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  1. The amount of information in this post is overwhelming. I'm going to go lie down now.
  2. So I've been looking at a Sony PVM 20M4U HR Trinitron Professional Monitor that is being sold by someone in my local area, but I have a few questions I'm looking into being answered before I even begin an actual inquiry. Firstly, I have a Wii with component cables that I could test out, but what other additional adapters will I need to plug into this PVM? Secondly, he's selling it for roughly $500, roughly around 400 pounds, and was wondering how good of a deal this may or may not be. I may be able to talk this individual down, but who knows.
  3. How do you feel about games like Bayonetta? Released in Japan at the end of 2009, most English speaking players wouldn't have played it until January 2010, when it was released in Europe and North America .
  4. But what are you guys going to do when you run into Japanese Breakfast on a train and can't remember her favorite game?!
  5. The entire direct will be dedicated to Mario Kart 9's 63 unique karts and 103 customizable wheel load outs and you'll fucking like it!
  6. I haven’t read the article yet - being an American subscriber I probably won’t be seeing it for weeks - but this seems like the kind of thing that Nintendo would make (but didn’t) and the kind of thing that only Nintendo’s creativity could elevate to greatness (but for obvious reasons won’t ever happen). If only they could release a WarioWare, Advance Wars, or an Animal Crossing crank fishing simulator where the player is forced to catch and sell fish in order to pay off a debt to Tom Nook who sold the player a fishing boat at 40% APR.
  7. Anyone else find themselves repeatedly smashing the X button during the loading screen like it's going to get you back into the game sooner?
  8. I’m pretty sure Ian Bogost had a column in Edge discussing how names of bosses, specifically the ones in Dark Souls, are not spoilers. I bet his eyes would have rolled out his head by now if he were reading this thread.
  9. Wargroove is for people who both enjoyed Advance Wars and find themselves laughing uncontrollably at commercials where pets act and talk like people. Even if that describes you it's still only a seven at best.
  10. According to this topic on ResetEra (https://www.resetera.com/threads/nintendo-software-and-hardware-sales-data-from-1983-to-present.2725/) Fire Emblem Fates has outsold every Metroid game. While Fire Emblem Awakening has outsold every Metroid but the original Prime.
  11. Does anyone know if it's possible to organically stumble upon legendary animals without having to smell their poo first? Or does starting the tracking mini game spawn the legendary animal in their respected areas?
  12. Don't make the same mistake I did on my first play through and try to beat Tomb of Giants completely in the dark.
  13. This thread inspired me to order a copy of the Wii edition, so, thanks for that! Also, is anyone aware of any differences between playing it on the Wii vs the Wii U? I'm aware of the option to use a Gamecube controller, but is there a difference in the visuals? Is the emulation on the Wii U essentially the component out on the Wii?
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