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  1. I will try out builder pro, ta
  2. I think my downfall is the building thing, I rarely build.
  3. I really enjoy the odd bit of Fortnight, been playing for about a month now on PS4. The problem I am finding, is that I am really bad at it. I didn't even realize I could be so bad at a video game. The good news is, I can only improve ... I keep telling myself.
  4. I looked up robitica earlier on, it didnt have all that hud, and wast as first persony shoot em up, more RPG dungeon crawling.
  5. BOOM!!! WE HAVE A WINNER! ... I think... It looks like Enemy Zero, thank you so much to all of you, and big thanks to Monsly! I need to look at it closer tonight, but from a quick youtube I think it is Enemy Zero. Hooray!
  6. No, unfortunately not space hulk, it seemed quite slow paced.
  7. Hello all, I am trying to find a saturn game, which name i dont recall. I remember watching someone play it back in school. It was a scifi first person dungeon crawler. I vividly remember a scifi esque corridor, that lead you into a big warehouse. There was no weapons on screen. I doubt it was an import title, and would had been in english. I cant find it Hope you can help. Thanks
  8. Pixel

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    @Nathan Wind It’s one of ‘Kaiju Tans’ Sofubi creations (which I collect). This particular one, is a photo of my #truthbobo. If you #kaijutan into Instagram, and/or #truthbobo, you will see his fine creations.
  9. Pixel

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    If anyone wants an addictive fighter to play, I highly recommend Taekwon-do. Fabulous game indeed.
  10. Pixel

    Currently playing...

    @deKay Shellshock was fantastic
  11. Pixel

    Currently playing...

    @deKay the top is metal slug on neo geo pocket? What is the last game, and it’s respective system? ta.
  12. Pixel

    Currently playing...

    Uma playing Golden Sun on the ol gba, enjoying it a lot
  13. Pixel

    Recommended game lists

    This is great! Thanks to the effort put in. Can anyone add to this? - Edit, I added Metal Storm to NES section, because its brilliant imo.
  14. I’m from Bordersdown, but never posted that much, I used the tag of redstar over there.

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