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  1. Will get get this sorted out today for you. Same for you @strawdonkey
  2. I have a lot of kitchen stuff so I would be able to order you some. Espresso machine rice cooker mixer scales knife rack spice rack oven bamboo rice steamer. Will be online in about half an hour so I will have a proper look.
  3. No eggs for me! I wonder if it because Flick is in Santiago.
  4. What is this strange talk of eggs? I just have the big collector Flick in town.
  5. Is there any difference between the bamboo wand and the star wand?
  6. Black is cool though. I only have a white one.
  7. Today is my birthday. I will not spoil it for people, but let’s just say if was pure Animal Crossing Magic and I have a big stupid smile on my face. I also admit to checking on here before anything else!
  8. They do it when visiting other people’s islands as well so always make sure you go in every house when visiting. I picked up doghouse recipe earlier. It looks cool as fuck.
  9. Come the grand opening ceremony they will all be there though. Piggy backing on your hard work and sacrifice. They make me sick.
  10. I love seeing the early morning rush on my friends list of people getting up and heading straight for this game. Had my first camper stay - I have invited him to live here. He seems a bit of a cocky nob, but he should liven things up a bit. Today’s main task is kitting out my beach fun fair.
  11. Football Manager is filling a void for me.
  12. Woke up this morning after last nights meteor shower with star fragments everywhere. I am now the proud owner of a star wand.
  13. Shooting Star Grand Central at Santiago at the moment. K1M3N
  14. Sure others know this, but I chopped a tree down and didn’t dig up the stump. Found a citrus long horned beetle on it. Blathers says he likes to feast on citrus trees.
  15. SW 5963 0963 1685 If your island is still open I am coming now
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