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  1. Indeed, I've already bought the game twice, on PS4 and PC.
  2. That's another thing I like about Archer, he doesn't lack self awareness. He was put in impossible situations and had to make horrible choices. Didn't always make the right ones, but that's easy for us, the viewer, to say from our armchair as we stuff our faces with crisps and a Kit-Kat.
  3. Creepy Riker with T'Pol excepted, that wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. The chef element was actually rather clever if you ask me. You can tell that, TNG daftness aside, that's the ending they were aiming for at the end of the proposed seven year run. Like I said earlier in this thread, perhaps in the final three seasons we'd have seen Archer become the truly legendary hero Starfleet history says he is. As it stands, he's a flawed human being, just like everyone else. That's actually something I like about him, Archer was never the ideal captain, we already had that in Picard. Fave character throughout was still Trip. Him and Reed could have done with a few more episodes together, they bounced off each other really well. I want a Beagle now.
  4. No, I'm happy leaving it where it is. I've actually started the original show. Captain Pike is talking to a pair of buttheads. Yes, some of the plotting could be better (this is Abrams, after all) but the crew chemistry is fantastic. Pine makes a fantastic Kirk (sometimes he even sounds like Shatner), and Urban's Bones steals every scene. Into Darkness is far better than a lot of people give it credit for. Its just a shame they went with Khan and tried to mirror some of that movie. Cumberbatch's villain would have been so much better had he been left as simply John Harrison. Beyond is genuinely great considering it was written in just a few months on the back of some fag packets! I honestly love all three movies, and would dearly love to see just one more made to give the crew a proper send-off. Yelchin deserves a goodbye too. But what if I love it? *sigh*, alright then. I'll stick it on now.
  5. I'm gonna leave it there, that seems a better, more fitting place to end it. I'm fucking distraught that it's over. And absolutely gutted that the Trek TV we've had since has been absolute dogshit on comparison, yes including Picard (though I'm still hopeful it'll get better). The three movies we got were great, at least, would love a fourth. I guess we still have The Orville, at least some people are still making shows like this.
  6. What the fuck did I just watch. Still, that was better than all the other mirror universe episodes from the rest of Trek.
  7. Ah, so it's for these episodes that the daft crop-top uniforms are for. When I accidentally saw the pic way back I honestly thought they'd gone that direction for S3 and beyond.
  8. Might as well call this episode sexploitation. Edit: You know what? I absolutely detest the mirror universe, but I know Enterprise's MU two-parter is next, and I can't fucking wait. I can't explain it. Edit2: Back to my original point, this epsiode is hilariously stupid, and predictable.
  9. Well now, Lt Reed, this is a surprise. S4 has been excellent, I'm gutted this is the last of it.
  10. But we've veered from discussing the media and have instead gone round in circles. And it's considered disrespectful to speak ill of the dead, is it not? You didn't do that, but your parallel, to my eyes, made light of real slavery because the realities of the situations are markedly different. I dunno, maybe my reaction to your parallel is as much an overreaction as yours is to the episode.
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