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  1. Thor

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Ultimately I enjoyed this, and I really like where it went plot wise. But I much prefer John Wick 1 and 2. The action in this felt silly, people were laughing in my showing tonight. But then I have to admit, so was I. Style over substance, and the style wasn't really my style. But I'm still keen to see where they take this.
  2. Thor

    Blood and Truth

    Can't fucking wait!! Sounds like a John Wick sim!
  3. Thor

    Blood and Truth

    I love what they did on PSVR Worlds, so I'm looking forward to this.
  4. Thor

    Blood and Truth

    This is out next week (I think) and there's a pretty glowing preview in Eurogamer. Will be buying!
  5. For me that could not be further from the truth. Even when playing on my C64, I always dreamed of "human graphics" as I called it. I always believed it would be a reality at some point, and still do - we're getting there.
  6. That Sega would no longer be a major player in the console hardware scene.
  7. Done a lot of testing with HDR on and off this evening. It's gonna be personal taste here. Oddly, I found the night time perhaps looks better with HDR on (something that was way off at launch), but during the day ... it still looks too washed out, it looks dull: the opposite of what HDR should provide.
  8. Well, I rather enjoyed that finale. Thought it turned out rather fitting in the end.
  9. On that we can agree. I've been playing mostly in SDR on my current replay: It's almost photoreal.
  10. Thor

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Nah, he's rubbish. Well, apart from in the scenes with Defoe, he's pretty good in those. But most other times he's just off. "He's the man you send to kill the fucking bogeyman " ... that line in particular is duffer than a duffel bag full of duffel coats. I watched 2 last night - I still prefer it. Though I'd forgotten about Fishburne hamming it up as well. "Somebody PLEEEAAAAAAASSE ... get this man ... a gun" I can see why people prefer 1 - it's a straight revenge flick with well-done action, and a lot of the hokey world it's based in is left to the imaguination. 2 expands the world, but is very "comic book/graphic novel", which won't be to everyone's taste. Still, seeing 3 tomorrow and can't wait.
  11. Aye, better VR tech I'm expecting. One of the reasons we've seen a lot of limitation this past decade is the chase for ever higher screen resolutions. Imagine what could be achieved if games only had to render at 480p still. The PS3 and 360 weren't even full 1080p - most games ran at 720p at best (Halo 3 was 640p as I recall). Now we have 4k, which for true 4k output in gaming only high-end PCs and the One X can really do, but with checkerboarding and today's TV tech, the difference is negligible. So I'm hoping that the next-gen stops at 4k, and doesn't chase after the 8k bullshit that absolutely no-one wants or needs. This way we should see the next-gen tech be able to take advantage of the extra power to do something other than render ever smaller pixels.
  12. I'm fairness, I think it may be a bit more than that, but it's still not a great implementation to my eyes.
  13. Pretty much what you said; Evilboris says it better in that vid. However I found it still presented a washed out image compared to the normal SDR look. You have to reduce the paperwhite setting really low and then turn off all your lights so that you're playing in a dark room. Great, if that's your thing; not great if you just want to play in a normally lit room like a normal person. I'm going to experiment more with it this evening. It's night time that I find suffers the most. Night is supposed to be dark, I find with HDR on in this game it's like turning on night vision - you can see everything. It's the same with Witcher 3's HDR implementation actually - turn on HDR and you'll never need to use Cat, oh and Geralt's hair changes colour.

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