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  1. I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment here, but with the rumours of a Valve announcement I'm crossing my fingers for Half Life Alyx on Xbox series VR.
  2. It runs so hot you have to keep it in a fridge? Genuine Concerns vindicated!
  3. I couldn't decide between the series S, series X, or buying a 3080 and upgrading my PC. So I've somehow ended up with preorders for all 3. Whoops. I'm almost certainly going to cancel the series S order so our votes should cancel each other out.
  4. I played this quite a bit on PC at the start of the year, beat the final boss a couple of times, then figured I'd park it until v1 came out. I'd planned to wait until cross-saves were in, but couldn't resist, and now I'm hooked again. This game is absolutely made for the Switch. I love the way the different boons completely change your approach. Yesterday I got a run where my dash caused multiple types of damage, so I blitzed through rooms destroying everything by just zipping around without having to attack at all. Things were going well but that approach came unstuck on one of th
  5. I had an awful experience with Amazon for my launch-day Switch - spent all day waiting before getting a "failed to deliver your package" message. I'm definitely avoiding them this time around.
  6. I look forward to playing the upcoming Triple AAA games on my 4KKKK tv.
  7. My goal this year is to only buy things that I'm actually ready to immediately play - I've got a ridiculous backlog of games on Steam which I picked up on sale and never played, so I'm convinced I'm better off holding fire until I'm going to play a game, even if it means paying full price/missing a deal. That said, I completely ignored that logic over Christmas (hello Obra Dinn, Journey, Disco Elysium, Telling Lies, and A Short Hike, welcome to my backlog!) January What the Golf? - £5.99 (after £10 coupon applied on the Epic store) Dicey Dungeons - £7.97 (Steam) Hora
  8. Bit of a bummer - I love my steam controller, and if they're clearing them out it at this price I guess the writing's on the wall, like when they did a fire sale on the Steam Link a little while ago before dumping it. I find it hard to unconditionally recommend it, as it really requires a lot of effort to set it up for each game, but if you're willing to put in the time it's easily the best controller for PC IMO. I've picked up a spare for when my existing one bites the dust and am seriously considering picking up a couple more!
  9. That's right, 2k to scrub, but only for the splatfest shirt, not any other gear. Each slot on the gear takes more experience to unlock (4k, 8k, 12k, I think), so because it's so cheap, I'm scrubbing every time I unlock a single ability. Costs 3x as much money, but you'll unlock 6x the slots in the same time.
  10. I've been out all day so I haven't had a chance to join in on the splatfest. I did have a delicious ketchup + mayo combo on my chips at lunch though. #makelunchnotwar
  11. Yep, it's been confirmed that it's been tracking the whole time, saving your path up to ~200 hours. My guess is they held it back to pad out a fairly sparse DLC pack.
  12. Also, taking a guardian to that lady on the beach can only end in disappointment...
  13. I'm really looking forward to the DLC. I had a fantastic time in my 100+ hours, but found some of the shine came off the game after I'd defeated all 4 divine beasts. This game was at its absolute best when I had a clear direction that I was supposed to be headed in... which I would then ignore completely as I got distracted by random shrines, monsters, stables, curious landmarks, Lynels, running away from Lynels, NPCs, trees, interesting looking rocks, suspiciously boring looking rocks, etc. I have about 10 shrines left and a few monster parts to grind out, but it was starting to feel like wor
  14. I have no sympathy for the wolves. They're easy enough to deal with using bombs, just throw one in front of them as they circle. Good source of quality meat too.
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