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  1. I'm sure I speak for most here when I say reading it has been a privilege. Thanks Kiro, this trip down rllmuk memory lane has been wonderful.
  2. Jennifer's Body No, this was not on my list of films I should really get round to watching. I was bored and thought, fuck it, Megan Fox is easy on the eye, so put this on. Well, whaddya know? It was actually reasonably entertaining, like an old '80s horror movie. 2.5/5
  3. My non-comic thread died a death (I had a feeling it would) so I'll post here. I really enjoyed this, but it did peak a bit too early at ... That said, I did feel it just about stuck the landing.
  4. Whiplash That's more like it, and a nice change of pace from my recent science fiction movies. Simmons is a colossal cunt in this, but I actually liked that the movie never shied away from that. 4/5
  5. Oooh, I never clocked that, or maybe just don't remwmber. Also, if you're wondering about Skunk Rider, that was a Llanelli store customer.
  6. Idgi... Got three episodes left (paused to foolishly watch Event Horizon), but this really is fucking fantastic.
  7. Event Horizon Another on my list of "should have fucking watched this by now", and the first one I didn't really rate. In fact, after a promising start I thought this was shit. Wish I'd continued watching The Sandman/5
  8. Oh boy! My last five films are: Prey | Contact | Primer | The Vast of Night | Solaris I was actually planning on watching a particular film tonight (another on my "still haven't fucking seen it" list), which from my list above I think is quite easy: Solaris (Weird shenanigans in Space) x Prey (Survival Horror) = Event Horizon I like this game.
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