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  1. Who says it's going to piss off all the fans? Some, of course. It's a shame this ending has leaked so soon. I hope it doesn't spoil people's enjoyment of the rest of the game.
  2. Despite all the spoilered text, it's becoming increasingly obvious what everyone's talking about. Can everyone be a bit more careful?
  3. RE: Completion times. My first run took The difference really is that there's no single big location like the police station where you're hanging around for hours making gradual progress. You're always moving forward, with a few keys to find to unlock the next bit along the way. I think it's good in that it distinguishes itself from 2 enough and there are some nicely reworked sequences, but not so good in that it gets very one-paced and predictable. I suppose you could say they've been especially faithful to the original by making it feel like an offshoot or side project, rather than giving it time to become properly substantial. But it's a shame they didn't take longer over it and do much more with the city setting in particular. And while it's not ridiculously short, it does feel overpriced.
  4. I'm surprised you got through the section where you find it without it.
  5. The ones coming out in April would presumably have been too far along in production to delay, but we can already see FFVII having distribution issues. The chances of big name physical games coming out on time after this month will be slim for a while. I would say, don't expect much in May and June at the very least.
  6. I thought the opening parts were easy too. But overall it got tougher after the first hour or two. I wouldn't have wanted to play on hard first time, anyway.
  7. It is good. And it is hard. Even after getting the hang of it, which took a good few hours, I still think it asks a bit much in the later stages. I still haven't managed to finish it, but I kept coming back because there's a lot there to experiment with once you unlock a decent quantity of cards and characters. I was told there's a patch coming soon to make it easier. Not sure what it'll do exactly or when it's happening though.
  8. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    For anyone who's reached at least area 5, did you find that
  9. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    I was around 110. But I was mostly sticking to the main missions for a lot of it, and only did a bit of co-op.
  10. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    Haha. Yeah, but even then
  11. I thought the changes through most of the B campaign were great. Really nicely worked.
  12. I loved the way they remixed Resi 2, but cutting whole areas out in this one doesn't sound good. It was a surprisingly short turnaround, and the demo didn't impress me. Given the outside setting, I'd rather they'd taken the opportunity to do a bit more with it, open it out a little and integrate Nemesis in a more original way. I still quite fancy playing it, but Resi 2 was a perfectly pitched remake and one of the highlights of last year, and I can't see this leaving the same impression.
  13. 64 is the only one I'd really be interested in playing again, and only if it got some visual polish. It's never been bettered.
  14. There's something wonky about the way the saving works. I lost a couple of hours to that. But then when it happened again I went back to the main menu and continued from there and it still loaded the most recent autosave.
  15. I think I've still got the Wii version. Got bored and never finished it.
  16. Final Fantasy VII If only there were some kind of re-release coming soon to keep me occupied during this isolation period...
  17. I'm now really tempted to grab this digital next week and just disappear into it for the next couple of weeks.
  18. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    There's some truth in that for sure. But I felt the same over the first game as well, and I did try playing on with this after I finished it and just wasn't getting much out of it. Something like Dark Souls I can play over and over, but this is more linear and samey, and the loot aspect just isn't really my thing. But maybe one day I'll try again with a different build.
  19. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    It's pretty much the opposite for me. I just really enjoyed the first play through, and don't have much impetus to go on beyond that. It's big enough that I could learn and explore the combat system, and by the end I'd killed all the different enemies so many times, I don't feel the need to do it more. Co-op seems a bit pointless to me as well, as you just run around smashing everything to bits, then everyone unleashes their big attacks on the boss and it's done. It's more a means for quicker grinding than anything. But it's great that it caters for all these different approaches.
  20. I managed to get through the tutorials a few hours ago, but when it came to actually getting a game the matchmaking couldn't find anyone. Hopefully it just wasn't busy yet, as opposed to a technical fault.
  21. One Step from Eden is out today. It's a Roguelike which mixes grid-based bullet hell dodging with Slay the Spire style deck-building: It's definitely an awkward mix at first, as you're trying to keep an eye on your cards and think about how to use them while dodging relentless attacks. And it doesn't exactly ease you in to its systems. But once it clicks it is very good. Well worth it if you have the patience to tolerate the early difficulty.
  22. He didn't pop up till right near the end on my run through. Don't know if that's the same for everyone. Anyway, I was happy with one discovery I made:
  23. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    I mostly stuck to the main missions and was just falling behind the recommended level towards the end. I think the final mission was around 110 and I was 105ish when I started it. But I didn't feel underlevelled even then, so not sure why they've changed it. Bit more than that.
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