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  1. Peter Jackson’s King Kong (it’s supposed to be in backwards compatible titles, but still hasn’t gone live, so I booted up the 360) and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (Xbox). Both wonderful, atmospheric titles.
  2. F.E.A.R. as it’s fucking ace! Dino Crisis 1, 2 & 3 (yes, 3!) cos I’m desperate for a new entry in the series, despite E3 rumours of a reboot/remaster at the Xbox presentation being nothing but a cock tease
  3. Galaga 88 and Saint Dragon and I’ll be very happy!
  4. Where the Hell is bloody Dino Crisis?!? FFS Capcom, come on!!!
  5. I loved X-Men, X-Men 2, First Class and DoFP, but this is a whole heap of crap! Urgh! The sooner Disney/Marvel get going with this, and the FF, the better in my book.
  6. This has, quite literally, restored my faith in ‘modern’ video games. Fucking Hell! I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see the day again!!
  7. PS I Love You. I was dragged to see this by an ex. To this day, it is the only time I’ve ever walked out of a cinema in my life! Utter, utter garbage. Even the ex thought it was poor (yes, she did stay till the end). Thankfully, my Wife is more of a Marvel girl.
  8. Me and the Mrs binged the whole series.... it’s superb! Rather dark, a little moving, and highly recommended. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Rumours of Dino Crisis.... oh please, oh please, oh please let this be true!
  10. Dino Crisis (built the suspense superbly... re-master or re-boot it now, Capcom!) Gradius R-Type
  11. Two that spring to mind are: Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead and 2 Days in the Valley
  12. Defender and Stargate and then, later on in the 80s, Salamander and Side Arms.
  13. Wow! That does look good!! I’m another who used to spend hours on Rocket Raid on the BBC B. Scramble was the first arcade game I truly fell in love with, I used to slot 10p coins in to that cab like they were going out of fashion, back in the day.
  14. The American by Simple Minds, from the album(s) Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call. Released in 1981 (fuck.....I’m old!), but the topic is eerily prescient in this age of Trumpenomics: ‘Every time you touch this place it feels like sin’... indeed!
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