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  1. Dealing with BTs gets easier/more bearable. This is an odd game, part of says you should stick with it; another part says ditch it for something with good gameplay. Yes, the actual gameplay in this is crap. The driving physics are sub PS2 era. It's the plot and Kojima madness that has kept me intrested ... to a point.
  2. Ooohh, I did do that for Gears 5, I just assumed that HDR wasnt in the game because there was no toggle for me, because Windows wasn't in HDR. Pretty daft really, consoles can switch to HDR at will, why can't PCs? Anyway I'll replay the first level tomorrow in HDR and see how it compares.
  3. Aye, this is pretty spectacular on PC. I noticed no HDR settings in game, so I'm assuming there is no HDR at all. Game looks fucking amazing without it anyway. The use of lighting is really well done. Enjoyed the first level, will leave the rest for the weekend. Sure felt good swinging that lightsaber around.
  4. Star Wars is out now, so I'm jumping to that, maybe I'll jump back to this.
  5. You can dismantle them, but they disappear from your inventory. So you can't dismantle and put somewhere else. I just tried it. I'm up to episode 8 now. Have to say, there was a fair bit of filler in episode 7.
  6. This is downloading now. Should be ready by 11pm when it's released properly here in Great Britain, you time-dodging kiwis
  7. How'd that finally play out for you in the end?
  8. Can you not pick a ladder back up, or at least move it once it's deployed?
  9. Good stuff. Will sort that for this weekend.
  10. Can you just buy one month and then fuck it off? Because if so, I'm doing that.
  11. Ah well, the ones I have are great anyway, watched both SW and ESB recently.
  12. My versions of them are a few years old now, has he made any significant improvements since?
  13. I wouldn't worry about the truck, more will come along.
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