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  1. It’s just all too confusing though.
  2. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Yeah I get that, but I still think we need cover. As much as I want the youth to come through, what happens if they’re injured, just look at McTominay and Pogba. It still feels like they’re stripping the club of players, while telling us they’re rebuilding. I do love your positivity the spork, so don’t mind me too much!
  3. It’s pretty simple really, Mike. It’s just not a confusing naming system to anyone with a brain and only mildly confusing to anyone without. It’s being blown out of proportion for some reason though, but I’m sure MS, just like Apple, LG and anyone else who launches a new product range with similar names, will be fine. It’s just a very strange argument. I guess people need to talk about something until we get more details though.
  4. I think somebody should tell Apple, it’s obviously hampering their sales.
  5. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    To be fair, it does seem like a move he wants, so I can’t really complain about him going. The problem I have though is that we are so quick to sell, but painfully slow to buy and even though he’s past his best, it creates another hole in the squad that needs sorting. They must have known about it for a while, so we should have had a replacement lined up. According to Ole they’re not even looking to replace him.
  6. JPL

    Outer Wilds

    Ah right. It is a great game, but so easy to bounce off at first, due to being so obtuse in its explanation of what you’re supposed to be doing. Obviously all the clues are there and those eureka moments are great as you get further into it and start unravelling its mysteries. It all does ultimately make sense, but they could have done with making the beginning a bit more obvious.
  7. JPL

    Outer Wilds

    What’s the point in doing multiple play throughs? I finished it last week and while I loved it for the most part, I don’t see much reason for another run.
  8. That’s right. It’s only first party games that need to be cross-gen. Third parties can do what they want.
  9. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Well, I just mean it’s starting to look like a team that could work and not the dysfunctional bunch of random players we’ve been having to put up with for the last however many years. Slow down with the Champions League stuff as well, that’s still a long way off! As I said, we’d still be extremely light and if any of those players lose form or get injured, then we’re screwed, but it’s a start and that’s the most optimistic I’ve been for a long time. Woodward is pretty much guaranteed to fuck this transfer up though. I have zero faith in him getting it through.
  10. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Just looking at the Manchester Evening News site for some transfer news and they had this graphic up. It made me realise that we're not too far away from having a solid first team. Replace Lindelof and Fred with a couple of better players and I think that'd be pretty solid. I know Pogba will be off as soon as he can and I'm never convinced by Martial's attitude, but what do you lot think? Then we need to have replacements of equal quality for all of them. We've still got a long way to go.
  11. Ooh, a Series X or PS5 and this as my Christmas game will be amazing.
  12. Oh right, yeah! These bloody confusing usernames!
  13. The image you posted was of Partridge on The Day Today. There’s no persecution complex here either. I find it all quite amusing actually. As long as I don’t end up unboxing a brand new One X come November!
  14. Just like your Partridge image isn’t a meaningful analogy. My point was that it’s a pretty simple naming system and you’d have to be incredibly stupid not to even do the slightest bit of research for a pretty expensive purchase like a console. It’s just typical internet nonsense though, isn’t it? MS are getting stick for having an oh-so-confusing naming system, while Sony are getting stick for just swapping the 4 in the logo for a 5. Outrage everywhere! I’m sure they’ll both be fine.
  15. I honestly wonder how people function in everyday life if they can't differentiate between 5 different things! 'What cereal did they want again? Coco-pops? Frosties? Rice Krispies? Oh fuck it, I'll get them Cornflakes. My brain hurts.'
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