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  1. Bojangle

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Only if it turns out to be a great game, I guess. If it sucks then MS did the right thing etc.
  2. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Just binned my Switch anyway, can't believe I can't put the date I'll be playing Link's Awakenidng in my dairy diary already. What's the point?!
  3. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    *whispers* They do!
  4. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyway, the dead and buried game Nintendo are bringing back is apparently Scalebound. That'd sure be something.
  5. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Just chill out mate, it's February. DEPRESSING. Talk about first world problems.
  6. Bojangle

    Final Fantasy IX

    Which you can toggle on and off if a particular area is doing your head in.
  7. They probably felt the ease/quickness of selecting your target with the stick was preferable to how awkward it'd be doing it with buttons.
  8. Bojangle

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    Isn’t that only for Mellow mode?
  9. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe the dock isn't included in Canada?
  10. Bojangle

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Yes. There's going to be a lot of "Sony biased media!" being thrown around.
  11. Bojangle

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    Nah, you can see how it's set up in the trailer.
  12. Bojangle

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Plus whatever they're holding back for E3! No games.
  13. Bojangle

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    Seems like it'll be a closer to E3 thing to me, with an out now! Next time, for sure! For sure...
  14. Bojangle

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Just don't buy it and let people enjoy wonderful, fun things.

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