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  1. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    It's possible to force the helmet microphone on and adjust its sensitivity, allowing you to hear ambient sounds around you. Can't remember off the top of my head which menu it's under though, but it is there.
  2. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    I've not played the game yet, but if the guns use iron sights, and you look through them, the aim controller would obscure the lights on your helmet. So they're probably offsetting the height of the gun. Farscape got around the occlusion problem by using very large optical sights on top of the guns, allowing the aim controller position to be the same in real life and VR.
  3. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    I loved it, it's my favorite "car" racing game in VR (WipeOut just beats it). Drifting the Caterham 7 around corners never gets old.
  4. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    There's a demo of it on the store as well. I think it's part of demo pack 2.
  5. MrSpiggott

    No Man's Sky

    You don't start near your ship, you need to build a scanner to find it. A hint box should appear in the bottom right corner when you start and lists the parts you need, which will all be found locally.
  6. MrSpiggott

    Killing Of A Sacred Deer

    I wanted to enjoy this, but kept getting pulled out of the movie. The child like, stream of consciousness, affected speech pattern used by Colin Farrell just made me think of Father Dougal. I could never relax into the movie.
  7. Definitely worth reading the third if you're intrigued by the story. Somehow the author manages to tie all the surreal craziness together and answers pretty much all your questions by the end.
  8. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    Welcome to the world of panicky flailing at a crystal lizards and usually only hitting air. My early encounters were like a Benny Hill chase scene that ends in bitter disappoinment. There's a set number of times the lizards appear, whether you kill them or not. Once they're gone, they're gone and you'll never be able to upgrade that weapon you liked. Oh the stress!
  9. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    Definitely not true. It's always in a fiery tunnel, you've just missed it.
  10. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    There's a bit of a murder mystery in the Nexus, it's like a soap opera. It all hinges on your actions and it's possible to finish the game with most, if not all, of the characters alive.
  11. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    You've missed a flaming long sword, really good against fire weak enemies. One can be found fairly early on, I think it's 2-2. Are you talking to people back at the Nexus? It was a long time ago, but I think people you meet or rescue in the game eventually turn up there, and they offer different services. Once you've finished the game it's worthwhile looking at this web site http://demonssouls.wikidot.com It lists every object you can make of find in the game.
  12. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    I love how this game, more than any of the souls games, requires you to level up multiple weapon types; slashing, piercing and bashing. I remember the mine level, I think it was 2.1, where you come across the miners. I'd just finished the opening level and was full of new found confidence in my scimitar , I felt I could take on any thing. Anyway you see these miners and think 'they look easy' and swipe at them. There follows a hollow thunking sound and 1 point of damage, he then swipes at you with his pick axe and you die. Multiple times. It turns out that seemingly useless stiletto blade, that you'd decided to get rid of at the earliest opportunity, now does a good amount of damage to these armour skinned miners. I was hooked from then on. As fantastic as Bloodborne is, I think I completed the whole game with the same saw blade and the latest dark souls seemed to have given up entirely on damage type, just pick your favourite weapon and stick with it.
  13. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    Your comment about the spider boss brought back memories of what made demon souls so special. Most of the bosses can be beaten by tactics and carefull use of the environment. Unlike dark souls3 which by that point had progressed to a point of just putting you and a boss in a big rectangular room. I get much more satisfaction from working out that if I stood in this hollow his killer horizontal sweep goes over my head, or if I stand in this archway his sword gets tangled in the stone work. Just learning detailed timings of boss attacks and animation tells seems like work, no real skill, just an investment in time. And back to that spider boss. It's one of the easiest in the game if you know where to stand.
  14. MrSpiggott

    Happy! New SYFY series - Christopher Meloni

    Really enjoyed that, I was hooked from the Brilliant opening. Christopher Meloni really plays crazy well, he reminded me of an ultra violent version of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Anyway,it's difficult to say any more without giving away any surprises, but give it a go.
  15. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    Don't let ResEvil 7 be the first game you try, it could ruin your evening. It's one for when you've got your VR legs. It's worthwhile downloading all the demo packs from the store tonight, they're a good place to start.

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