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  1. I'm not a player, but my girl is and I plan to buy either Sword or Shield for her, for her Birthday. How to choose? Is there a hierarchy here? Will I be banished to the sofa if I choose the Pokemon equivalent of a Honda Jazz? I'd be grateful for guidance.
  2. Edit: This thread was not so relevant-ish.
  3. Anyone tried, or planning to try the RE/Horizon crossover? I'll be pootling about most of the weekend. Currently on the oh so slow grind to MR69 :/ Also, new Monster announcement for a December update coming soon.
  4. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    If the ToS is the same as Ingress there's a specific clause (and accompanying community pariahship) about 'backpack' accounts.
  5. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    The highlight was the anthropomorphic hotdog applying his own ketchup. Should keep me awake a few nights I kinda quoted that badly
  6. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    I can see Niantic toning it down
  7. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    Loads of error 0 here as well but it doesn't seem to effect anything for me 4627 3050 3465 (Laaahhndahhn innit)
  8. Jumping back on for about an hour if you're still around. ID is 4prkwpFmCYLJ
  9. Oh, of course Sir. Dreadfully sorry.
  10. Session I.D. is 7AtXybvAFFaT
  11. Sure, I'll be around albeit sproadically as my girl is home and smashing Elders
  12. Session up until around 12.30pm GMT, I.d.is 4jZwAmwh2chZ Will be out in the afternoon but back on this eve
  13. For some reason all of my squads were deleted when I had connection issues on Tues or Weds. I'll happily set it up again this evening once I've sorted dinner. I'm still on a fair bit (tho my girl has now gotten into it) but figured everyone would be running Kulve this past fortnight so didn't bother plugging it.
  14. It's very, very different. Choosing and preparing for your opening is so much more important due to how much more it commits you and the consequent punishment in either HP or opportunity if you get it wrong. Give it a go!* I can see a comparison between foresight slash and tackle in terms of the immunity they grant. *give the hammo a go.
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