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  1. Nah, I had this on the Amiga when it came out, 386 and 486 were the Intel chips of choice then.
  2. I believe I can see where this is going, plot wise, I hope this isn't as predictable as a I fear. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying this now. Siora has shown an ability I ... was not expecting.
  3. I'm getting to grips with the crafting system now. With the aid of Kurt, who when included in my team gives me a +1 in crafting, I've managed to craft a talisman that gives me a +1 in Science. So now I can craft simple magic and health potions from all the shit I've been looting from beasts. The systems here are all nicely interlinked, I really like it.
  4. I've barely touched the main storyline. I keep doing sidequests. Creepy old religious dude has actually turned out to be very useful, especially when interacting with these Inquisitor twats.
  5. Kurt's sidequest was good. Think it's finished, but it does hint at something happening later.
  6. There are plenty of quirks, such as, "can you tell me where she is?", despite tje conversation only ever referring to a merchant, and no mention of gender. But the game has ... something. Also, pistols and magic is proving quite powerful.
  7. Oooh, that I did not know.
  8. You referring to the Hideo Kojima tie-in, the PS4 exclusive side content? It's dogshit. I fucking hated it, a complete waste of time that is completely separate from the main game, and which will be ignored on future playthroughs.
  9. Have to admit, this would likely have sold tonnes as a launch title for the next gen of consoles.
  10. Babylon 5 is indeed excellent. Altered Carbon is not shit.
  11. San Matheus is rather lovely. Edit: Or not.These Inquisitors...
  12. What powers do you have? That is the hardest part of the game.
  13. Altered Carbon on Netflix. And, oh shit, THE ORVILLE, if you can get hold of it.
  14. Thor

    Gears 5

    You're a dick.
  15. Dear devs, Don't let me sell an outfit I will 100% need for a loyalty quest just a few hours later, a quest I now can't continue without repurchasing said outfit. It just makes players even more inclined to hoard everything. K thx bye. This really is amateur hour, isn't it?
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