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  1. Far Cry 5

    I have done 2 regions and the last one is the woman and I hate drug induced missions, not sure if I can be bothered to do it, Its a good game but I am disappointed, it could have been so much better.
  2. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    relationship from whom, the mum or dad?
  3. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    I've got slightly more interested in it after episode 2 but its just been done before, there's nothing new. After watching some refreshing shows recently that are not predictable, this is not one of them, written for idiots that have trouble following interesting stories. Also, can someone explain the family tree here, the older child, she adopted? @sandman 3 - the Father can't act (same expression for 3 episodes now)
  4. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    Just finished season 2. I think 1 was just slightly better but 2 was still great and i am looking forward to season 3.
  5. I heard a rumor that this big update might support VR. But as VR is so niche I think its unlikely. https://uploadvr.com/sounds-like-no-mans-sky-really-getting-psvr-support-soon/
  6. Silicon Valley

    Not seen any this season, thanks for the heads up. Since I have had Netflix I have stopped using PB, where can I watch this in the UK?
  7. Far Cry 5

    oh, I didn't think of that, I've only tried the incendiary shotgun ammo and it's a nightmare, I keep setting fire to everything!! I do have $44k so buying some ammo is not going to break the bank.
  8. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I will be, just waiting for the price drop, I can't buy it for a 3rd time!! My mate was up till 2am last night playing it and says its so immersive but the fighting controls are a bit wank!
  9. Far Cry 5

    I agree with most of what you said but for this, just fast travel back to where you want to be, if you don't have a fast travel point go to the nearest one, drop in and use the wingsuit. Also there is so much ammo everywhere that I have never needed to buy any.
  10. Why is this game journalist so incompetent at paying the game, I've noticed that these ign people are often useless at gaming. Also, xbox pad? How to make your game look shit to control, why on earth was it not demoed using a mouse? I wanted to kill myself after watching 5 mins of this. Looking forward to playing it though.
  11. Far Cry 5

    I'm 7.5 hours in, done loads of side missions, a few main missions and a load of other stuff but when I look at the map, I have hardly done anything. I'm really enjoying it though, even if the shed load of bad guys can get a bit much when driving and the planes that target you can be a real pain. I must have 50% of the perks as I have been doing everything I can to get perk points, love the stash puzzles!! Money is not an issue either, I have about $20k and am happy with my current guns and vehicles. You can unlock loads of stuff just by doing the missions and races etc. Throwing proximity mines into a bunch of guys is great fun too.
  12. Far Cry 5

    Kicked up a fuss on Facebook. All of a sudden I get the code!
  13. Far Cry 5

    Been clicking it every 20 mins!
  14. Far Cry 5

    Thanks, not got mine yet though
  15. Far Cry 5

    I didn't think of that. My mum bought it for me for my birthday. I'm not sure how much of a pain it would be to try and change it. I was shocked that she'd actually managed to work out how to order on CDK in the first place. Edit: It was £38, so a fair bit cheaper though Edit 2: damn it, using 100 u points gives you 20% off and makes it £40, I see now.

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