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  1. Yes, they all look like they're going to irritate me even more than last time.
  2. Time has been broken This looks terrible. Count me in for the hate watch.
  3. Of course you can meet a horse. The question is can a horse meet you.
  4. Thanks! Not sure the official lyrics need so many verses. As a teetotal it's not a chant I can fully get behind but I do appreciate the feeling of not wanting to go to work.
  5. It's been a long time since I've been able to get to a test match, what's the song the crowd keep singing that sounds a bit like the tune to achey breaky heart? I can't describe it any better than that sorry!
  6. I won't reopen the previous debate I promise, but I like Burns and Sibley as our opening partnership. 60-odd isn't a thrilling first session but with no wickets down it's a successful one and I'd rather be 60-odd without loss than 20-odd for four as we frequently are. The problem at the moment is the middle order, Root aside, isn't strong enough to prevent a collapse when one of the openers does go. I know it's a transitional thing and some generations we'll get a great group coming through and others will be the 1990s but I do worry what's going to inspire kids to pick up a bat n
  7. But will it be different this time, for This Time, this time around?
  8. Ramps making a lot of sense here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/57398052 Particularly enjoyed this line But yeah, I regret the views I echoed further up the page. Regardless of whether the lad has changed, grown, been re-educated and reformed, this needs making an example of. Those words hurt people and there are consequences. You don't let someone off murder because it happened ten years ago and they haven't done a murder since then.
  9. Assume you meant to spoiler rather than quote
  10. Boris Johnson can fuck off sticking his oar in over Robinson. Part of me was thinking it's a bit over the top but now that cunt's onboard I don't think it was strict enough. Michael Carberry gave a very emotional interview on 5live this afternoon. Doesn't think Robinson should play international cricket again. If that's the strength of feeling among those directly affected by this shit then I'm inclined to say hang him out to dry. Shame though, he looks a damn good cricketer!
  11. I definitely enjoyed it being weekly, frustrating as it was at the time! Not one for binging imo.
  12. Yeah like I said, I'm not his biggest fan but I don't see a better option at the moment. And a turgid 30 or 40 on day one is usually pretty useful.
  13. I beg to differ. A turgid 30 or 40 is miles better than a quick 0. Who else do we try though? Please not Jennings again.
  14. He's the only one we've found in the long line of openers we've tested since Cook retired that CAN bat for any length of time. I'm no big fan of his but I don't see any viable alternative at the moment
  15. Dumb question perhaps but where do the Sky graphics on tyre performance come from? Wouldn't it be beneficial to enforce a mandatory pitstop if tyres are down to say 10% performance just to avoid someone potentially dying in a massive blowout like that?
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