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  1. Only if you want me to dig up the offending article and pop it in the post for you ;-p
  2. I think you’re right. From this angle you can see the window light shining on it...
  3. Possibly. I’ve not noticed it until just now and have been playing most of the day.
  4. I don’t think so. It’s a bright pink. I’m no expert at all on hybrid stuff as I’ve not started breeding but I was under the impression it was the whole flower. This is just a single head.
  5. The picture doesn’t show it up too well but on the actual screen it’s considerably more brighter. Never seen anything like it.
  6. Sorry if this is a silly question but can anyone advise what this single brighter coloured flower head is and why it’s bright?
  7. Going out with the dog for an hour but i’ll leave this it turned on while I’m out...I’m not being rude if I don’t reply / interact with anyone who comes.
  8. No problem. I’ll leave it on most of the afternoon.
  9. Buying Turnips here for 609 Bells...feel free to pop on over to Belle Isle... DPOWK
  10. If I was in charge I'd make each episode about 25 minutes long, so too short for any substance. Then stuff it to the gills with nostalgia so that the fans don't actually care that the story for all 8 episodes could be written on back of a single beer mat. Add in a baby Bantha or something and the world will lap it up then pronounce it to be the best thing since The Empire Strikes Back! Neg away!
  11. I'd open up a Levels Adjustment Layer which will then show you a histogram. If you then hold the option key down (Ctrl on Windows at a guess) and pull in the sliders at the ends slowly you'll see which pixels are darkest and lightest pop into view first. There may be quicker ways but that's how I've always done it.
  12. I think you’ve read it wrong or misunderstood. I’m not comparing anything, I’m just making the point that you can either over look some stuff that pisses you off because overall it makes you happy or you can dwell on the bad things and be a miserable cunt. I think in reality there’s a lot of people who just like to have something to complain about.
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