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  1. The Lemmy doc has some nuggets in there but the thing that stands out is that he spent a large proportion of his life sitting by the bar playing that trivia quiz machine.
  2. Yeah, watched it again and the scene between the brother in law and the mum makes it clearer. I love that it's so underplayed. This is much more nuanced and subtle than a lot of their output. Goes in my top 5 episodes.
  3. I was in the US last year and caught some HGTV. It's essentially dumbed down Kevin McCloud/Sarah Beeny. Lot's of material to satarise because the couples are always very rich and self-absorbed. There was one notable episode where there was a wasp infestation and the programme depicted it like a catastrophe on the level of hurricane Katrina. A bit of smoke got rid of them. Could be funny.
  4. I went back and watched that penultimate scene. It is a blink and you'll miss it line. Great episode.
  5. Some great acting in the one tonight. It was like a tribute to Ken Loach.
  6. Detroit: Become Human Only started this because it was free on PSplus. I have mixed feelings. A lot of the writing is actually very good, especially towards the end However, it did take me six months on and off to complete it, largely because I struggle with heavy narrative-based games. I thought the end of chapter flow-charts were fantastic and I did feel my choices made a difference. It's easily the best David Cage game I've played, but that's not saying much. I gave up on Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. I think I'll give it a few years before I try Beyond: Two Souls. If ever. Out of interest, how does this compare to Detroit?
  7. Speaking of Hanks, Mazes and Monsters is very good.
  8. Maybe it's not a film but an episode of a TV series, like The Twilight Zone..?
  9. So I finished The Stranger last night and I was pleasantly surprised by how it tied a lot of loose ends together. Yes, it was far-fetched and a bit silly but there was dramatic stuff happening in each episode and it didn't feel artificially padded like a lot of these things. It was a lot better than Deadwater Fell and Dublin Murders, if that's any yardstick. A great turn by Paul Kaye too. He's come a long way since Dennis Pennis.
  10. I love golf games but I never got to the end of Golf Story. Although the mechanics of the golf are pretty good I got really fed up at the fetch quest bit where you have to swap loads of items to progress the 'plot'. I should just push on through it I suppose but it really bogged the game down for me and I never went back.
  11. I don't know much about Psychoville but I really enjoyed that. "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater," etc. Great episode. Edit: I just read that Psychoville was 'unfairly pulled' after 2 series. Surely a reference to the door number at the start.
  12. I loved those two guys; reminded me of:
  13. That's me sold. Finally going to get this in the latest sale.
  14. Anyone seen The Stranger? They've certainly nailed the cliffhanger ending - watched five in a row. I just hope it all comes together satisfactorily by the end. Worth watching for Stephen Rea, who is terrific.
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