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  1. Dirty Harry Potter

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Except he's not a Jedi at all. In fact he has no powers, and is just really good at magic tricks. *Or something equally as subversive.....
  2. Dirty Harry Potter

    Ghostbusters - Jason Reitman to direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2

    the original was relatively genuine in its scares for its era. The old lady in the library, the Terror-dogs and hands grabbing people out of chairs. It was creepy. I HATED the sub-par scobby doo take fig took on it - and think there is room to do something creepy/scary (and funny!) that will actually please a lot of people.
  3. Dirty Harry Potter

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Ryan Johnson loves to troll his haters on Twitter. And I think this is a good example of that. He will have been paid by Disney to development treatments/scripts pre TLJ - which is what he id doing. Will Disney be investing hundreds of millions in the guy that arguably did more damage to the SW brand and fanbase than anyone else? Unlikely. It would be really bad business more than anything else.
  4. Well fair enough. Was just going on what the trades have been saying for a while: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/3d-box-office-1202743603/
  5. Nah.... its been dimishing for years. It’s still in theatres because the owner invested in the 3D systems - and doing a 3D conversion of any movie is relatively cheap.
  6. 3D is dead. End of. And its kinda crazy to make such a big deal about filming stuff in 3D when most of your imagery is generated by a computer anyway. I'm guessing 3D is a misnomer, and actually Cameron has something more interesting planned with VR or something that is actually immersive. Otherwise I think these films may be dead on arrival.
  7. Dirty Harry Potter

    Activision announces record results. Fires 800 people

    I used to work for the internal agency of one of the Silicon Valley big boys... After an email celebrating 70 billion in profits.. the next one my team had 15 minutes later was that there were going to be significant changes. Then they informed all 250 people they had been sacked. On Dec 1st too. Was this down to poor management in our team? No at all, we were busier and in more demand than ever. It came down to some Game Of Thrones style manoeuvring and resentment - at the VP and CMO level. Literally personality clashes cost everyone their job. At a certain size, a lot of these companies are really dysfunctional but also seemingly too big to fail.
  8. Nope added that into both the Bio folder and the Rom Folder....
  9. Is there some secret sauce to getting Neo Geo Roms working on RetroPie (or Roms in general)? It seems much more fiddlily than getting stuff working on my old Yoda box. I have a bunch from the right set - but only a few seem to work ok. Has any got any spare invites to a decent site they could spare?
  10. The actual built was good fun, but when you get to the 10 inch screen everything slows down - as there is no really clear information about how it fits together (and you have to guess). Its really easy to get the screen upside down, as others have said - and that would require a lot of backtracking. And I know next to nothing about the Raspberry Pie, so have had to learn the basics of stuff like forcing getting the HDMI to output via the Config file.. and getting the sticks to work... and getting roms to work (only got a few of these recognised so far).... BUT WHEN YOU DO its a thing of beauty....
  11. Ok built - it was fun except for that fucking screen... and looks nice ... but now display doesn’t work. Which is no surprise. I’d recommend getting the 8 inch version based on this - as that extra 2 inches is really painful and there is next to no information on how to get it working.
  12. F%^k me! The 10 inch screen in the Picade is a pain in the arse. The instructions are not clear atall... :/
  13. Dirty Harry Potter

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    Fuck that makes me feel old. I love Fight Club so much.
  14. I'm not suggesting you will stream Candy Crush. 5G is literally right around the corner which changes the game when it comes to the kind of speeds that will available whilst on the go (Intel is providing Apple with the 5G chips for their 2020 iPhone). And yeah I think iOS devices are underpowered compared to a Xbox one X, PS4 Pro or a PC, don’t you?
  15. What other than that being the potentially most disruptive tech in gaming at the moment? Digital Foundry have spoken about how things are changing rapidly in this space - and streaming sorts out all Apple's hardwire limitations. As I said it won't be for those people that are sensitive to lag - but for everyone else it will be just fine. If they are developing the Netflix of gaming - it will be as a streaming service.

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