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  1. "The wife's always asking me to put things in strange places... when I said I'd buy a Vega+ for her birthday, she told me to shove it up my blank."
  2. seems like he can't resist piping up to impart his 'insider knowledge' about the vega+... what a guy
  3. it seems he was one of the guys in the 'pub photos' update, playing on a prototype...maybe he just OD'd on Lee Fogarty's lies and genuinely thought it was coming along nicely? used to see him post on WoS fairly regularly and always came over as a reasonable guy. - also his speccy game Albatrossity is wicked, probably the last time I got addicted to a speccy game... (not really a fan of the Egghead games though)
  4. the mere fact that every backer who went for 'the clive' also had to pay P&P should be enough to imply a sale rather than a donation. plus the fact the IGG page states they will "own" one from first production run... it was worded and presented to all potential backers as a sale transaction from the outset.
  5. simon callow could make a passable david levy
  6. yeah, so transparent BS... I'm intrigued by the most recent update from the 14th: wtf did backers "need to do"? what were these instructions for recieving a vega+ going to be?! (instructions that apparently needed to be emailed out individually, not just posted on the IGG page for all to read). total crap...
  7. if they deliberately held off releasing the games list because of the reasons stated, why did they give an announcement it would be posted on their own site on the May 4th, and even make a 'Games List' page specially for it to go on? oh hang, on I'm taking them seriously, my bad...
  8. Brazil would be an appropriate place for those two 'nuts'*... (*pun intended) what if they actually do a runner though? it would make all the stalling up to now look pointless, but on the other hand there cannot be any possible way this is going to end well for them.
  9. nice one for the screen grab... this is getting surreal!
  10. what the...? https://www.amazon.co.uk/DURAGADGET-Pink-Ultra-Stylish-Kids-Headphones/dp/B01BWMK21Q/ - just seen it linked in IGG comments by a couple of backers, didn't find it myself...
  11. what is this email going to consist of? "your vega+ will be delivered by a postman. this is a man who delivers items to houses. and he will put it through your letterbox. this is a hole in your door where items and letters can be delivered. kthxbye."
  12. hope you're right. but it doesn't take much digging around to see IGG apparently don't care about any of their campaigns that go pear shaped... read the reviews (there's even a vega+ backer in there) https://www.consumeraffairs.com/business/indiegogo.html
  13. "keep a look out for an email from us - this won’t come via the Indiegogo platform ." wouldn't be surprised if IGG have actually told RCL to start distancing themselves from operating through them. both sides could benefit from that setup, RCL could keep stalling and IGG could claim they're powerless to intervene cause RCL has gone rogue...
  14. haha...a big dose of 'speccy love' to whoever wrote that.

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