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  1. eh, you've got it easy... when I signed up here I was lee fogarty. wanna trade?
  2. sounds like some obscure type of fetish... maybe it is.
  3. yeah I was being a bit sarky there...
  4. earlier I played castle master 2:the crypt at 200% speed and it still felt a little slow but the atmosphere quite good and I got into it back on topic, I'd love a sneak peek at 'The Making Of The Vega+' which they're still selling for £14.99 (so it definitely exists..errmm...). all those "tall tales" they'll be debunking...
  5. yeah they were fairly sluggish. it's never occurred to me to play them speeded up in emulation, might try that later just looked on wos archive and Total Eclipse 2:Sphinx Jinx was the one I played the most, I think.
  6. castle master was one of those attempts at 3D universe style games that didn't quite work on the speccy but was a valliant effort anyway... there were a few of those that came out, all looked roughly the same iirc
  7. interesting... seems like the rabbit holes go deep on this one!
  8. InUpDown

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    sad news. got quite a few of his tunes on various compilations. was just listening to platinum breakz 3 the other day...
  9. they never got the site to be fully functional... the 'terms & conditions' link still says page not found.
  10. their retro.business site now only sells the (non-existant) book, all the hardware has gone.
  11. and his hardcore pawn, suzy and his czech mate, janko. (sorry)
  12. the judge said they can delay it further though. he said "you can apply back to court for an extension of time", you even bolded that bit yourself...
  13. guess so but it's funny how they always seem to be able to pull an extra month out of thin air, whenever necessary.
  14. from reg article: does this mean they can instigate yet another delay, after this one? and if/when the decision finally goes against them, can they launch an appeal? if so this could drag on forever!
  15. actual unboxing from scratch here, which I hadn't seen in any previous vids

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