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  1. I’ll keep looking then. I need to scour Van Horn properly. It looks like the kind of place someone could easily go missing. Can anyone let me know how to get the poster up again? I’ve got so many things in the documents section of my satchel, but none are marked as missing posters.
  2. That worked out brilliantly! Neither of them knew what we were seeing until the title card came up and they both sat there amazed through it all. Excellent film and a really good surprise for them both. Even as we were walking in my eldest was telling me it’s out on the 12th, so to bring him to see it next weekend!
  3. I was passing through Van Horn last night (what a place by the way, probably my favourite) and I thought I’d stop at the saloon for a shot of whiskey and although it wasn’t showing up as a marker I found a missing poster pinned outside. It was for a little girl that hadn’t been seen for 15 years, with a reward of $100, but that seemed to be it. No marker appeared in an area for me to explore, so I’m at a bit of a loss. Has anyone else done it and can you give me any gentle pointers? Also, where abouts in my satchel can I find the poster, I’d like to examine it again to see if there are any clues I’ve missed?
  4. How are you all getting to see it so early? Oh, ignore me. It seems my local Cineworld is showing it today as well. I think I’ll surprise my lads and take them this afternoon!
  5. JPL

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    Club Errera in Halo Reach!
  6. That just sounds like bad planning. None of those were the best racers and shitting them out as people were craving new stuff on the new consoles was futile. Mid-gen while everyone is happy and wanting something different, a racer is the perfect game. I reckon if F-Zero was announced now and the gave it the Mario Kart 8 treatment, along with proper marketing, it’d sell loads.
  7. Have they stopped making them because the market has dwindled, or has the market dwindled because they’ve stopped making them? Personally I love the Forza Horizon series, but even that isn’t truly arcade. I’d kill for a new Sega Rally or F-Zero.
  8. It was just a jokey comment Stu, don’t read too much into it!
  9. I thought that was, weirdly, reserved for Xbox.
  10. Because Nintendo usually get a free pass. I don’t hate it by the way, there just isn’t anything I want to play on it. I thought I’d be in the minority and only initially replied to help start the discussion.
  11. I must say this thread has shocked me. I expected most people here to love it, but it seems most people are sensible after all. Faith in RLLMUK restored.
  12. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Thanks @feltmonkey.
  13. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Is this on TV? Which channel?
  14. Why would people with Xboxes not have one? Bit of a weird comment. Anyway, I have one but I don’t play on it any more. I had great fun with Zelda, Mario and Kart, but outside of those there’s nothing I’m really interested in, except for Metroid when that finally arrives. I’ve got no interest in handheld gaming though and I would have preferred it if they’d have just released a proper home console without cramming in all the portability. I’d much rather sit down and play on my big TV with as fancy graphics as possible. Even my two boys don’t bother with it any more.

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