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  1. Got it in the sale. And for context am playing after a replay of the last of us. Game seems good (only three hours in), but I am a bit baffled by the story and what’s going on. Seems all over the place, and the acting and cut scenes are pretty jarring.. especially after the perfection which is TLOU. It’s like going from “the godfather” to “holly oaks” in terms of the quality of the story. BUT it is ALOT of fun to play. Especially for the sale price. It’s just seems to be taking it’s time to get going.
  2. +1! I just wish Brad Bird had directed The Force Awakens (as he was originally rumoured to be before JJ happened to it).
  3. i'd say its a bit early to declare how unexcited you are... until we see some actual, you know, next-gen games.
  4. oh ok.. I did see a bit of that... Sounds like that will be a much bigger part of the sequel!
  5. It was a nice time - don't get me wrong- but I was surprised by how short it was. And seemed like a far less thought out piece of content than TLOU. Genuine question - What did we learn about Ellie (other than she had a girlfriend that got bit) that we didnt know before? Also what was the new game mechanic - must have missed that?
  6. It would HUGE to delay and would be an open goal to MS that will get their more powerful console out first. And that's not too mention letting down a number of third parties that will have been prepping their games for Q4 release. Then if Sony announced the double whammy of the delay - and the fact you may need to re-buy all your PS4 games to work (with MS actively pushing backward compatibility) - that will give Sony ALOT of negative coverage - and the potential to be on the backfoot for the entire generation. So much of doing well in a console gen seems to be about showing gamers you are listening to them.
  7. And finished both The Last Of Us and Left Behind. The Last Of Us is really one of the best games of the last twenty years - an absolute tour de force in gameplay and story telling. I have to say Left Behind feels a bit flat in comparison. It s got so nice moments, but It’s soooo short (which I had forgotten about) and seems a bit pointless as other than us meeting her love interest - it doesn’t really add much to her character or deepen the first game.
  8. What do we think is a likely new date? (assuming there still is a USA in the next few weeks).
  9. If that’s true, Sony are going to find themselves in the PS3 era all over again.
  10. I just got to the.. today.. this is maybe one of the most touching moments in any game so far. its beautiful and such a small moment by the standard of other games .. but makes you care about the characters so much...especially with the somber tone as Ellie approahces the hospital - clearly knowing what has awaited her all along. Joel and Ellie are the best performed games characters of all time imo.
  11. Let’s go judge this game before playing it. The first game is extremely bleak, but very well judged in its tone. And condemning it’s sequel (based on a few out of context clips) is pretty Mary Whitehouse out of ten.
  12. As PS5 is sort of the same architecture as PS4 - I assume it will just be an enhanced version to fill out the PS5’s launch line up... so essentially an update? Same with Ghost... These are Sony’s big teams so they must have been working with the PS5 alongside the PS4 versions??? Or you’d think they would be..
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