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  1. Gosh, I never did finish this. Not entirely sure why. I remember having lots of fun with it. Might have to dig out my old 360.
  2. Control (PS4) It won't be a popular take on here but I found this equal parts interesting and equal parts frustrating. I've got to applaud the visual design, innovative structure and ability to stretch the medium in terms of narrative design but it never quite clicked with me. And then it was abruptly over just when I started to get into a groove. The most frustrating aspect was trying to navigate the largely grey and confusing bureau corridors. I spent more time trying to find my way to a location and getting lost than I did fighting enemies. This wasn't he
  3. I'm playing this right now and it is excellent. The checkpoints are quite generously placed ie not far from each other so it has a very strong just-one-more-go pull. A Crash Smash.
  4. F1 Drive to Survive (Season 1) I like F1 a lot but there's no question the last couple of seasons have been dire. The snorefest that is watching Hamilton win every race and massively outclass his teammate, Bottas, (the only person with any real chance of beating him in the drivers championship) has been awful. At least when Rosberg was still driving there was some genuine competition and tension. Watching races live naturally concentrates the action at the front of the grid so it's refreshing that this documentary series focuses on the mid-field battles and the driver a
  5. The only way you can fast travel to any location in the world is if you've already been there previously on foot.
  6. Wild Target (2009) God this is shit. I may have to split up with my girlfriend for choosing it. Bill Nighy plays a hitman who falls for his target, Emily Blunt, to 'comic' effect. She has a costume change in every single scene and there is no chemistry between the two main players, probably because Nighy could easily be her grandad. 1/5
  7. The crouch leg sweep in Way of the Exploding Fist. You could defeat every opponent and get to 10th Dan using that move alone. Sorry, that's an ancient one.
  8. The Witness I played this about 4 years ago and was really enjoying it but for whatever reason didn't go back until this month. Although I always had a plan to finish it off I struggled with understanding the logic progression of some of the harder puzzles so started again from scratch. It was a joy, and I breezed through the early parts and found some locations I never knew existed first time around. My favourite puzzles were: It's a game that makes you feel clever and there really are some sublime, eureka moments. Did I complete every puzzle by m
  9. Great isn't it? I'm only on episode 3 but it's so refreshing not to have intrusive music telling you how to feel all the time. The closest thing to it is 24 Hours in Police Custody, which is the biggest compliment I can pay. I also love that the subtitles are double size, I hope this becomes more prevalent.
  10. Next (2007) This was so unintentionally funny it gets an extra two points for delivering laughs in abundance. Nicholas Cage plays a Vegas magician who's able to predict events, but only up to two minutes in the future. The FBI and a Russian nuclear terrorist plot is thrown in for thrills and spills, although the Russians really only turn up in the last half hour. But that doesn't matter because At least it made me want to read the Philip K Dick book it was based on. 3/5
  11. I agree that Kevin was a bit unrelenting on keeping as much of the original features as possible. After all those years exposed to water damage the interior beams had the integrity of MFI woodchip and just needed to go. I thought the exterior was absolutely beautiful, the interior awful. Really naff, cheap and lacking any kind of character or imagination. The kitchen was particularly bland. Kevin said as much but he always damns with faint praise the bits he dislikes.
  12. Yeah, this is totally wrong for me. It reckons I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the most - 87 hours. I remember trying it for a bit - the tutorial, the first part of mission one - then deleting it instantly. Maybe it counts how long it takes to download too.
  13. Abzu (Switch) I wasn't really feeling this in handheld but once I had it running on my HDTV it became the beautiful and lyrical experience many on here have praised. The blend of music, visuals and scale deliver a super chilled-out, almost meditative joy. Extra points for delivering a fine narrative without text, laboured cut-scenes or dialogue. It is short, but hit the spot while it lasted. I actually feel quite bad for paying £1.49 for it. 7/10
  14. I just saw this in Smith's today and had a read through it. I'm a lapsed reader but sometimes I'll buy an Edge if there's a good feature or content but this was absolutely dire. It read like it had been thrown together in a few days (perhaps it had). To call it surface detail would be an insult to varnish. One post by @Jamie John or most other considered contributors here had more passion and insight than this entire issue. £6.20 too!
  15. The Dig Couldn't agree more. I was really looking forward to this but the writers completely lost interest in Sutton Hoo less than half way through. New characters were suddenly introduced and the underdeveloped soapy Call the Midwife-style drama meandered slowly and risibly to its end. It felt like a new tag team of writers came on board midway to add a 'human' element to spice things up, the reasoning being that an audience couldn't possibly find one of the most important archaeological finds in history dramatic in itself. It was a sludgey mess, really. 2/5
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