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  1. Diggity

    Blood and Truth

    Yeah it was vibrating, just stayed in my hand though. Annoying. Might just delete my save and start again then.
  2. "Ok, and then you shoot first, don't forget!"
  3. Diggity

    Blood and Truth

    Yeah was machine gun, and I was pulling trigger, weird.
  4. Diggity

    Blood and Truth

    How the hell do you put the gun on your back? I cant pick the lock as I have the gun stuck in my hand
  5. I watched Captain Marvel in 4DX and honestly for a film like Endgame where I am so invested in the story I would find it too distracting, especially for 3 hours. I like the seat movement, especially when they do the tilt that makes it feel like you are falling into the screen, but to be honest getting punched in the back during every fight and the air shooting past your ears whenever a gun is fired does get slightly annoying. 2D all the way for this one on first viewing anyway.
  6. Bloody hell it is sublime in 4K, the detail deserves nearly every frame to be paused and scrutinised. I spent half the film taking incompetent pictures of the screen in a hope it would vaguely capture what I was seeing
  7. I assume this is R play only as I am sure the new Sony app shuts down as soon as you connect a pad?
  8. So what is the work around?
  9. Diggity

    Crackdown 3

    So predictable. Reactionary attention seeking cunt
  10. 60 FPS 4k HDR Tight drifting mechanics Blue skies and bright colours (no night time or bad weather tracks) OTT commentator PROFIT
  11. Looking forward to your day one impressions. While we we await that please give us a summary of how you would have teased this movIe without giving away the cliff hanger of the last film in a more satisfying way?
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