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  1. Jungle and volcano aren’t very difficult, per say, but I do my find myself occasionally rolling my eyes cause I’m completely stuck due to an unlucky lava spill or a drill that has either unleashed pools of lava, destroyed an alter, or ripped through a shop. And sure, you can bomb through the floor, but you’ll need at least ten bombs to do so. Jungle is easier — especially because of the gold nuggets on the bear traps now— and you are basically guaranteed stickies. On the other hand, I do find Vlad’s cape to be a great in lieu of a jet pack, and it’s guarantee is an attractive proposi
  2. I also just discovered the crown and hedget are interchangeable. Didn't know this, and I may start shaking things up a bit by going to Black Market and then heading to Tide Pool. Before I was going to Vlad's for the cape and then to Tidepool. The guaranteed hops though may still prevail over the randomness of scoring a Jetpack.
  3. I'm sure no one cares, but I have to let world know: I also have 90% of the journal complete. Very few secrets remain. Though I still have a decent amount of items to be discovered.
  4. Not sure if it's been discussed here or not -- I didn't give it a very good college try either -- but where is the best place to buy the whole world of assassination trilogy? Epic Game Store? Xbox store? Nothing like looking at the five different priced versions of Hitman 3 on the Epic Game Store and wondering which is the one I need to play all of Hitman's levels. I feel like I'm shopping for a car or something. Which version gets me the heated seats and bluetooth connectivity? Just trying to search for it on PSN and you'll get a hit with enough add-ons and all access passes you
  5. Okay, so I have a sad story: Anyways, maybe next time.
  6. Went to that thread and looked at Tony Mott's rllmuk profile. Went into some of the threads he posted in and saw people complaining about Edge reviews. Glad to see the internet hasn't changed over the past 15 years. Happy to see both Spencer and Schilling get the jobs. My favorite feature of the year was Spencer's Valve cover story. Schilling's work on the Spelunky 2 issue was another favorite of mine. Both his review of Hades and Spelunky 2 were great. Not that anyone cares, but I did end up resubbing last month. I never received my Destiny 2 or Cyberpunk issues, but
  7. Yeah, I noticed the entry changes, but I don't really understand it. Is it something different every time, or does it just depend on what level you got the item in?
  8. I was so confident when I hit that first spoiler I was like: Thanks for the relatively minimal hint. I'll continue to try this pointless crusade of figuring things out on my own. I'll see how much further I can get before I inevitably come back here panhandling for more hints. Also, how did you guys direct quote me?
  9. So I've been stuck for a little while with this game and have been starting to wonder if it's time I finally look up its many secrets. My friends and I vowed not to seek help from the internet when trying to unravel this game's many mysteries -- we had solved the Chain from the first game on our own without the aid of guides -- and had been determined to do the same with Spelunky 2. But my friends have all but stopped playing, but somehow I've managed to discover 83% of the journal, but just can't seem like to crack this last 17%. I have tiptoed around this thread in fear of spoilers, but I'm
  10. Funny you made this topic, because I just finished a play through of RE2 (PSOne Classic) on the Vita, and have followed it up with REmake on the PS4. They're both great, really, despite their age. I don't know if there is a franchise outside of Nintendo that contains so many excellent games, most of which are still worth going back to after all these years.
  11. Three world exclusive reviews in a year? I thought print was dead.
  12. I know my new 3DS is region locked, but could I play Japanese DS games on it still? Thinking about importing Osu Tatakae Ouendan.
  13. I really hope for their sanity the next editor of Edge doesn't have internet access.
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