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  1. You can get black and sometimes grey car primer in Poundland and it's fine. Halford's does plastic primer too, the grey one is good. I try to avoid white spray on primers as they can be pretty chalky.
  2. That's frigging brilliant, can't stop looking at it.
  3. AFAIK it's just a matter of convenience, you'll get extras of movement templates etc. so you don't need to share, while getting more ships to play with. There's an official FFG dice roller app if you're using one starter kit and don't want to pass dice back and forth.
  4. If it's not just the minis you are interested in, Space Hulk: Death Angel is great as a solo card game set in the 40k universe. Been having a blast playing that on my own (thanks @Vorgot!), really good for a quick game or two. It can be very difficult to win and there are plenty of combos to try out making different teams so a good amount of replayability.
  5. Might try buying a big sheet of neoprene and cutting it to fit. Anyone tried this or similar? Something like this looks like it would do the job: https://www.lomo.co.uk/acatalog/3mm-single-lined-neoprene-sheets.html
  6. For posterity, in case we are able to continue and need a reminder and in the hope of attracting new sign ups, here are the write ups of our sessions so far. I hope Graham will forgive me for any fantasy name butchery. Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 To be continued...* *hopefully... please join us! Graham is a brilliant DM and is great at holding our hand and guiding us as new players to keep the adventure moving. He doesn't even make us do funny voices (but does plenty himself!). Nobody is expected to roleplay beyond their comfort zone, I was worried this bit would be really awkward as none of us had prior experience but interacting with NPCs and each other has been great fun . Graham recognises when we've hit an RP wall and moves things along naturally so we don't get bogged down. Hope to play with you all again.
  7. Was working from home today otherwise would probably have picked that up for painting. They'll all be gone tomorrow, convinced there's some ballbag goes in and buys them all to eBay, as any good issues are normally sold out if I go into the shop at lunch on Wednesdays.
  8. Lips, I forgot to paint lips. Edit: Now with lips and a quick glaze on the cheek as it looked pretty bland. Any ideas for making the glowy eye thing look better/cooler? I think it's supposed to be a mask but the sculpt isn't very clear.
  9. Doing the Scoundrel now from Gloomhaven. I wanted this to be the best one as I like rogues and such but not super happy with it. At the same time I can't point out why I don't like it other than some bad flash lines I didn't remove. I'd like the eyes to look more glowy but not sure how to achieve that.
  10. Good shout, will keep that in mind if I venture out again!
  11. After a lengthy painting hiatus I'm back on the brushes! In London for a bit with nothing to do in the evenings so brought some paints over on the plane. Went to Bad Moon Cafe on Monday for the hobby night and did some painting there, really great spot although I had to use a bit of cardboard for a palette which isn't ideal. First Gloomhaven guy done, will maybe get to play it by this time next year:
  12. Looks great, you've not lost the edge-highlighting touch anyway
  13. That's grim, looked like a good one too, hope it comes through for you.
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