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  1. JPL

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The next Edge 10

    Does anyone know if this is the same for Xbox? If it is, how would I go about buying it from the Indonesia store?
  2. JPL

    Doctor Who

    Fair enough. I couldn’t imagine many adults getting much from it, other than seeing their kids enjoying it though, to be honest. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, it’s definitely not something I’d watch without my kids, but for them it’s perfect. It feels definitely aimed more at their demographic, so that’s why I was confused by the adults in here complaining about it. I’ll definitely have to check out the other episode that have been mentioned to see how much it’s changed.
  3. JPL

    Xbox One X

    Weirdly, my Elite controller is still absolutely perfect after a year’s use. I must have got a special one or something. It’s by far the best controller I’ve ever had. Sorry.
  4. I like how Peter Jackson just handwaves it away as ‘computer firepower’.
  5. JPL

    Doctor Who

    Ah right, maybe my expectations are set a bit low then. I was happy enough seeing the excitement on my kids faces, but it isn’t something I’d watch if it wasn’t for them.
  6. JPL

    Doctor Who

    I didn't mean any offence, but it is a kids programme and some people seemed to be going a bit overboard with the criticism. I expected a fun, light-hearted kids show, with a bit of time/space adventure and it did exactly that. I don't want any deep meaning or political or societal message in there, as I don't think it's really relevant for the audience, so I'm glad it's steering clear of that. I'm not sure what others want from it, unless these other episodes that have been mentioned are significantly different and this new Dr Who isn't what it should be. I dunno, it's exactly as I expected to be honest. I was just curious as to why people were criticising it. No big deal. I'll definitely check Blink out as well. Cheers.
  7. JPL

    Doctor Who

    I doubt they have the luxury of time that Pixar budgets allow for such thorough script/story revisions though. I think it holds up pretty well considering, but just because this other unrelated and unequatable thing does it better doesn’t mean that’s what it should be compared to. IMO of course.
  8. JPL

    Doctor Who

    Yeah, that’s fair enough. Like I said, I’ve only just started watching it, so if there are better episodes from previous seasons then I can understand people comparing it to those. It just felt like people were expecting it to be Inception though, which seems a bit much. As long as it’s internal logic is sound and it isn’t riddled with inconsistencies, then I can forgive it being a bit lightweight. If my boys are hungry for more after this run has finished, then I’ll look into those previous episodes for them, so thanks for that.
  9. JPL

    Doctor Who

    I’m new to Who so not sure of the etiquette, but you lot complaining about the writing are aware that it’s a kids programme, right? I wasn’t expecting some deep, interconnected narrative, just some throwaway fun, and for that I think it delivered it pretty well. It’s obviously pretty easy to pick apart if you think about it, but my boys thought it was great and it’s good to see them watching something with a bit more to it than all the shit they watch on YouTube. Or is that the wrong view?
  10. JPL

    The Walking Dead!

    What do you mean? Don’t you remember her speech was about as coherent as Yoda (or seanr) last season? She was speaking in fluent sentences on last night’s episode. She’s not the only one though, loads of the characters seem to have inexplicably changed.
  11. JPL

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Exactly the same for me. On expert and on the 3 lap races I usually win, but the point to point races just sees the front 1 or 2 get too big a lead from the start making them really hard to catch. I still stand by what I said earlier in the thread though, I find the menus a confusing mess, but the racing is the best it’s ever been and carries it. I’d love a big shake up for the next one. Something more focussed. I think there’s just too much stuff in this, if I can say such a thing.
  12. JPL

    The Walking Dead!

    It was ok. I liked how the bag lady can speak properly now she’s had her hair cut, so she decided to give the preacher man a bit of sexy time. I was also expecting Anakin’s ghost to appear when Rick was leaning against the tree admiring his handiwork at brining peace to the universe. 7/10
  13. I’ll take Saving Private Ryan if it’s still available. Thanks!
  14. JPL

    Doctor Who

    Because they’re not human. It’s not a big deal, but I thought parts of the script felt a bit off and was wondering whether that was the reason, rather than lazy writing. I’ve never watched it before, so don’t know it that’s its thing.

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