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  1. Kong/Bowser for TT or 2p races. Apparently the game had some other modes too.
  2. Oops. Not inentional. It didn't register for some reason.
  3. Not quite, but it's the only game to run it close. 2nd best game of the decade/century/ever. And I wouldn't worry about Zelda fatigue. I was completely sick of it after Skyward Sword, but this is a complete reinvention.
  4. S+! I was improving towards the end for sure. A trickle of S+ amongst the Cs and Ds. Sometimes it seems a bit hit and miss though - I feel like time can be as big a factor as anything else, but haven't really tested it out yet.
  5. It's fine but predictable and therefore a bit of a bore. A list of some of the most liked games of the last 20 years more than anything, which is hardly going to tell us anything new. People's personal lists always throw up more interesting choices and justifications.
  6. 27. Creature in the Well 4-18 Sept It's a nice idea (sort of action pinball) and some parts did develop into interesting challenges, especially the boss sections. But a lot of other bits were a non-event. Overall it could do with some tighter design, and just do a bit more with the concept.
  7. I've finished this now. It does get better after the opening couple of levels, with some good challenges, especially the bosses. But overall it doesn't add up to much. For every room that's a decent challenges there's another that's a non-event, and it just never really does enough with the concept. Not bad, though.
  8. TBH I just did whatever I could and used a ton of healing items to get through. It wasn't pretty but I got there somehow. Maybe one day I'll go back and actually try and learn it properly.
  9. 26. Astral Chain 3-16 Sept This was marvellous. The legion/chain idea has been so comprehensively thought through, not only in combat - where you can bind enemies, catapult them away and hookshot yourself around arenas - but also in the plaftorming sections, the exploration and the various mini games and detective modes. There's a ton of variety, with extreme shifts of pace from the frantic fighting to the more laidback and amusing community policing, but it never feels disjointed. Even when you're doing more mundane stuff it doesn't feel like busywork because it all makes sense as part of the whole, and it keeps moving too quickly for anything to become tiresome. The combat is still the main attraction, though, and it's Platinum at its best. It's not as immediate as Bayonetta, given the complexity of controlling yourself and half-controlling your legions at the same time, but once it starts to come together it's just as thrilling and rewarding. Besides all that, the visual style and soundtrack are also pretty special. Other than some minor issues with the camera and getting used to the controls, it's simply a top class action adventure game from start to finish. And one I'd missed out from before: 24. The Church in the Darkness 27 Jul-4 Aug There's a good premise here, as you enter the compound of a socialist, Christian commune in the South American jungle uninvited to look for your nephew, and each time you start the conditions are different - sometimes it's all going well and peaceful, sometimes it's being run like a brutal dictatorship. The core stealth mechanics are OK too, but it's all too simple and too repetitive for the repeat play throughs required to see the many endings. Plus it has some annoying quirks and control issues that make it frustrating at times. Needed more depth and polish.
  10. Trying to understand what people are saying and engaging with it are usually a good start.
  11. Goose and Zelda on Friday. This has been the most ridiculous month for new releases in a long while.
  12. Just finished it. Amazing final boss battle. And just a fantastic game start to finish.
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