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  1. Bangaio

    Nintendo Switch

    This is all too much. Just ordered a Switch lite - it’ll turn up months from now but can’t wait!
  2. I do wish they’d give us an update about the console version. This looks absolutely amazing but I just have the fear that those menus and options will be watered down. If I’m the other hand it supports mouse and keyboard as well as throttles and joysticks it would be a very different matter. How would you set the correct thrust or power on a controller for example and once you’ve added trim view flaps gear etc to burtons you’re very short of anything other than essential controls. I hope I’m proven wrong and the console gives the full experience.
  3. Me as well and i’ll probably need a switch to play it on..... the start is such a stonking game but I’ve just never stuck with it.
  4. Honestly I’m fine with it. I still love playing games and I may have been a bit hyperbolic. The point I was making it it’s easy to get caught up in it all. Even say only being happy with 60fps.
  5. Just catching up and some interesting points. I think I watched them as I live my tech - I’m a computer science teacher for heavens sake - and on most things I’m not that ocd or easily susceptible. I was on pc for a long time and was super happy but along come kids and house moves and I ditched the big box and went back to console a year ago. Perhaps that is part of the problem. I love the technical analysis because it is genuinely interesting but then when I watch it I think what if? The reality is While the language used in the videos is often about games being disappointing etc. The differences aren’t that great and I’m content with being on a base PS4. DF retro is a different matter having been avidly playing from spectrum through to PS2 days.
  6. Well, I bought a slim. Got a stack of games for it got a bit overwhelmed. Watched lots of digital foundry videos particularly the RDR2 one. Sold it bought an x. Realised that I actually enjoyed some of the games I could only play on the PS4. Went back and happy camper for 8 months. Bought a pro but it buzzed like an electric toothbrush so I returned it. Fast forward and the temptation of the. Shiny saw me buy an x but it’s now not been played after I realised that for me, the backlog I have still got to play through on PS4 mean that other than Forza horizon 4 there’s. It a lot I want to experience on it that I can’t on the PS4 and that the difference while clear doesn’t add up to needing two consoles. Basically I’m a bit of a mug. and that’s what I’m talking about. I’m 42 and back then the difference always stark and in plenty of cases games just didn’t even appear on some platforms. We’ve never really had it so good!
  7. Reading the console war sticky and thinking about my recent buying and selling of consoles to get the best (2 box one x, 2 PS4 slim and 1 PS4 pro over 14 months) often predicated with scouring digital foundry youtube videos comparing machines I realised that this super dry technical analysis has meant that, for me, I have spent countless hours wondering if what I am playing is the best version, how it could be bettered and so on and if I had spent that time actually just playing games and not stressing it I’d have more money and probably some happier more satisfying memories. Glad I’ve got that off my chest!
  8. I hardly ever complete games. I think the last I competed was modern warfare on the 360 and sometimes I think I enjoy the idea of playing games more than the actual playing but this week I completed Uncharted 4! Go me. 8/10 fun but some bits I just thought just play me a video of someone jumping around and save me the hassle. The parts I enjoyed the most were just the wondering around seeing new things that looked awesome. End of game boss = 1/10 total shite. Had fun overall though. Roll on the next game!
  9. I “played” fsx religiously and before that 98 years ago or so but I’m a massive aviation geek. Had a throttle and joystick combo and dipped my toe into the rabbit hole of add ons a with some of the pmdg and aerosoft planes Rex weather etc. I’m now pc less and can’t imagine how this would work on a console to be honest but it looks so beautiful. I’m certainly interested to see how this pans out at least. For what it’s worth I never touched any of the “missions” and would happily fly from a to b or sometimes just a to a and fly circuits. Normally after spending half an hour planning routes and programming the flight management computers! Happy days.
  10. So I had this dilemma and being a massive tossed bought a PS4 bought a one x and sold the PS4. Bought a PS4 again and sold the one x. Bought a PS4 pro for more shiny the. Returned it because is buzzed like an electric toothbrush just playing Tetris effect. Now I have bought a one x again and am keeping the PS4. My reasoning is I have a 4K tv. Won’t want to drop funds on a series x any time soon. I have plenty of 360 games still and love driving games which are simply better on the x. The PS4 stays because I have a backlog of classics although almost all are third person affairs. I completed UC4 which left me cold and I let horizon go as I can’t be faffed with lighting fires and crafting everything. Why is crafting such a thing?! That means I have yakuza 0 and Kiwanis, the last guardian, shadow of the colossus and death stranding to play through along with the games I play most, Tetris effect and Rez to pick o to p and play and everything else is shiny 4K on the x. Rambling away but I don’t see an issue getting an x at this stage. It’s a great bit of kit and is the best way to play most multi platform games right now without a pc. If it had the PS4’s user experience and menus I’d be very very happy!
  11. You would never hear those hearts over the pro's fans and whining coils!
  12. Absolutely don't bother. I returned mine and kept my slim. The pro was a buzzing noisy beast and that’s brand new. The buzzing difference from game to game but it was properly annoying. Back to the slim and the games still look amazing and that’s on a 40” 4K set!
  13. Glad it’s not just me!honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but the slim is a great machine so they can get it right!
  14. Scrap my previous post. The PS4 pro started whining and buzzing and clicking. Returned and happy I’ve hung onto my slim because because one I fired up some games the difference is actually fairy minimal and it’s quiet. Tetris effect was the worst - made it buzz like mad! thinking I’ll get back onto a one x for 4K after the new year!
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