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  1. I switched the carousel off after a few minutes into starting it. The final parts to do were 4 horse poles which I couldn't get clean. I switched over to the Drill and also the treehouse. Went back eventually, started the carousel, the poles cleaned in seconds and the achievement popped unexpectedly. I'm on to the Temple covered in shit according to the messages. Just bought the max level washer. Hating myself more than ever but it keeps dragging me back.
  2. Up to the 6th episode which was the best yet. It was never going to follow the original books directly. I was expecting 80s Doctor Who levels of production just because but this is exceptional. It's nice to have nice things now and again.
  3. Only 10 minutes in and by jingo I think they've achieved it.
  4. If you are desperate for a ship name. I've ended up with The Purple Sausage. That' ll work.
  5. Surprising to see no mention of the big twitter news regarding Sony's statement on the ABK acquisition.
  6. First 5 minutes 2022 Hillbombing insanity
  7. My ignore list just got a bit bigger. I predict fans are going to rewatch the shit out of this until Netflix has to make more of them and a whole new generation are going to discover the comics. I'm really looking forward to it and it's a great excuse to have a long overdue re-read of the original arc.
  8. Supposedly you can play games on theses wank goggles too.
  9. Petition for Forza Motorsport to have dirt tracks and a Power Washer mode please.
  10. I have nearly finished the garden. I hate myself. OCD simulator more like.
  11. After the HOTAS purchase I've put about 60 more hours into this and am now over 200 hours. On Saturday I bought a Spitfire in the sale using rewards $$$. Last night I watched DUNKIRK and now I'm chilling out watching this livestream which is the aeroplane equivalent of the Goodwood hill climb. I'm going to end up as a plane spotter in the future.
  12. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/grand-theft-auto-v/9NXMBTB02ZSF This is the Series S/X version. Its the most expensive on including GTA Online.(£34.99) The others are the xbox One version via back compat. There is no upgrade available to convert to Series S/X. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/grand-theft-auto-v-story-mode-xbox-series-xs/9PCCGHDBMR1P/0010 Series S/X single player only version (17.99) It is deliberately confusing.
  13. He asks if Lalo sent them. Lalo was more than capable of sending anyone to do anything as shown in this episode. Timeframes are irrelevant in this world. So picky, just a bit....
  14. The Batman This took me about 8 attempts to get through it all. I'd call The Dark Knight my most watched film of the last 20 years. I won't be sitting through this again ever. "You're not my father." really got on my tits. I couldn't see fuck all of what was going on. se7en/5.
  15. Just rewatched Ep7 then the new episode. There were parts during that where I couldn't move and possibly forgot how to breathe. "Edge of your seat" doesn't come close to describing it.
  16. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One for xbox/PC. £80 from Argos. I've managed to set up Sensitivity settings for the various Axis on the stick to get it nice and smooth and have managed to put full 360 freeflow cockpit cameras on the Hat button. I'm sure there's tons of other tips and tricks to using it which I'd be more than glad to take advice on. I'm using Squirrel's tutorial videos on youtube as a guide to flying but if anyone knows of other good tutorial videos or webpages a recommendation is more than welcome.
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