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  1. bridger

    Black Summer

    I think I’m up to the same episode as you but very close to giving up with it I reckon. It’s just zombie encounter after zombie encounter with not a great deal in between IMO. It started off really well I think but after so many hours I need a bit more characterisation to retain my interest. It feels like a television version of State of Decay which may be a good or a bad thing depending on your outlook. Also what was going on with the guy with the curly hair? Maybe I’m being dumb, but my missus couldn’t work out what was going on either.
  2. Even if they only planned to ever show The Mandalorian in the USA there are still 327 million people living there that weren't in the panel at Star Wars Celebration they may want to advertise it to, so I doubt that's the reason.
  3. Dunno then. I was just expecting the worst but if I’d not been reading about it being so poor I’d not have given it second thought. I didn’t measure the resolution or anything obviously but it looked fine to me.
  4. Does NowTV vary it’s quality depending on the internet connection? I’ve heard the quality is supposed to be poor a few times and GoT was this first thing I’ve watched on it this morning. Looked pretty much just as good as 1080p non HDR stuff on Netflix to me on my calibrated 65” LG C8 OLED. I’ve got a 300Mbps connection though.
  5. Just taken a look now and it’s available to Stream now and is available for the next 29 days.
  6. The date quoted above is tomorrow though hence the question.
  7. It looks fantastic in this...
  8. Got a NowTV pass for this. Never used NowTV before but I can see the new episode says it’s on Sky Atlantic at 2am and then 9pm tomorrow. It also says it’s only available until 15th April. Does that mean that there’s just those two opportunities to watch it and it’s not available to stream whenever I want after it’s initial showing?
  9. No problem, cheers. I’ll definitely be still up for it unless anything unforeseen has changed for me.
  10. I’m still up for playing too.
  11. In which case I can only hope...
  12. If it’s real then you’d expect it to be unveiled at Celebration in a couple of weeks. You’d have to also assume that the films name would also be revealed at the same time. That being the case why isn’t the title on the poster? I call bullshit.
  13. bridger

    The case against Adnan Syed

    Ooh nice, hadn’t heard about this. I listened to the whole podcast series last year and really enjoyed it. Will definitely make the effort to watch this.
  14. bridger

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Myself and the missus went to see it at Leicester Square Empire during a trip to London. Probably not too exciting for those of you who live in London or nearby, but to us from up North it was a bit of a treat going to see something at one of the cinemas where all the premieres are held. Not sure if it’s the film or I was just in a funny mood (I certainly don’t think I was and I’ve got no wish to revisit it to find out for sure) but I absolutely despised it from beginning to end. I couldn’t even tell you now why I disliked it so intensely but it was the longest and most agonising 2 hours of my life. The cinema itself was lovely though.
  15. It’ll do until they release a UHD boxset of the entire thing.

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