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  1. Games The Pushed The Limits

    Also previously known as Vroom multiplayer but the above i's a later release with the official F1 licence slapped on it.
  2. Impressive stuff taking down a Lyne with only 40hours under your belt! I was well past 100hrs before I could even consider taking them on.
  3. Right I was on one of the mountains and could see a depression/crater in the distance; that needs investigating I think to myself but not before I rinse these peaks of kurok seeds....three shrines and 2 kurok seeds later and I have no clue where that place was. Map markers arent just for the senile and lazy it would seem. Oh and on the topic of open world games...this makes a good point of how BOTW moves them on. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2017/03/04/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-is-curing-me-of-an-addiction-i-didnt-know-i-had/amp/&ved=0ahUKEwjy3_vF3sLXAhVmF8AKHZhQDEoQFghSMAs&usg=AOvVaw03O_x4ENFAbjcFgzcgz2ZW&ampcf=1
  4. Do you mean the race or the archery? I found the race tricky at first but after I'd worked out the best route it was pretty easy.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    OK I've taken the plunge and ordered from Amazon fresh for 239.99 delivery this Friday. Hopefully if there are any better black Friday deals I can ask them to honour the reduction or return and re-order (don't actually needed until a Jan birthday)
  6. Erm it's precisely my low tolerance of bulls hit that has restricted my gaming compared to others that game more. I got a dreamcast but got rid quickly as I never got on with the awful dpad...ditto I've always hated the dual shock design so never really got into any playstation games except for tekken back in the day. For the same reason I stear clear of the PC as I can't be arsed with the awful patching and updating needed nor do I like the awful dpad's on PC controllers. When younger with more time on my hands I persevered through the vcs and it's blister inducing joysticks...I put up with flick screen games because most software houses couldn't be arsed to make my cpc or st scroll properly...I even collected jaguar games which shows the high level of tolerance I had for bullshit. Thankfully came to my senses in my late 20s and ever since refused to compromisee my gaming time. If it's not fun, if it's not easy to pick up it doesn't get my time. I may be missing the odd gem here and there but tbh my gaming time is at too much of a premium to waste on the piles of mediocrity out there that do little more than push some shiny graphics.
  7. I thought I was nearly done with 94 Shrines and 185 kurok seeds....only upon googling do I discover that instead of it being roughly twice the number of kurok seeds as shrines as I'd thought there's actually total of 900 kurok seeds! This is good news as means there's lots more for me to explore (my favourite part of the game) even before I get onto any of the DLC
  8. 194 hours clocked up and just 3 memmories outstanding am guessing I should sort gannon before I collect them all for the bad ending first then redo it once I have them all for the good ending. This is revolutionary in that putting any individial aspects if the game aside I can't think if any game that has so effortlessly stolen that many hours of my life (only Mario 64 comes close). There's clearly those out there that spend a lot more time gaming than me but (and this may be snobbish of me) that to me is a marker of the amount of time they have as opposed to the quality of what they are playing.
  9. I had a 12+ hour marathon session one Sunday earlier in the summer while wife n kids were away....as you say what a game.
  10. Went back to the castle finally parrying guardian blasts somewhat consistently and got the royal recipe I needed as well as some more gear...then encountered a white maned lynel...equipped my shockproof gear and decided I was bad ass enough to take him- big mistake This beast seems impossible compared to the blue lynel I fought last time and much tougher than the white maned lynel near a certain giant sword I beat out in the main game world (with much poorer armour and weapons)
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Ok good to hear the issyes around scratching are lack of user care as opposed to a design fault. Though can't help but think a dock like the wii u one would've helped the cack handed scratchers out there.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    The dock and screen scatching issues I've heard about ....has anyone come up with an alternative dock that doesn't scratch the screen?
  13. I had been to the castle before briefly but ducked out after getting the shield. Returned just now and whilst there ulis plenty of loot around found myself using a fair few items beating the tougher enemies in there such as the blue lynel. I seem unable to locate any royal recipes, thought they might be near the dining hall I encountered on my first visit but seem unable to find my way back there this time around. The castle enemies are a mix of challenging but fun and challenging but annoyingly positioned guardian's, I prefer the open world areas in comparrison.
  14. I'm now busy completing all the zeldapedia entries by snapping everything. Wish they'd allowed more space for pics as there are so many good ones I'd like to keep the fill size copies if in my album anyway.

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