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  1. Using an elite 2 and the stock controller. Never had any issues one my One X withe the elite 2, but on my second Series X (that was replaced because of the issue) and same problem has cropped up. Requires a full reboot to reconnect. Bit frustrating.
  2. Well quick resume has been pretty hit or miss for me. But when it does work I’d say it’s on par with the PlayStation loading Miles Morales from scratch, give or take. I’m sure MS will get there but at the Series X still has a few wrinkles they need to iron out (not least of which would be controller disconnects - which now happening on my replacement console!).
  3. Series X is for me a very minimal upgrade over the One X as of writing. Its really crying out for a game to show it off. The PS5 is much more satisfying from that point of view. And looks like it’s doing things the Pro couldn’t in the games I have played. Load times also appear MUCH quicker than the Series X.
  4. Let me know if you do sell - would be very happy to take it off your hands.
  5. That great. Is there one of those for the dual charger?
  6. god damn!! Missed another one! These charging docks are like rocking horse shit.
  7. 4k/120 is REALLY not worth a lot of additional expense. It’s looks incrementally better than 4K/60 imo. I have LG screens that do both - and honestly wouldn’t bother spending a fortune on it as its simply not worth it. LG screens are however amazeballs, so if you haven’t got an OLED one of those - then push the button as you wont regret it, but I wouldn’t stress about the amp just yet.
  8. Does anyone else find the faceplate incredibly uncomfortable on their cheeks? It’s legitimately painful after a few minutes. Never had this problem on the quest 1.
  9. I spend more time in my kitchen, than I do my living room. Go figure!
  10. I quite like the PS5, but if the look of a console is putting you off it, you’re playing wrong. The aesthetics of consoles are up there with the aesthetics of washing machines.
  11. MS replaced my Series X because of the frequent controller disconnects. Happened with both the stock controller and my elite 2. The new console seems to work perfectly so I wonder if it’s a deeper issue.
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