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  1. When I'm back in this on VR, I'm gonna make the trip. I know we don't have Mukhang, but are we still big in Basuseku?
  2. Thor

    Ad Astra

    To celebrate 50 years...
  3. Lost that loving feeling.
  4. The final part of that trailer doesn't look too hot to me, the CGI seems off. But otherwise it looks good. Looks like we get to see Yennefer become the great sorceress she already is in the games. Edit: Ha, that's Triss who's talking to Geralt about "monsters and money" ... the racists are gonna have a field day...
  5. That's up there with calling Imagine, Imagine All the People. A brave faux pas to admit. I once worked with a guy who proniunced Deus Ex, Due Er...
  6. The words of someone who has not had the unique pleasure of being hyperdicted by one.
  7. Heh, that's what I listened to in my car when driving up to Leeds a little while back. Discovered the brilliance of PYLOT and Fury Weekend via that playlist.
  8. Thor

    Ad Astra

    Thematically it's still a bit, "hmm", but visually it looks great. Still intrigued.
  9. Mission Impossible tie-in!
  10. Proper update: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-enclave-overview-of-phases.515986/page-23#post-7904559
  11. More thematically, it was reports recently that the Thargoids have left the bubble. NOPE! Professor Palin's facility in Maia has just been attacked, an evacuation order is in effect, and you can't land there. Oh boy...
  12. That sounds like voice attack, which I'll also be getting.
  13. I don't think there's a huge modding scene for this game beyond hud colour changes. Though I may be wrong.
  14. As my venture into VR gets closer, one thing I was concerned about was losing the ability to watch Netflix or whatever on a laptop just to the side while on less "involved" journeys. It's how I watched most of Star Trek DS9 for example. I once got blown up after setting my ship to take off, only to then get caught up in a gripping scene of The Expanse! I was concerned that, in VR, I'd be "locked in" so to speak. Well, the Oculus Rift has Oculus Home, and you can pin windows inside your virtual world. SO I can pin a netflix/Amazon/Youtube window and watch whatever I want while doing long stints.
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