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  1. Kzo

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Should rename this thread to "Games Workshop Addicts: An Enablement Thread".
  2. Looks like great fun. Congrats on winning best painted, I'm sure it was well deserved having seen your work here!
  3. Does the new version shave much off the play time?
  4. Kzo

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Had this happen me for some IA minis at Wayland too. Doubt there would be problems with a big release like this.
  5. Nice tutorial (and painting) @Cocky. I like how you included the colour palette examples this time. I find it pretty difficult to get decent coverage with my AP paints. I got the little set with about 10 paints and a brush but pretty much only use the black and a few washes I've picked up. Is there something in particular you like about them? Maybe I'm not using them correctly.
  6. Kzo

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    They could get quite a few sets out of this. Either do them by story arcs or ally/villain sets. Clarota! I hope they bow the the comments pressure and add a DM Mercer mini. Tiberius would be great too.
  7. Kzo

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Backed. The minis look great but I'm not familiar with Steamforge's output quality. Could do without 4 Pumats though. Does Vax only have 2 daggers?
  8. Cheers @Mikes, not that dear to give it a go. Moving house shortly so will have to pick one up to try out when I get my box room office thing set up.
  9. Sounds great but no Aldi in northern Ireland unfortunately . Probably better off without one as I'd just see more flaws
  10. Cool light! How practical / manoeuvrable is it for painting under the magnifier?
  11. Kzo

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    I did the same thing after 10 pages, might pick this back up when I get time, cheers!
  12. Put some tights or something over your vacuum and vacuum around, see if it picks it up.
  13. Kzo

    Baldur's Gate!

    Looks like most people go for 5,6 or 7 (https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/5372/what-level-do-you-dual-class-imoen). I think I switched her at 5, as my PC was a thief anyway. Pretty sure there are mods which will stop the NPCs fighting amongst themselves if you prefer that (I used one for BG2 because Edwin is class).

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