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  1. I’ll let you start there, the rest will shake out over time.
  2. So we’re all agreed Halo should be No. 1?
  3. That’s exactly my point. I know you just picked 5000 at random, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were that many enjoyable games so far this century.
  4. Of course it’s a very subjective thing and it’s futile to argue about that, but as I said in my original post, Destiny not being in it, whether you like it or not, is a bit daft. It was a new genre that melded two other genres into a, largely, successful new genre. That alone should make it applicable. What it does show me though is that there are so many good games these days and we really are in a golden age. It seems equally daft that people are bemoaning their favourite not being in the list. It’s a brilliant time for gaming, without doubt.
  5. Halo, BOTW & Dark Souls should be the top 3, in whichever order you like. Anyone who actually plays games knows that.
  6. I can’t say anything about Max Payne 2 as I haven’t played it, but it’s nowhere near as good as Alan Wake, unfortunately. It’s worth a shot though. I enjoyed what I played of it, but the story just didn’t grab me and I ended up skipping the TV show segments before eventually completely giving up on it. I should get back to it and finish it off really.
  7. No Destiny? It’s by no way my favourite game, but it deserves to be in there.
  8. Quantum Break’s a bit duff, but control is well worth your time.
  9. How come they’ve put Sopranos at number 1, but none of you even have it in your top ten? I’ve just started watching it, for the first time, so please no spoilers.
  10. It’s a crazy one in my house, because I only play it docked, but my boys are always nicking it play handheld Fortnite. I’d let them keep it if Nintendo did a docked only version.
  11. Where did you get the figure from? I was wondering what the percentage was that only plays it docked.
  12. JPL

    Gears 5

    This is exactly what I mean. It’s completely down to luck that you didn’t have any problems. Jack must have flown around out of the way of the enemies, if you didn’t even notice him. As for the Matriarch, she’s rushed me, jumped at me, one-shotted me with her spikes, there’s even a bit where she fires loads of spikes out, which are really hard to avoid and take you out immediately. I wish it was impossible to lose. Like I said though, it’s not that these encounters are difficult, it’s that there’s no way to read them and react quickly enough, so it’s luck of the draw. Just bad game design. If you walked through them without any trouble, you won’t know how frustrating they can be.
  13. JPL

    Gears 5

    I’ll drop it down and plough through then. Good to hear it gets back to normal. I know I keep mentioning it, but it’s really shocked me, after what I thought was a great start. I wonder what happened with these sections. It’s so off from the rest of the game, it feels like another dev got involved and it definitely feels like it wasn’t play tested properly. Surely nobody would find any of that fun to play through, especially hitting you with it in quick succession like that. Very odd. In fact, did anyone here enjoy those sections? Maybe it’s just me!
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