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  1. Thor

    PlayStation VR

    Awe inspiring, isn't it?
  2. Thor

    Star Trek Discovery

    So is the whole series up today, or is it weekly again?
  3. Just to warn everyone, I'll be using this thread as a dumping ground for all my DW2 pics, which I'll then link to over on the Frontier forums...
  4. Thor

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    That is a very good way of looking at it. Definitely more nuanced the more time you have to ponder it. I'd still have preferred to play as Sadie.
  5. Keep saving. Get a Python. After a few upgrades, you'll never look back. Its only weakness is pure exploration, but your Already have an Asp for that. Also, don't trade in your Asp.
  6. More than somewhat.
  7. Thor

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Scrolled through the list, everything was nope, with just one or two gots.
  8. Thor

    Borderlands 2 PSVR - Dec 14th

    I'm gonna buy this, I fancy a new VR game that's and actual proper game, and not an "experience."
  9. Mass Effect 2. Finished it on insanity. I'd argue, also, Elite Dangerous. I own the top three ships in the game (Corvette, Cutter, Anaconda). I may not have been to the Sagittarius A or Colonia, but I have been as close to the edge of the galaxy as I can, in the Formidine Rift, and have joined the Distant Worlds 2 initiative. I know this game.
  10. Yeah, I said a page or two back, mining is the new gold rush in Elite. But I'm DW2 now, looking forward to Friday and getting involved in all the exploration shenanigans. Might even start a blog about it.
  11. Thor

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Deliverance on the C64. I was only a small lad at the time, but I couldn't get past the first screen or two.
  12. Thor

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    One thing I noticed when i saw this, it was shown in 1.85:1. Can I expect the 4k disc to be full-screen?
  13. Aye, the FAS is a good ship for RES sites. I kitted one out as a hull tank once, it was odd not giving even one flying fuck about shields.

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