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  1. FTFY. I seem to be coming down with it too. *cough*.
  2. Yep, they're incredibly challenging. I've done two so far. And left two others alone to come back to.
  3. Far Cry 5

    God of War isn't likely to change that viewpoint. Death in GoW is a minor inconvenience apart from some boss battles (particularly the optional ones).
  4. Shall we not start that again? Irrespective of the score, this is will be a touchstone for future developers.
  5. You'll kick yourself.
  6. macosx finished even sooner.
  7. Whoever edited the thread title is spot-on. This game is absolutely magnificent. Some of the humour is brilliant, I just laughed out loud at a throwaway line that almost came out of nowhere but fitted perfectly. Only funny if you played the previous games though. The setting continues to inspire wonder and awe, the combat just gets better, the story continues to be engaging. Fantastic.
  8. But that's just it, it doesn't mask it well; it masks it brilliantly. I much prefer this way of doing it, and that's coming from someone very tolerant of loading screens - Skyrim is still one of my favourite games.
  9. Actually, I'd say the marrying of all the elements is new. No game comes close for me in terms of blending all these brilliant elements so perfectly. The daft Zelda comparisons amuse me. But that's all I'll say on that.
  10. "The Girl Issue" implies otherwise. In fairness, I haven't read the issue, so perhaps there's some forward (for the time) thinking and cleverness in its articles.
  11. It's at least from the '90s, and not this century ... right?
  12. I think people were expecting even better, given the hype. I said earlier in the thread, on a technical level Horizon is better (day night cycles with dynamic lighting etc.), but artistically I prefer the look of this game. The use of HDR is amazing.
  13. Also, the red circles that appear when an enemy attacks mean you can't parry the blow - always dodge those. There are many options for builds depending on your playstyle. I had one perk where a last minute dodge would slow down time briefly. However, I now have one that widens the parry window - very handy.

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