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  1. Maybe give it a chance before posting your review then? I don't get the hate for this show. It was never going to be The Thick Of It 2. It's set is space FFS. Miles better than any other sitcom currently running.
  2. Think that was just coincidence. I checked about 11.30 and it was on there available to watch!
  3. You really didn't find it funny. That doesn't mean it's not funny. Don't state it as fact. I thought it was fantastic.
  4. Yeah must be hella tough being a wolves fan these days...
  5. Does anyone know if it's a midnight release on Amazon? Will watch tonight if so. Don't want to delve too far in to Google to find out in case of unearthing spoilers.
  6. Thought that was superb. Always tricky to get a new sitcom up to speed in the first episode and they tend to be weak I find, but I really enjoyed that. Anyone know how many episodes there are in the season?
  7. If you get the chance, check out Cook's superb save against Norwich this afternoon. What was he thinking?
  8. Will keep an eye out for it thanks, doesn't seem to be on any of the streaming apps I'm signed up to but I'm sure it'll appear somewhere at some point!
  9. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.channel4.com/programmes/abandoned Show exploring abandoned buildings and ghost towns in America with Canadian skateboarder Rick McCrank. I've no interest in skateboarding and thought I'd find him pretty annoying but it's actually a really interesting show. Always enjoyed urban exploring sites like 28dayslater and it's great to see a bit of the history behind these old places. Some of them are absolutely stunning architecture. Such a shame. Would love to see a show like this based on sites in the UK.
  10. Does anywhere other than Sky Sports have highlights of this tour? Would love to see some of today's climax.
  11. There does seem to be a trend, at least in Tests that I've watched recently, of pitches not deteriorating but seeming to get better as the match goes on. Is it just me or is this a thing?
  12. I enjoyed it, thought it was a bit slow though. Are all three episodes 90 minutes long? Think an hour would've been sufficient.
  13. I think Palace did enough to deserve a point, we failed to put our chances away, like so many games this season. One goal was never going to be enough. I could accept Wickham was onside if Pukki's goal against Spurs had been given, barely anyone even celebrated Cantwell's opener today for fear that VAR was going to rule it out. If VAR is going to be shite could it at least be consistently shite for every side, not just us every fucking week.
  14. Another VAR decision against Norwich. At least for a change the freeze frame suggests the right decision was made but again it's all a matter of where they arbitrarily decide to pause it. Zaha's foot is behind the ball so it's impossible to say where the exact moment of contact is. Roll it forward another frame and it would be offside. Whereas for Pukki's 'goal' against Spurs the footage is paused when the ball is already a foot away from Vrancic.
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