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  1. Haribokart

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Smooth for me on my Pro, I do have an SSD in there though. I believe UI stability is down to your internet speed more than anything, if you’re wireless try going wired and see if it helps.
  2. It’s also really, really weird. I wasn’t expecting it to be. The last COD I played was 2 at the launch of the Xbox 360. This is VERY different to that
  3. Haribokart

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    Some real grumpy and out of touch old men showing themselves up in this thread. Maybe time for some of you guys to bust out the retro consoles and ignore the newer stuff.
  4. Haribokart

    Rock Band 4

    If you have an RB4 set you can plug in two pedals anyway. I do.
  5. Here’s my streams of this months two free Playstation Plus PS4 games for anybody interested: Xcom 2 - I found this to be bizarrely awful. Trials Fusion - Frustrating.. but loads of fun!
  6. Haribokart

    Gaming Podcasts

    You're all getting a bit harsh in here lads. They just need to tone down some of the banter that comes across as personal attacks, some serious overreactions to a misjudged 'bit'. It's usually a small part of the podcast and these guys do listen to feedback, I'm sure it will be reduced even more in the future. It's still a fucking awesome podcast.
  7. Haribokart

    The Crew 2

    I played for a couple of hours on PS4 Pro and think I saw everything the beta has to offer, there is not a lot of content in there. Despite the endless cutscenes etc at the start there is little explanation on how the menus etc work which can be a bit confusing, but you do get a fair idea of what the world is like in the game. Based on the taster given in the beta I think I want to play the full game, here's a video of my stream if you're interested.
  8. Haribokart

    Gaming Podcasts

    I normally find it amusing but yesterdays was too much.
  9. Haribokart

    Team Sonic Racing

    Beautiful box art
  10. Haribokart

    Realistic racing missing a trick

    I’ll never forget OP Mwaawm repeatedly sending me aggressive PM’s telling me to kill myself in the early days of this forum. What a great guy, don’t know why I’m suprised that his humour is shit too.
  11. Haribokart

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    I had an ancient Odeon/ABC which was super shitty and had fucked up screens, poor audio and super uncomfortable seats, despite being in gorgeous old buildings. Then this magnificent place opened last year (five minutes walk away from my house) and it’s fucking glorious. My limitless card is now one of my favourite things and we usually go at least once a week.
  12. Haribokart

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Hey U-1, can I use some of your photos for my Twitch/YouTube thumbnails when I play Onrush later this week? They are so good!
  13. I tried with Max, but just couldn’t get on with the controls. I have heard it gets better but... urgh.
  14. Haribokart

    Are SEGA back/Are they doing well this year?

    It’s the Infinity Shoe.

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