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  1. What’s SRP and why should I care? All I look at is how much something actually costs at the time of purchase and what I’m getting for my money. Not some meaningless hypothetical figure. If I can get a version with a drive for around a similar price to one without, I’m always going to choose the one with the drive, whether I use it or not. It represents better value and you’d be mad not to. And I’m not sure about what to say about the assertation this console ‘isn’t for us’. I was waiting to see what the price was before getting one for my son, to replace his temperamental original One, but I’m not going to at the price it is. So, if someone who is actively looking to pick up this new console isn’t the target market, then who is?
  2. I don’t think it’s about people not wanting an all digital console, it’s simply about it being too closely priced to the one with a drive. Where’s the incentive to buy one?
  3. JPL

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    That better be just one additional game mode and not what the whole thing is based around.
  4. JPL

    Edge #332 | Control

    But that means they think it’s an inferior game to RDR2. By a whole 10%. As if @Nate Dogg III, you fucking clown! *this is a joke post by the way, I know 9 is a great score for Sekiro, that they’ve probably been reviewed by different people, that reviews are subjective, etc. It’s all good!
  5. What makes you so sure they had a plan? I mean, as Darren mentioned, I'm pretty sure they had a few key plot points down and a conclusion in mind, but it absolutely feels like they're making this shit up as they go. To me, it doesn't feel like there was a bigger structure in place that moved the narrative along. They just let each director go in whatever direction they wanted. Maybe I'm completely wrong and I doubt we'll ever find out for sure, but there are bits of info floating around (things like what you've posted above and the JJ quotes dirtyharrypotter posted last night) that all point to that being how it is. I just wondered why you seemed so adamant that's all nonsense. Obviously I hope it all falls into place in the last film, but its been such a disjointed story so far that I feel like I've been dragged all over the place without anything actually moving forward all that much, that I'm not sure how JJ will nail it.
  6. Plus, surely the cost of all the other components have come down a fair bit. Whatever the economics are, it does feel like it’s priced too high.
  7. You’re right, it’s not Rian Johnson’s or JJ Abrams fault, it’s Disney’s, as @Dirty Harry Pottersays. Each film has its own merits and problems. Each film has people who like it and people who don’t. The big problem is that they just don’t work together. They’re pulling in different directions and that leaves us with an incoherent story, which should have been the trilogy’s driving priority. I just hope JJ can end it on a satisfactory note, but he’s got his work cut out and I hope Disney now realise they need a well planned story that can span a trilogy, rather than a bunch of set pieces that don’t hang together.
  8. The controls are worse in RDR2. Fuck knows what they were playing at.
  9. No, stay. I like hearing your opinion on things. Keep it neutral though, there’s no need to insult people just because they’ve got a different opinion to you. I can’t wait to see what you think of Episode IX. It’s always good to hear the opinion of people who love something.
  10. Eh? Me being antagonistic? You were the one who called people who don’t think they had a plan flat earther style theorists, and last time I looked there were plenty of people on here who think they’re making it up as they go. Why don’t you stop trying to shit on anyone who doesn’t agree with you over TLJ. They’re only opinions and there are plenty of valid comments from both sides. Yours isn’t the definitive vision you know? People are allowed to dislike it as much as you love it and they’re allowed to theorise about what they feel has gone wrong.
  11. So you’re saying that there was a plan, but Rian Johnson could do whatever he liked as long as he told Kathleen Kennedy that’s what he was doing? So not really a plan then. Sounds like they’re making it up as they go along to be honest. It’s clear as day there was no master plan for this trilogy. Not only the jarring shift in tone, but also a huge shift in direction for the second film, where pretty much everything that JJ setup was oh so cleverly subverted (or just plain thrown away) shows that. But yeah, let’s just leave it at you insulting anyone that doesn’t like what they’ve done with it, as flat earther style conspiracy theorists.
  12. I’d say so. I reckon they’ll tell us more at E3. It’s been a bit of a stealth launch really. Zero mainstream press about it.
  13. JPL

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    It didn’t bother me to be honest, but if the reference was a spoiler, and I reckon it will probably play out like that, then some folk might not appreciate it. No worries though.
  14. JPL

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Is that an implied spoiler at the there @Glasgowchivas?
  15. Just to go back to what boozy’s saying, it does feel like they’ve sort of cut their losses this gen, but I hope all the studio acquisitions means they’re taking the games seriously this time round and go into the next gen all guns blazing on that front.

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