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  1. All the episodes are on Youtube, put there by what looks to be an official SI channel, so anyone can watch them for free anyway. Still not worth the time of course.
  2. Somehow I've gone back to this again. I think the recent patches might have helped because it feels slightly easier now, and more varied. I'm getting further more often and most deaths don't seem quite so harsh. It's more fun.
  3. It's a very good game. A more comical take on the Hotline Miami/Katana Zero style one-hit kill rampage game. The hook being you can use just about anything as a weapon, and there' stuff lying around all over the place. Inventive and silly. The one issue really is that because it's 3D it loses some of the precision of those other titles. The camera struggles and control isn't as easy as it should be. But you can't go wrong for that price. Well worth it. Also, great potential for high score chases too. This was my effort maintaining a combo through the first l
  4. The short answer is probably sales. Metroids sell a fraction of the quanitity of Marios, Pokemons etc. Same with the racing franchises we'd love to see return, like F-Zero or Wave Race. And I suppose people expect action games to be impressive in terms of visuals and performance, so they can't be done on the cheap. Having Platinum on board is a good solution, but I'm not sure it would help to make them fully exclusive, since they focus on one specific kind of action game, which is already just a little niche. Perhaps having a similar kind of deal with a couple of other studios maki
  5. I suppose the only explanation for that is
  6. On a bit of a run of 2D side-scrollers at the moment: 29. Foregone Seems very inspired by Dead Cells in its appearance and the basics of combat. But it's not a Roguelike - more a linear loot-based adventure. It really does look nice and there's a good feel to the weapons. But it's lacking in variety and interesting level design. Doesn't do enough with some solid foundations. 30. Vigil: The Longest Night It's another 2D Souls-like, with nods to Salt & Sanctuary, Castlevania and Bloodborne. But it's a very good one. There's a big world to explore and very li
  7. And I should add that's not even considering the LBQT perspective. As I understand it, the people I've seen talking about this (not Resetera) are generally sick of seeing trans bodies used as nothing more than curios, whether sexual or comic, usually for a male gaze. Now, it may be that the game itself has a far deeper representation than this, but this latest cosplay thing simply doubles down on that kind of imagery. CDPR could have left this well alone, but chose to bring it up again without a hint of sensitivity, making a joke of it for their own promotion campaign. For many of
  8. Most of this discussion is completely ignoring the latest part of the issue. The original in-game ad was explained like this: https://www.polygon.com/e3/2019/6/12/18662443/cyberpunk-2077-trans-advertisement-cd-projekt-red-e3-2019 So it's aggressive hypersexualised corporate advertising that makes sense in the context of the game world and is supposed to be very much a bad thing. It's what you're fighting against. OK. Then this a few days ago. A cosplay contest to promote the game, and they think after what happened with the original poster that it's a good idea
  9. Yeah, I can't see how the brief flash-forwards would spoil anything. There aren't any plot details in them.
  10. Regardless of the final game, the marketing has definitely been problematic and there's a sense that they don't want to push out the edge-lord following they've clearly accrued. They'd downplayed the original trans ad issue by saying it's part of a game fiction that's horrible and exploitative, only to use it again now in their real-life promotion with this cosplay thing, which by their own logic makes them similarly horrible and exploitative. It leaves a bad taste at the very least.
  11. I played it a bit earlier this week and found the first area even harder if anything. It seemed more varied and more likely to stiff you with a harsh layout. I don't know if that's a change or just my imagination.
  12. I think it's perfectly fine to keep plodding on and uncover more of the story at first. Once you've got the gist of the whole thing you can revisit and really start to look at the details. I only ticked off a handful of obvious ones on a first pass.
  13. I don't know if you're on PC or Switch, but I'll repeat the warning that the Switch version is performing poorly. I don't think there's been a post-launch patch yet.
  14. It's a death spiral. They're stuck still trying to make it work properly while the content isn't there to keep players' attention. When and if it ever runs as it should, there'll be no one left to play it. I also still have no idea what they can do with the core game except keep chucking new characters at it, with diminishing returns each time. I'd be surprised if they do more than one or two before pulling the plug.
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