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  1. Cool Ben

    The Arcade Ten.

    Yeah, thats it and it was three wheels/players wasn't it?
  2. Cool Ben

    The Arcade Ten.

    Loved that game, remember seeing it in an Arcade and being so excited to play it. Didn't put it on my list because I used to play it at home on my Atari all the time.
  3. Cool Ben

    The Arcade Ten.

    Arcade machines I have enjoyed playing in the past are; (I have not played an arcade machine for at least 27 years) Gauntlet (this machine actually used to electrocute us if we touched the metal parts) Daytona Outrun Star Wars Afterburner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Space Invaders Operation Wolf I have left out any games that I would have had at home as I had various Atari's and I feel there is a big distinction between Arcade gaming and home gaming, even if home games can be arcadey.
  4. Cool Ben

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I thought it was ok, a strong 7/10. I found Rogue One pretty boring. I have enjoyed the new main Star Wars films and look forward to the third but they will never capture the magic of the originals, partly because I was a child but also because there wasn't so many scifi films as there are now.
  5. Cool Ben

    Anyone else keep a "Top 20 Games Of All Time" List?

    No. I get asked this sort of question quite a lot at the moment by my 4 year old. It's normally whats your favourite number, letter or which of her teddies. It's far too hard for me to put it in some sort of order, were talking 35ish years, thousands of games. I'm the same with music, TV and films. I can tell you what I enjoy, but putting them in some kind of order is just a little too much for me, but then I'm not on the spectrum.
  6. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    I have bought a 2DS from ebay for £45, comes with 7 games and Mariokart 7 pre-installed. I will sell most the games and hopefully get about £15-20 back so it ends up only costing about £30. Perfect Thanks for the advice, I didn't even realise the 2DS existed. The games i don't want are Imagine Fashion designer(cart only), Theme park(cart only), Horrid Henry(cart only), Puzzler collection, My Word Coach. If anyone wants them just shout and make me an offer.
  7. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    I picked up a FireHD a few years ago when they did the £30 deal. At the time I thought the UI was terrible, very slow and she was too young to really use it. I will have to dig it out and see if its had some updates. Although I would rather get her into real gaming, I know there are some good mobile games, i liked Hitman Go for example, but in general I find them a bit crap. Personally I hate onscreen controls and might play one game on my phone a year and for only a few days.
  8. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    Well, she was actually 3 last time she had a go. I don't like her playing it really, and only let her play for 5 mins, who knows what damage it could do to her little developing eyes/mind.
  9. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    I can't stand free games, would rather pay for it. She spends her life stuck in a loop of adverts when she plays games on my phone. She has only just turned 4 and her reading is limited to a few words currently, so if there are instructions of what to do she wouldn't stand a chance, is it something you can learn without reading or best waiting a year?
  10. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    OK, just need to pick up a bargain console then, only wanted to spend £30 ish but it might be possible if I catch one ending at silly o'clock
  11. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    forgot about that little ugly one, yeah that could be a winner, what games does it play, ds ones only?
  12. Cool Ben

    First Handheld & Game for young child

    Maybe in a few years, she just seems a long way away from playing games properly, if you know what I mean. @shirubagan Arkanoid was my game, Revenge of Doh, loved that!!
  13. I want to get my 4 year old daughter a gaming device. She watches me plays games on occasion and I have tried her with an Xbox One and PC but I think the xbox pad is a little too much for her and I don't really have any games that are suitable. I was thinking about getting her a handheld. I don't have a lot of money to spend so something like a Switch is right out (I want one first anyway) I was thinking about a GBA maybe, what do you guys think as I have seen them on ebay for around £20. Also what sort of game do you think she would like? She didn't seem that interested in Rayman on PC, loves anything in VR but she can only use one controller as the other hand is needed to hold the HMD in place, she was enjoying watching me play Two Point Hospital but anything like that would be far too hard for her. She's a bright kid but not one of these that seem to be a natural to gaming, which is ashame as I have been gaming since the very early 80's. An ideas?
  14. Cool Ben

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    You can get a nutloaf from various places, they are normally pretty nice. Although either sainsbury or tesco made one last xmas with a sauce and it was disgusting. You can get a packet one in health food shops where you just add water to it, that one is nice.
  15. Cool Ben

    No Man's Sky


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