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  1. So you'll have to change channels twice in an afternoon. You can always pay for a sky subscription if that's such a hardship!
  2. Excited by the new line up. I actually know who all but one of them are! The reverse has been true for the last couple of series. Not necessarily a bad thing, just made them harder to get excited about. I think this series is definitely in the bottom third of them all so far, but was a lot better than I expected based on the line up and first couple of episodes. I agree Lou went from the only one with a comedy spark to her whole joke being to approach things with the mindset of an unruly toddler, which wore thin. It really lacked a think outside the box contestant along the Tim Key lines. Hopefully the next champion of champions will bring all ten back and have a semi finals/final format, mixing them up a bit. Otherwise it's going to be very shit.
  3. Just back from seeing What We Left Behind. Really insightful, very much enjoyed it. The remastered footage is incredible, worth the entrance fee just for that. Will definitely be getting on blu ray when it's released.
  4. Yup. Whereas this went from 'bad' to 'steaming horse shit' in two. I'll still be watching S3 as well though. I love slagging it off, it's a guilty pleasure. It could still be turned into a good show but they'd have to ditch half the cast first so I don't hold out much hope.
  5. You what? I'm watching in Ultra Standard Definition through the shite Now TV app and I could still see the finger move.
  6. Really weird ending. It's almost like Dhoni decided to throw the match to lessen the chances of Pakistan going through. Surely that's not the case, but it was very odd he didn't go out hitting.
  7. Had he not received that ball do you have any confidence he'd have gone on to score more than 28? He's had far more chances than he deserves. Time to go for good.
  8. Absolute shambles and will remind me never to feel optimistic about an England side ever again. A month or two ago any or all of our batsman looked like they could smash a century off half a dozen balls at the drop of a hat. Now, stokes aside, they all look petrified. Why Vince was ever seen as the best back up option I will never know. Has he ever scored over 30 in his career?
  9. Yeah, but in recent years there's been a bit of a battle going on until at least midway through the season, or signs that next season might be a bit closer. This year Merc are further ahead than ever and Lewis has the title seen up already.
  10. Urgh. I'm a pretty big Lewis fan so that's maybe clouded my judgement until recently, but this really is as dull, if not more dull than the era of Schumacher domination isn't it.
  11. I'm inclined to agree about series 6. This is definitely a close second weakest though. I love that they're churning out two series a year of this at the moment but that kind of turnaround might be leading to diminishing returns in terms of the calibre of contestant they can get. Lou is clearly the best this season, though I have developed a weird crush on Sian. Their album cover was fantastic this week.
  12. Crazy the amount of times the bails haven't fallen in this tournament already. Surely it must be something to do with these new fangled led things? It didn't even wobble in the groove for Warner's thing just now, and if they're going to start giving him reprieves then we need good old fashioned wooden ones back asap
  13. That's the kind of gold I'd like to see Wolves play in. Until then they can just accept the shirts are orange.
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