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  1. Strange that it's so expensive to buy a physical version now. I'm sure a few years ago it was available for very little, and it can't be that rare.
  2. Finished it all on hard and now have all trophies except Top Secrets. Whatever the trick is to staggering Bahamut, I've haven't figured it out. I did enjoy chapter 17 especially much more this time round though. Without the urge to get the story done and with the battles being more taxing it doesn't feel like padding anymore so much as a test of everything you've learned and all the different styles of combat. Conversely chapter 9 is one of the least interesting on a repeat play, despite being most entertaining first time.
  3. SF2 Turbo is still the perfect Vs fighter. Advance Wars and Fire Emblem on the GBA are still the best versions. I really appreciate the deisgn of Into the Breach. But, I also found I'd had enough of it quite quickly. I felt like I'd got its number after a few runs and there wasn't huge room to develop after that. Invisible Inc. is kind of similar but more complext, and offers far more long term interest.
  4. The rumour earlier in the week was something along the lines of Microsoft doing a deal to use Sega branding for their consoles in Japan.
  5. I cleared out all my MD, SNES, PS1 and N64 stuff back in 2008. Included quite a few rarish games and I got about £1500 on ebay in total, which I was quite pleased with at the time. The prices have shot up so much since then though, I believe. My biggest sale was about £90 for a complete/near mint SotN, and a number of others (Suikoden etc.) went for around £50. I'd only like to have them back so I could sell them again now.
  6. All I have left to do on this now is the last 2 chapters on Hard and the Top Secrets battle. But I've been trying to do the latter and just can't manage it.
  7. I'm sure it is, but I found it undermined somewhat by how often you have to do it. Each little arena with a handful of goons to kill diminishes the impact slightly, until only a few big moments stick in the memory. Uncharted has the opposite problem in a way, in that its violence feels too throwaway, but it comes down to the same thing. The traditional action game structure jars against the level of realism they create through their characters.
  8. Everyone survives? Happy ending? Repentant zombies? Could be anything...
  9. I think it'd be great if action sequences like that in the video were far more sporadic than in previous ND games. I'd appreciate longer periods of quiet and exploration of those environments, with the occasional burst of violence, each of which feels like a meaningful event. But from the looks of it, they'll be popping up regularly as you're wandering around and become routine. Also I know when I do that sequence, it'll be a comedy of errors and all that gritty realism will disappear in an instant.
  10. For balance, I played the Wii version for about 30 hours and had to give up because it was a tedious slog. The landscapes are lovely, but dull to explore, and the side quests are a load of resource farming and fetch quests. The characters and story are poor. The main thing I recall about the combat is having to remember what specific commands to use against specific types of enemies. Sometimes it's like a whole sequence - when you meet monster type M first get character A to do X, then B to do Y, etc. and then you forget something and it all goes wrong. It's been a long time, so I'm obviously hazy on the details, but those are the main things I came away with from it.
  11. Just start playing through on Hard. The extra XP you'll quickly level you up to the maximum. Except it might be a good idea to skip chapter 1 for now, because the boss is very difficult until you're stronger. If you're planning on doing everything, it's worth checking a guide for things like how to get different dresses. Oh and hopefully you got 2 elemental materia from the first play through. I missed one and it's important to have them for some of the tougher bits, so I had to repeat a chapter on Normal to get it.
  12. I've only done it once as well. 32667, Rank B, 27.48, with Blaze.
  13. The double divas are fine if you focus on the poison one first. Even if she does the AOE you can often recoup the damage drain by attacking her. Overall, very few of the toughest parts of the game are bosses, even with all their armour. It's much harder to deal with large groups than a big guy and a few henchmen.
  14. Went back to this today. I'd done about half of it on Hard before getting sidetracked by other stuff, but decided I really wanted to do everything. Managed to do the last summon now and all but the final challenge on the combat sim. Going to do a few more chapters before tackling that. On chapter 13 not, but I've already done 14. It's great to be back in it again. It's such a wonderfully well-judged remake.
  15. Yeah, I hope any tweaks are minor. It's not a big issue in the end, just something new to learn to deal with.
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