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  1. Yeah my 10 or so hours with the game was flawless too. Skip Puzzle is an option if you’re truly stuck and want to continue having a bad time with the game so you can make more posts about how shit and badly designed it is.
  2. Play the game how you want obviously but I feel like complaining about Ratchet and Clank not offering a Returnal level challenge is completely missing the point of the game? Like it’s a family friendly casual game and it hardly tries to hide it. I could understand if you’d bought Elden Ring for example and that challenge was completely gone, but yeah. Kids game m8. Disclaimer - I blasted through the game on the easiest setting and loved every moment of it. Who has time to bang their head against a weird difficulty spike in an optional arena match? Just drop the difficulty and have
  3. A strong reminder that saying “Nintendo have no games for the rest of the year what ARE they doing?!” is very silly because they, generally, don’t announce too far out. Plenty there for the rest of the year.
  4. Incredible. One of those series I just never expected them to return to. Yes it’s “just” a remake but who knows what could happen if it sells well?
  5. Absolutely day one for this. Can’t wait! Everyone who has ever complained about there not being more 2D Metroids better buy the fuck out of this to show there is a demand for them.
  6. I’ll never understand why people watch these things with the sole intent to just dunk on every aspect of it. Games not even been announced for more than an hour and it’s already just pure negativity. Exhausting.
  7. That was a ridiculously good E3 showing. Went in expecting nothing and it was just filled with surprises.
  8. Did I just fever dream Advance Wars coming back?!
  9. New Metroid and a new Wario Ware and we’ve still 15 minutes to go. The mad lads actually saved E3!
  10. Just gimme the MercurySteam Metroid game with some news about Prime 4 to sweeten the deal.
  11. I’m expecting nothing. 🥲I wouldn’t even be surprised if we don’t see BotW 2 again and they merely mention in passing that they’re still working hard on it.
  12. I think if this E3 has told us anything it’s that publishers should absolutely not do a conference just for the sake of having one. I’m not sure Capcom or Square are being flooded with positive PR from their shit shows. Props to MS for pulling off the only thing even close to a “real” E3 conference.
  13. She didn’t even mention Village was getting DLC! Which was the only really new thing from that 30 minutes!
  14. Dragon’s Dogma 2 Switch Exclusive and shown by Nintendo tomorrow then I guess.
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