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  1. @kerraig UK is dead right. It’s super easy to sit slouched in your undies on the sofa and dismiss years of hard work and passion with little more than a snide remark, but it’s not a great look is it? No one is going to ‘get’ everything, but if you feel the need to tell people then at least have the decency to be a bit more respectful about it. He engaged with the remark to the level it deserved.
  2. I think you’ve missed the point. I was referring to having to use different accounts, input your payment details multiple times and having to have your games in different places.
  3. Jeez...it’s a good job PC gamers don’t have to buy every console each generation too or I could see there being suicides :-(
  4. Think I’ve just given myself my first ever experience of VR sickness in Ultrawings. Had no problems at all up to now and so had all the comfort settings turned off. Was fine within the game too and was doing dives and spins that weren’t making me feel ill but did give me the lurching feeling you get in a plane when it banks sharply after take off. Was really enjoying it. I’ve come off it now though and I’ve got that horrible sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach that I get when I’ve drunk far too much.
  5. BoTW is my favourite game ever but wake me up when this has a release date announced please. This is Nintendo we’re talking about, they announced Metroid two years ago and so far we’ve seen nothing but a logo unless I’m mistaken. I’m growing increasingly tired of being teased by first party Nintendo titles and then going through the rollercoaster of excitement to disappointment, hoping we’re going to find out more about a title and it’s launch only to get nothing for years. I’m in for this day 1, but I refuse to get excited for it anytime soon.
  6. Yeah 100% definitely. A co-operative game like D&D is completely different to a competitive game (especially one in a proper competitive environment where you’re often playing strangers). I totally think that players should work together to make an experience enjoyable for all in an RPG.
  7. This used to come up quite a lot within the community of a table top game I used to play fairly competitively. You don't have the responsibility to play in a way your opponent chooses. Your opponent's enjoyment of the game isn't your responsibility as long as you're polite, pleasant and play by the rules. Your opponent has no more right to dictate how a game should be played than you do and so If your opponent is unhappy with how the game can be legally played then that's something that they need to take up with the developer of the game.
  8. As always with VR, the problem is that showing footage of a game isn't in anyway a fair representation of reality (pun intended). The vast majority of VR games look meh at best on a flat screen. It's only when you've got the headset on that they come to life.
  9. Loads of stuff I’ll give a go on GamePass, but if i had / have to pay real money, then the following... Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Cyberpunk 12 Minutes Minecraft: Dungeons Halo Infinite and if I had the money for a top PC set up, including multiple monitors and flight stick & pedals I’d be seriously sucked in for Flight Simulator.
  10. I tend to buy every console so it really makes no difference to me. However I can’t pretend I don’t get turned on a little bit by the Digital Foundry videos that spout numbers and specifications I don’t really understand.
  11. Yeah definitely a good showing. There weren’t a load of games shown that I’d be interested in paying £50+ for, but there were a shit ton that I’ll happily take a look at and play for free over the next year or two now that I’ve managed to get Game Pass Ultimate for £1 until the middle of 2022. The fact that I’ll also be getting the new Halo for free when Scarlet launches is just the cherry on top.
  12. Unless I’m misunderstanding, In the screenshot it seems to indicate that it’s converting a 1 month code (31 days) into 20 days worth of service which seems to take into account the difference in price between the two. Which is why you’re not really gaining anything. I totally agree that you stand to gain lots on the initial conversion. I’ve just got Live Gold and Game Pass for 3 years for the price of Gold alone.
  13. So you don’t actually gain anything then I guess. Definitely worth getting either your Live Gold or GamePass account as close to 3 years as possible before converting.
  14. I’m only Level 4 and it came up for me. Have you tried searching for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the store (either on the console or in a web browser)?
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