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  1. Bloody good point mate. I stand corrected.
  2. Yeah, LA, Sayonara, HONK for me. Still jiving with DxM and gone back to FE:3H for the Nazi run. Playing Dodonpachi DaiOuJou and Ketsui on the 360. Gotta get sacked really to free up some time.
  3. To avoid arguments, they should really have called this feature, "Fifty games".
  4. 2pm normally but midnight for selected HONK
  5. Belter, isn't it? I knew it would be up your street!
  6. Ah, yep. I edited the original but will delete the above to avoid duplication. Cheers!
  7. Sorry dude. Will do now on company dime. *Edited original.*
  8. Never ever played this. Great icon therefore it must be great. Really looking forward to it. Gotta be honest, the most I've ever played a 2D Zelda is Phantom Hourglass which got me into the DS, got me into handheld gaming and got me back into gaming and Nintendo full stop and then the Wii happened and I've been full on ever since. Despite that, I've barely played another 2D Zelda besides the original on the NES.
  9. I've no doubt that your own perspective would transcend the law. Blessed are the self-righteous.
  10. Anne Summers, I'm genuinely staggered at your callous, insistent ignorance. That is some despicable shit.
  11. Great to see you propping this thread up, man. Not had much gaming time the last few days but I'll pick up some of the slack this weekend! We will get a third member of the thread one day.
  12. Stanshall


    City Connection are doing the port, same folk who did the Psyvariar Delta ports and that was blinding. Think it's in good hands. Not mad about Deathsmiles to be honest because I find the character designs a bit much but very excited by the prospect of 'collection #1' which bodes very very well. Espgaluda collection. Mushihimesama collection! DODONPACHI COLLECTION! I actually do live in hope. Seems the giant is stirring.
  13. Yeah, not a criticism of any reviews or reviewers and you're right. They'll need to add a fair bit of endgame content to get anywhere near MH level but it gives me that same feeling.
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