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  1. Oh wow, I forgot the game came out on PS3 as well.
  2. No harm keeping it here, I reckon. I'm posting my Pcars2 vids here.
  3. I really hope the 4k60 PC rumours are true.
  4. Well, the the third one. Come on, Doc, the third one is shit.
  5. Batman was my first ever experience of VR. An experience I will never forget.
  6. Yes. Buffy is fucking great. Some proper feel-good TV along with some genuinely brilliant TV. Been thinking of re-watching it for a while.
  7. Not sure how long it's been on there, but just spotted The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford is on Prime. Good modern western, with some truly delicious cinematography.
  8. Black Mass Not sure what to rate this. I enjoyed it, but it's not one I'll watch again in a hurry, if ever, and I'm the type of guy who'll watch a great move over and over. But there's no denying it is a decent movie. I'd never seen it before, it was always one of those films I'd meant to watch "when I got round to it". My step dad passed last week*, and he's Boston and born and bred (Maine, so north, not southy) moved over here after meeting my mum over a decade ago. He liked this movie a lot, so I felt it was high time I watched it. *Please, no condolences, we weren't that close; I didn't bring it up for that, just for context. 3.5/5
  9. 'twas my GOTY for 2019 also. I've played through the main game, I think, four times now. I fucking love the game. Genuinely brilliant.
  10. In PCARS2 career news, I did indeed win at Imola, lost the lead once after a daft mistake but soon got it back. The next track (I forget where) I absolutely smashed. You know things are going right when you feel the car is good before you've even finished your first lap. I was fastest in practice, breezed into pole, and was never troubled in the race. Engineer told me to take it easy on the final lap. Lol...
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