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  1. 11 unbeaten now for The Wednesday after beating Blackburn 4-2. Worrying injuries for Fletcher and Hutchinson though. Next home game - Villa. A real six pointer. Bruce has transformed this club.
  2. Wild weather at Hillsborough this afternoon. Confident of getting three points which is an unusual feeling this season.
  3. Our match against you in a couple of weeks will be a must win for both teams.
  4. Come on Wednesday. 2 up. The impossible dream is still just about alive.
  5. Match was low on quality. Neither team played well, but with Derby and Bolton up next for us we still have an outside chance.
  6. Massive game tonight for The Wednesday, beat united and get three points at Derby then I would give us an outside chance of scrapping into the play offs. Going to be tasty at Hillsborough tonight.
  7. Yeah - you weren’t at the races today. Never looked really comfortable with our high pressing game.
  8. And The Wednesday keep marching on under Bruce. We look like a totally different side. I actually looking forward to the Steel City match next week now.
  9. Hopefully you will now be complacent come Tuesday night when you play us.
  10. Scarily good first half performance by The Wednesday. 3-0 up and cruising. Can’t remember the last time we played like this.
  11. As a Wednesday fan I applaud Villa.
  12. A pleasing performance for The Wednesday we really should have won but it makes a change to see us playing with energy and passion again.
  13. Not sure I have ever seen a decent match against Birmingham. Hopefully today is the day.
  14. His heart was in the right place but he has recruited terribly at the top. When was the last time we actually sold a player for a profit?

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