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  1. BadgerFarmer

    Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes: Punk Is Dead

    If this was the test to see if NMH3 was viable, then it's probably better that it doesn't happen.
  2. BadgerFarmer

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - 1-Shot Demo January 11th

    I like the idea of removing those kind of messages where possible. It keeps you within the scenario, rather than having some external voice telling you stuff. The appearance of your inventory on screen means an item is needed. Looking at the door or whatever in front of you should give a clue as to what. I find it intuitive.
  3. BadgerFarmer

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - 1-Shot Demo January 11th

    Most of the interface, item management and environment interaction stuff has been brought over from Resi 7. It felt like a decent update of the old style there and works just as well here.
  4. BadgerFarmer

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Invisible Inc was the most recent. I decided to get the platinum trophy, which meant finishing on Expert + level and surviving on endless mode for ages. The only way to do that is take full advantage of certain items (it's the cloaking devices), because the guards become ridiculously overpowered after a while. I still play it occassionally, although I struggle on the highest difficulties now,. I was in the top 50 overall on Motorstorm RC last time I played it. Probably not a game played by that many people admittedly. And many years ago, Fantasy Zone 2 on the Master System. For some reason I would complete it over and over again, in exactly the same way each time, always without losing a life.
  5. BadgerFarmer

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    I played with spear and kusarigama. I think the spear is a good starter weapon - easy to use and with good range - but after a couple of levels I switched to kusarigama permanently. Apart from anything else the chain move you can unlock early on that lets you grab and reel in enemies remains useful throughout the game. Hardly any enemies, even bosses, can do anything about it. As for jutsu and skills, there are specific points where you unlock the ability to use them. As you meet different characters in the story, you'll have access to training sessions with them and learn new stuff.
  6. BadgerFarmer

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Ikaruga. I could get to the 3rd level reasonably efficiently, but only saw the rest of it due to the infinite continues. Perhaps I could've got slightly further if I'd played it loads more, but I just don't think it's possible that I could ever beat it in a single credit. The same goes for most of the shmups from the last 20 years as well. It's a genre I always enjoyed in the 80s and 90s, and thought I was quite good at, but the modern bullet hell stuff had taken it to a level that I can barely understand.
  7. BadgerFarmer

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Mega Man 11 [7] 8-13 Jan Completed on Normal difficulty. Same old Mega Man really, but with plenty more polish. Visually it's lovely, especially some of the bigger characters (special mention to inflatable frog mini-boss). Gameplay wise there's some tight level design that's mostly testing without being too vicious. But there are leftovers of old design sensibilities and a generally odd approach to difficulty that don't quite work. It seems outdated now to make pits and especially spikes instant death hazards when everything else isn't. It makes certain screens difficult to pass at all while the rest are only likely to cause moderate damage if you mess things up. On the other hand you end up carrying a whole range of cheap useable items and equippable parts that can make many challenges insignificant. The big temptation is not to just stockpile a load of energy tanks for a boss encounter and then mindlessly blast through it, especially when a Game Over means repeating the whole stage again. The best moments, as ever with MM, are when you do things properly, especially making the breakthrough against the first boss and then working out the weaknesses of the others using the new weapons you get from each victory. In fact, one of the highlights in the end was probably the boss rush, which I made myself do in one life without items. Not sure I'm bothered about the extra challenges or difficulty levels now, but I've had a decent enough time with it. Previously:
  8. Yeah, Obra Dinn is the one game of last year I would have liked to play. I did manage to get through Into the Breach and Mega Man 11 recently. ITB wasn't far off changing things, but just outside my top 5 in the end.
  9. BadgerFarmer

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    It's all about the way DS1 encourages you to find and take different routes through the game in repeated play throughs. The embers you need for each different kind of build are a big part of that. They also tie in to the areas you find them in and add to the lore. And the first time I played DS2 the ember route was the last one I tried, not knowing where it was, so by then I'd already done half the game with no interesting upgrade options.
  10. BadgerFarmer

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    I always liked the idea of those twin blades more than the reality. Damage and range wasn't good enough, IIRC. Also didn't help that the durability was so low before the first big patch, so they kept breaking after a few fights.
  11. BadgerFarmer

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    The bosses are a bit of a joke for the most part, and too many of them are the big bloke in armour types. I'm always tempted when Scholar is on sale because I didn't play the DLC, but I never quite feel like playing through it all again. A lot of the enjoyment I got from it was from playing in co-op, which I rarely did with the other games, but here it felt more essential as chunks of it are quite dull otherwise. There are also some baffling decisions, like the areas geared for convenant based MP stuff, which are pretty much empty if you're just passing through, or the way they've ditched the multiple embers from DS1.
  12. BadgerFarmer


    Yeah, a major part of it is making it seem like it's too hard but actually making it quite doable with a bit of effort, so you start to believe in your abilites more. Of course, you still have to be willing to try the same bit over and over again in some cases. If that's not your thing then it probably won't appeal.
  13. BadgerFarmer

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - 1-Shot Demo January 11th

    I did when I first played RE7, but for me it's only a thing that happens with first person perspective games, so not surprisingly I didn't get it with this demo at all.
  14. BadgerFarmer

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - 1-Shot Demo January 11th

    So that's that. Pretty much what I expected, which is good. I didn't die, but I don't think I got that far either. It's not the sort of game that's worth rushing through on a first try, because a big part of it is building atmosphere to make you cautious. I tend to walk around until I know an area is clear. I almost got killed in the first part because I was swinging wildly with my aim, but actually it wasn't too difficult to pop the Zs in the head after that, when you've got more distance to work with. Most of all it's damn tense. The sound effects. Lack of light. But also how it plays on your knowledge of the original to keep you guessing. I was expecting Still can't justify buying immediately though, as I've got other stuff to get through.

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