never post news about who was going to be in the latest series. I don't care about football and therefore I don't post any opinions on how Manchester United are doing this season. Slagging off The Last Jedi as much as you've done in the other thread and then going to effort of posting what you have today is a funny way of showing you no longer are interested in something don't you think? Me thinks someone doth protest too much.
  4. I love the way that some of the music in that has just the slightest touch of Goblin's original score.
  5. Looks more like Zack Dingle from Emmerdale to me.
  6. bridger

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Has anyone had a faulty console and done an Advanced Exchange Repair before? If so how long should it take for them to send me a the replacement console? My Xbox One X has gone faulty and I got in touch with them last Saturday. They’ve put a hold of £450 on my credit card as they said they would, but since then there’s been no movement at all. Is this normal?
  7. And make your £20 profit (or however much you’d get from selling the console) and then never see them again. Surely selling GamePass is the last thing you’d do if you wanted a sustainable retail games business?
  8. bridger

    The Last Of Us

    I hated the first 10 hours of TLOU. All story and very little game I thought. Then the characters got their claws into me and the game just got in the way of the story. By the time it finished I classed it (and still do) as one of the best pieces of digital entertainment I’d ever experienced.
  9. bridger

    Xbox One X

    Yeah I get exactly that maybe a third of the times I turn it on. Never seen a solution or be bothered enough to do anything about it, but it definitely happens.

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