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  1. GamesGamesGames

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Is there a link to all his comments there or something like that? Would be a valuable resource in attempting to laugh up my spleen.
  2. GamesGamesGames

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    That mention of Xybots has just Prousted the shit out of me. Thanks for that. Lovely feeling.
  3. GamesGamesGames

    FromSoftware + George R.R. Martin: E3 reveal incoming?

    I'd hope that wasn't Martin - not much of a writer, however successful his world-building has been. I imagine he'd be a decent one-stop shop for research help though, which is a huge time saver.
  4. GamesGamesGames

    FromSoftware + George R.R. Martin: E3 reveal incoming?

    Hopefully Martin was hired to fetch biscuits and nothing else. Miyazaki doesn't need lore or story help. His work is peerless on that score.
  5. GamesGamesGames

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    For all developments, nobody ever truly topped Kick Off 2.
  6. Stark Citizen Having been given hundreds of millions by gullible nitwits, it's finally time to design your dream Iron Man costume.
  7. Superhot VAR Have your every action paused and checked for legitimacy by a room full of shadowy goons, only to see your headshot disallowed due to a marginal offside.
  8. Supperhot Caring grandma sim.
  9. Meinecraft Notch returns with his 'edgiest' work yet. The insufferable twat.
  10. Pokemon GoT I can't even describe it. Just shoot me.
  11. Gout Run Phenomenally painful hobble-em-up.
  12. Alf Life When City 17 is overrun by bloody foreign types, a silent Garnett takes matters into his own hands.
  13. GamesGamesGames

    Games that you nearly purchased but didn't

    It's not a game, but I remember holding out for weeks on a Godflesh import single, waiting for a price drop, only for the shop to shut down. Support your indie retailers.
  14. Max Paye Gritty top-bracket income tax sim.
  15. Tetris 999 In a post-Brexit hellscape, emergency services are rationed by mastery of T-spins and such.

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