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  1. Cheers for the helpful answer! Played RE4 when it first came out, playing it again with some motion controls sounds really cool.
  2. Thanks for the great guide, set most of this stuff up and it was really easy to do. Having never played Wii games back in the day, is the classic controller recommended for games that don't (I think) use motion controls? Looking to play stuff like Super Mario Galaxy & Twilight Princess. Where's the best place to get these now?
  3. Nice, those are really cool. What game you playing with em?
  4. Dark Souls 3

  5. Dark Souls 3

    Double :S
  6. Dark Souls 3

    Yep, I've found in every Soulsborne I've gotten stuck on 1 or 2 bosses not considered very hard, while having an easier time with some more difficult ones. I think this is just one of the reasons they are great games, many bosses are considered difficult or easy depending on the player. I can hate boss 1 & breeze through boss 2, while my mate can have the opposite experience.
  7. Dark Souls Remastered

    I don't own a Switch but I'll get one when my son is a bit older and will almost certainly pick this up.
  8. Dark Souls 3

    Fat Ornstein was the hardest boss for me on my first playthrough, would hate to do him on a onebro. DLC spoiler
  9. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Some nice looking grass there too.
  10. Sounds awesome, I hope some day I will manage to get a game.
  11. Has anyone spoken with her about it yet?
  12. Tongue not red, 4/10. In all seriousness, that is amazing, looks like it jumped straight out of a comic book. Will Monolith be using your painting to advertise?
  13. Critical Role - The new campaign

    Would definitely buy those if they sold them (and VM minis).
  14. You're winning! Changelings in the competition are super creepy.

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