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  1. If only the whole gaming community was this nice. I miss gaming being niche.
  2. What framerate were you playing at? I thought you had a beefy system so i wonder what else would cause that. The first time i played it was on my mates pc in 4k but the tv had such a bad delay it was terrible. The next time he had sorted out the tv and it was running at well over 100fps and it was silky smooth.
  3. The original Doom was the game that made me buy my first PC. So i have always been a fan. But i just didn't get on with the last one. Either i really am just FPS'd out or the fact that I kept getting lost put me off. Did anyone else find this, is it just the beginning that seems to send you around in circles?
  4. CDPRs response https://www.polygon.com/e3/2019/6/12/18662443/cyberpunk-2077-trans-advertisement-cd-projekt-red-e3-2019
  5. Or it could be "i'm trans and don't give a fuck you can see my boner". I don't look at that and think freak. But I am not part of the LGBTQ community so maybe it is offensive to someone who is.
  6. I don't think they expect to sell many, I would imagine that shortly after release Atari will go into administration, again.
  7. But who is offended? Has anyone said it offends them? Does the internet just get offended on it's own these days?
  8. The Internet It doesn't matter, not sure anyone here actually cares. But someone out there will be offended.
  9. Who decided it was a girl? In 2077 we are all just people, a penis doesn't mean anything!
  10. Bloody hell, I already wanted a Switch for a couple of games and now this! Might have to sell my Rift!
  11. Putting aside any issues the company has had in the past I don't see what the problem is. Unless it has everything to do with the transphobic tweets, (I never knew anything about that till 3 minutes ago). And I guess it does as no one has a problem with all the Nazi stuff in Wolfenstein games.
  12. Cool Ben

    Outer Wilds

    I'm really loving it. I'm guessing that after these planets there isn't another system to explore, maybe no.2.
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