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  1. Both OK. Can I recommend Lapis X Labyrinth as potentially superior to both, depending on tastes?
  2. Damn. Savant MF.
  3. Amen to that. Both very tight, cheap and cheerful. Second one probably a bit more developed. Got a neat bullet reflect melee thing from memory. Chet and Jon and Stan seal of approval.
  4. Honestly, I would just like tighter interwoven tracks like the original SMK. I have enjoyed various games since but I've never loved the feel of them, especially. They're more about driving than throwing a Kart around and constantly turning and twisting and sliding. I appreciate that it was a very different game and time but that's the one element that would excite me more than anything.
  5. Astral Chin The forthcoming title from Platinum Games takes inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources: the late, great Jimmy Hill.
  6. I'm not sure, to be honest, because I'm only around five hours into it, I think. It's not one that 'only starts at the endgame', though. I suspect it will have that kind of thing, though, because it seems like a genre staple. It feels more involved to me than Diablo, maybe because of the platforming. It's less automated.
  7. @Horribleman Apologies for not replying sooner, I completely forgot but this is back in rotation and I wanted to resurrect the thread. I'm still just ploughing through picking the gear with the best base damage. I do swap characters occasionally because a couple have better aerial attacks if there are certain flying enemies or bosses, but generally I stick with my main. It's a shame that this has been so overlooked, to be honest, because it's one of my favourite Switch games of the year. I vastly prefer it to Katana Zero, for example. It makes my brain constantly sizzle. It's like a more concise, cartoony, intense, fun Diablo. It's tight and refined and purified. The visual feedback on your every input is so satisfying and excessive. If you read this, please do check it out because it deserves much more attention than many of the bigger name indies available on the Switch. It's pure feelgood gaming.
  8. By far the most interesting element of the first game was the weird stuff and costumes and shit. Otherwise, you're left with a lot of levels designed by people who aren't Nintendo level designers.
  9. Finally coming to the EU eShop today. Best new shmup released this year and arguably the best on the system. Start with Novice, build up to Casual and see where you go from there. Absolute belter.
  10. Oh, yes. "Soul of the mind, the key to life's ether..."
  11. Tropical Freeze is amazing but again the bosses have ruined it for me. I got to the world five boss and just don't have it in me to learn another pattern, die trying to learn the next, then the next, then the next, then the next, then do it all perfectly without dying which takes nearly ten minutes. Can't be doing with that.
  12. The NPCs and dialogue are pretty godly in every single game. My favourite is probably the Maiden in Black from Demon's but there are so many. The Armourer Maughlin from DS2 is another favourite, nervy and weary then full of piss and vinegar before losing it. Also, the blacksmith from DS2. "I'll be around...if you make it back, twat!" He doesn't actually say twat but my brain always fills it in because of his condescending tone and the rhythm of the sentence.
  13. Stanshall


    I can't tell you how many hours I've put into Mushihimesama Futari Black Label over the last couple of months, one of the easier Cave 1CC's apparently, but it's a hell of an achievement for me. I got to Larsa having only used like three bombs and I think one death in stage 5. I got one extend at 100k and collected the 1-Up in stage 5 so I had loads of resources and just conservatively bombed the hell out of her basically every time she fired a shot. Absolutely buzzing like fuck. This game is the reason I bought a 360 and I waited for weeks for my import copy. Worth every penny.
  14. Basically, you went on during a Party Crash which is one character versus another for that weekend. That explains why you saw lots of Min Min. As for the rest, the unlockable arms are random but you want them all for every character. As much as the characters are different to some degree, the major variable is the arms you're using. There's an enormous amount of depth and strategy when you combine these different variables. It's one of the worst ever fighting games in terms of how it initially presents itself relative to what it really is. It seems to be an expansion on Wii Boxing, mashy, waggly, motion control living room laffs, but it's so so much deeper and more strategic than that. I got into it in a big way but as online thinned out, I gradually lost interest. My advice would be to play online because the single player stuff is poorly balanced and cheap. Enjoy the dying embers of one of the true unsung heroes of the Switch. I really really hope they do a sequel but I suspect this will become a lost classic for future generations.
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