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  1. ah yes, forgot that, and Lost in space might be good too. I feel like I have been reduced to sifting through the crap currently, like Between. Although sometimes it can be a good thing, found The Detectorists the other day and that was great. I only have freeview and Netflix so I've watched most the good stuff.
  2. It's bad when the only thing that I want to watch on that list is Three Amigos. Think I will be cancelling my sub soon.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Any way. Hows the game?
  4. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    I'm about 6 hours in now, only playing in VR and its fantastic. Obviously I wish I could use Touch but its still great. Not sure why someone was put of by the exploding fish, they seem easy enough to dodge, don't do much damage and it's easy enough to pick up health. My biggest grip is about optimisation, it really does suffer from pop in and framerate issues and i've got all the graphic settings on low. I don't have a beast of a machine but still its a 8 core AMD, 16gb Ram and a 970 so it should be plenty.
  5. Not happy at all. To waste all that fish in a country that has no money. Never mind the death of all the fish. Fuck them!! Shit episode too.
  6. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Or you could not let it bother you as its all made up anyway.
  7. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    If mine was that big I would get it out all the time!
  8. Assassin's Creed Origins

    @JPLIts empathy. There is no agree button. I liked seeing the odd photo of the game but wouldn't go to a seperate thread.
  9. POLL: Favourite Rare N64 game

    At first I thought you meant rare, not Rare. 007 by a mile, favourite rare game though is Silicon Valley.
  10. Why are they Mario Cars? Anyway, after playing 12 hours straight through the night, on release day, fueled by Speed, Mario Kart 64 will always be the best.
  11. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    I think I should hate this, it's pretty bad but there is a good mix of sci-fi backdrops and ideas plus nudity. I am on episode 6 and hoping for a little more action.
  12. Which classics have you still not seen?

    I haven't seen Being John Malkovich but have heard it's very good.
  13. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    I just watched the last one with my 3 year old daughter and she really enjoyed it, this one though, looks a little more scary.
  14. Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    I just hope it supports touch, vr gaming is just not as good with a pad.

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