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  1. Fingers crossed it's the aggressive, skilful, driven Pogba we get and not the petulant, whinging, childish Pogba.
  2. I wouldn’t say Bloodborne needs a remaster so soon anyway. I’m currently playing through it for the first time and it still looks amazing. I don’t know what Sony’s plans are yet for their BC stuff, but couldn’t they do something similar to how it works on Xbox and tart it up that way?
  3. I’ve said it before, but the only thing I’d mark it down on is a lack of variety in the environments. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Oldest House, but it would have been great to get out into the world at some point. I’m hoping the AW DLC takes us out on a field mission to Bright Falls.
  4. This is all fair enough. You're right, I did react badly to the pile-on, but I genuinely wasn't aware of how things had escalated in America and didn't want to jump to conclusions with my first post. Similar to Hitcher, I tend not to watch the news all that often these days, as it's an endless stream of negativity. I still feel that some of the replies were overly harsh, but I should have simply ignored them. Anyway, I just want to apologise for any offence caused. After seeing what's happening in America over the last few days, it's obvious that some people would be on edge about it, but I didn't mean to piss anyone off, so again, sorry. I'll try to be a bit more mindful in future.
  5. You’ve been told on numerous occasions that you need to back up this concern trolling bullshit with facts if you’re going to accuse me of it again. I’m not happy about you calling me the dumbest motherfucker to have ever used the forum either.
  6. Where have I ‘carried on playing dumb?’ As soon as I found out about his memorial date it all made sense and it’s perfectly understandable and absolutely the right thing to do. Then a bunch of posters decided to carry on with the childish insults because I haven’t watched the news all that much. *shrug*
  7. Nah, not baffled by any of those things. I simply wasn’t aware it was George Floyd’s memorial on the 4th, as I haven’t been keeping up with the news, but if you want to carry on this bullshit, be my guest. You’re obviously so extremely smart. Well done you.
  8. So, @JohnC and @Mugman, seeing as neither of you want to back up your posts, what was their point again? Just a bit of passive aggressive bullying for the lolz? Whatever makes you feel better about yourselves, I guess. Apologies that I wasn’t aware it was George Floyd’s service on the 4th, but at least there are people like mdn2 on the forum, who aren’t out to try and belittle people for no reason.
  9. Go on... I’d be interested to hear this nonsense.
  10. The George Floyd stuff? It’s obviously fucking terrible, but I’m not sure what the connection to PlayStation is, or why they even bothered announcing it would be going ahead as late as last Friday.
  11. That’s a bit odd, didn’t they only announce it on Friday? Why are you all saying it’s a good move?
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