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  1. Errrr ok so I have purchased the ultimate edition (digital copy) and I've been enjoying this stunning game all afternoon. However, I cannot for the life of me find how to download or start the remastered edition of the original game...? There's no option in game to access it, I wasn't given a code and it doesn't exist on the PS5 store. I feel like I'm missing something blindingly obvious?
  2. This is f'ing brilliant - it's a bit short sure, but if they can pump these remakes out at this level of quality at this frequency, I'll be in video game heaven for the next couple of years. Any of the older games next would be immense! (I guess that's really only RE1, RE4 and Code Veronica - I think CV would be incredible, but its pretty long so I wonder if they would condense it a little, like this one, and clean up a little of the cheesiness which did at times cross into Roquefort territory). Its been mentioned above, and probably by me before - but yet another remak
  3. Still really looking forward to this, but slightly disappointed to hear that the Park/Gravedigger section has been cut along with the clocktower section which I thought was one of the best bits of the old game.
  4. Just chiming in with the love for this game - bought it after seeing this thread and it's a cracking recommendation. Pretty much agree with everything that's been said, it has a wonderful atmosphere and the animation really is cool. With this and Obra Dinn (also great), the Switch has seen me through this "isolation period" rather well.
  5. Aww man, I absolutely LOVED Code Veronica. I remember getting the US version on Dreamcast, and calling my mate in London (I lived in Gloucester at the time) to immediately drive my house and play it. We had done marathon playthroughs of 1 & 2 on the PSOne and were incredibly hyped for CV. He literally jumped in the car and drove to my place the same night and we spent the next 4-5 days rinsing it. Ahhh what simpler times, before work, kids, mortgage etc... Anyway back on topic - I can't wait to see what all the other environments look like in this. Seems like the city area has
  6. Played through the demo twice now - is it just me or does this look even better than RE2? It's excellent - Nemesis is going to be a royal pain in the posterior though, it's so hard to get away from him. Agree with what's been said above, it'll be such a relief to take a break from being pursued to appreciate the atmosphere a bit more and slow things down a bit. Just thinking back to RE2 how bloomin' tense it was hearing Mr X stomping around all the time. I can't remember if Nemesis "supercharged" the regular zombies in the original game - thats a new thing right? Also
  7. I'm so super hyped for this! Resi 2 was an absolutely phenomenal remake and this looks to be even better. Seriously, if Capcom forge ahead and give us Code Veronica and (gasp) Resi 4 in this engine I think I might explode! I've said it a bit further back but I would LOVE a "remake-remake" of the best game of all time - Resi 1. Just thinking about those bloody hairy spiders rendered in super real-o-vision gives me chills... I'm all over this demo - bring on Thursday!
  8. This is becoming excruciating for me. I really wanted to play this with no distraction - and what I mean by that is: 1) Finish my current play through of 1&2 2) Finish whatever else I'm playing now I obviously couldn't wait so played the first couple of hours the day it arrived but then thought "no, I waited almost 20 years for this another couple of weeks won't hurt". But bloody hell, I'm feverishly trying to finish Jedi Fallen Order and Control - and as good as they are (in fact they are great) I suppose I'm just trying to bludgeon my way through them to get
  9. Amazing news, RE2 remake was immense - and this is going to rock! I'll quite happily play continuous remakes of RE 1,2,3 and 4 till i die (and also even 5, 6 and 7 when they happen in 10 years time). In fact yet ANOTHER remake of RE1 using RE2 engine? Yes please, just hook it to my veins...
  10. I still can't quite believe this game is finally in my PS4 and I'm sat here playing it...??? I was the biggest fan of 1 & 2 - all my friends thought I was mad at the time, as most of the games on Dreamcast back then were arcade games which meant some pulse pounding, quick 5-10 minute experiences. This was something else entirely - and to be fair, it' still exactly that even today. It's brilliant though - I'm so happy they went down the route of making it for the fans instead of trying to update it for modern times. it genuinely feels like the sequel we never got, and I couldn't
  11. Just finished with 21 hours on the clock. Absolutely brilliant - first thing I have played in ages where I didn't want it to end. They took out pretty much all of the instadeath stuff from the first one which was a very wise move. Melee was definitely still a bit useless, but improved on the original too. It just kept building and building all the way to the end I am quite surprised how much they nailed the pacing. Cracking stuff - well done. ☺
  12. Well this is freaking marvelous! Just finished CH5 and it was all kinds of ace. I was thoroughly enjoying sneaking around the town in CH3 - i thought the bit of open world was very well done it really felt like a little town gone to hell, and some of the side missions threw up some serious surprises. Then for it to switch gears in CH5 to more linear experience akin to the first game was great - so atmospheric! Just like the first game, there seems to be a good variety of enemy types to mix it up - the first time I stealth attacked one of the enemies, only for her to turn around and
  13. I'm excited - I have some good Dutch (ok scottish) courage and I'm going in....☺
  14. I am one of the select few who thought the first one was fab - sure there were one or two pain points, but IMO the good far outweighed the bad. It had the best atmosphere ever, plus it had Mikami headshots and a very Mikami shotgun. ☺ The enemies were pretty memorable and well designed too - there was lots of variety. Even the invisible ones created some ace nervy tension when fighting them (watching for a footstep in a puddle or a chair/table to move). I am hopefully assuming the not so great bits have been tweaked (useless melee, silly running stamina) or eliminated
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