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  1. So I went to see this for the third time, this time with my girlfriend which made for an interesting evening. One thing stood out. And still I've got the stair scene to look forward to.
  2. I was a bit worried about this but really enjoyed it. Sure, it was a Breaking Bad tribute band but there were some great scenes. Todd gained weight but then he did ask Jesse if he wanted pizza and pie. Seriously? Who eats pizza AND pie?
  3. I may have to refresh my memory of this movie before going to see Joker for the third time. Just got an itch to see it again.
  4. After a good start this series limped to the end. The Atlanta plotline really dragged and I agree with what's been said about Where this programme excels is in dramatising the development of profiling, especially through the interviews of serial killers. But this aspect took a back seat. I just found dedicating 7 episodes (it felt like that) to the Atlanta case was a misstep. I agree with Gotters that they could have found a better case, or cases. Also, what happened to Holden's character development? So disappointing. I will probably watch the first episode of series 3 but my expectations are very low. On a related note, I would highly recommend another profiling programme, Manhunt: Unabomber. Very good if you like this kind of thing.
  5. Bloody hell. Rolf Harris too. That's quite a 'if you like this then you'll definitely like this...'
  6. Damn, you're all making me want to play this again but I've got a backlog don't ya know.
  7. Good shout. Saw the first episode and really enjoyed it. It helps that I know very little about the background. The parts where they show the bombs being triggered are very well done - devastating.
  8. That's part of it but I think it purposefully foregrounds and subverts the form's conventions, and even pokes fun at them. But beyond that it is just a cracking film.
  9. La La Land is the only musical I've ever enjoyed. Probably because it's something of an anti-musical.
  10. I should clarify: I mean I like the contrast between his old self, and what he becomes.
  11. One girl standing outside a building in Stockholm could never start a movement. ;-)
  12. I saw this again today and was slightly worried it may have shrunk on a second viewing but I enjoyed it more. The first half is very tight, not a single scene I didn't enjoy more second time around. But noticeably I was with a much larger audience today and the black humour came across better, with noticable laughter towards the end. First time I wasn't sure if it was just me finding some of the bleaker parts funny. It does what all good cinema does - take you blissfully out of the real world for a couple of hours and immerse you in a fantasy that is utterly compelling. I was thinking of nothing but this for the duration; it really doesn't let up. My favourite scenes:
  13. So Criminal (UK) does peter out after a good start. There was a stillness and tension in episode one which is not continued. I found the next two episodes a bit flashy with overbearing music to build drama artificially; plus the scripts were weaker. I think David Tennant really shows his mettle and interestingly the only standout bit in the following episodes is when Kevin Eldon puts in a brilliant turn as a defense lawyer. Worth watching but it is a mixed bag.
  14. This is a really daft thing but it bugs me when you're playing a run and gun game, the type where you can carry five weapons at the same time without any bother, then you pull out the bazooka and your character's walk speed suddenly reduces. Huh?
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