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  1. Fought five straight Blankas before. Every single one was an absolute chod. That awooga wailing and barking and screeching. Get a proper haircut, and if it's not too racist, please dye the chlorophyll out of your skin. The guy's a piece of shit.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I can't believe they've added motion aiming, that's bonkers. Didn't expect it. I didn't much enjoy it after so much time with Splatoon so kind of wrote it off but I'll be dipping back in today.
  3. Xbox One Console Thread

    I think that's a pretty sensible conclusion. It really ought to do me for a good few years and I don't need the money back, particularly. I suppose I could get PSVR or a good wheel and stand but I'm not especially interested in either. I just found that it's become a bit of a white elephant of late. Here's hoping MS give it a bloody good push this year and devs get behind it, too. Cheers.
  4. Celeste

    What the fucking fuck. Bravo.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah mine looked like that after the volleyball bit in Odyssey.
  6. Xbox One Console Thread

    Cheers, gents. I love the Xbox services, Game Pass, the pad is God tier, I like EA Access, Game Preview, plenty of decent Gold discounts. I just don't really like any of the exclusives at the moment, besides FH3 and, I suppose, PUBG for a while but I feel done with that. I don't have much interest in any of the games you listed (I'm not trying to be awkward and I appreciate the effort). It's a fucking marvellous machine, it's just, I dunno, seems a bit of a fallow period for major releases at the moment, which also goes for the PS4. I basically play 90% Nintendo first party and indies on the Switch. Hmm. Hmmmm.
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    After the initial excitement of owning the X, I realised today that I've probably played on it for about two hours since I dropped PUBG a few weeks ago. It's now staring at me and I can't think of many reasons to keep hold of it. I'm pretty much done with FH3, as great as it is, and FM7 has simply lost the battle to GT Sport, there's no reason for me to own it any more. These aside, I've got a few games like ROTTR and AC: O but I could happily cut my losses on them. Dishonored 2, Witcher 3 again in 4K. They look nice but they're not holding my interest. Modded Skyrim is lovely but I play it more on Switch, frankly. I thought I'd play third party stuff on it but I got MHW on the Pro because I've got more PS4 pals. Sea of Thieves doesn't really interest me, nor does Crackdown. I just don't know why to keep this now. Anyone think of anything I've forgotten, please?
  8. Dark Souls Remastered

    Great idea. I'd be screaming like my passengers.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I bought the mother fucker day one, loved it but there was a massive drop off in the online stuff. I might get back into the mother fucker again and play some mother fuckin association football.
  10. Dark Souls Remastered

    What's that then?
  11. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    Feel free to give me a powernegging but I'm enjoying Sky Force Reloaded much more than Gungeon. I need a sense of progression and build up. Get me on that illusory hamster wheel and I'm a happy hamster.
  12. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    I think I need to alter my expectations, in that case. I've enjoyed what I've played but I've been kinda waiting for something to click and speeding through it a bit.
  13. Dark Souls 3

    Body blow after body blow. The second one punctured my kidney.
  14. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    Well, my impenetrable post is basically how I feel about Gungeon at the moment. I don't get the meta or the layers yet and I wonder whether it even has layers in the same way as The Binding of Isaac. I used to feel like this about Isaac and didn't understand what was so good about it.
  15. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    You ever played Isaac, brother?

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