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  1. Stanshall

    Dark Souls 3

    I know my comment there seems like the faintest of praise but I genuinely felt that by the final boss, I could appreciate the distinctive lore elements which DS3 brought. The closer it got to the end, the richer it became, in fact. Genuine thanks!
  2. Stanshall

    Dark Souls 3

    Dark Souls 3 episode coming up shortly on Cane and Rinse. Really looking forward to it and will be sending through a few thoughts. Thanks again to @Minionfor making me attempt the Ringed City DLC again. It changed the feeling I was left with by DS3. It's still my least favourite but by the time I finished the final DLC, I saw something in it which struck something of a chord.
  3. Stanshall


    This game is so frigging good and still in my regular rotation. I was watching some superplay stuff a couple of days ago trying to figure out how good my scoring is on the first stage in relative terms (actually, OK) and I found a new strategy that I've been working on since. It's such a great game and the levelling up stuff is still a thrill. There are grazing games and there are max combo games and so on, of course, but this feels unique to me. It's optimisable but the options and execution are far more varied than most.
  4. Stanshall

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Abandoned Posters (2019)
  5. Stanshall

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Real talk, I need to get this off my chest. I got AC Odyssey on PS4 and paid for the XP booster. Then I got a One X, got it again on that, and got the XP booster again. I am literally the problem. Cant even believe I've admitted this.
  6. Stanshall

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I can't play those strategy games. Even Mario + Rabbids is too slow paced and thinky for me. Every time I do a shot and hit a block and my turn ends I grit my teeth in frustration and impatience and I wish Mario had two machineys and it was a twin-stick shooter and I'd put those rabbids in a pie-shaped grave.
  7. Stanshall

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Hook 2: Rufio's Revenge
  8. Stanshall

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I predict a Direct on Thursday and Wargroove shadow drop overshadowed by SNES Online shadow drop.
  9. Stanshall

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I played fifty years hours and never had anything like that, gotta be honest.
  10. Stanshall

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Same here. I can do the first level of Mushihimesama on one life now but I find the likes of Gradius or Super Hydorah absolutely impossible, as well as infuriating. It's not just a horizontal thing, either. Those proper old school shooting games where you actually aim and time your shots are brutal to me. I'd sooner tiptoe my way through cascading waves of bullet hell any day.
  11. Stanshall

    'Big-Up' five games on the new forum!

    And only fifteen years later, it's my GOTY 2018. Respect.
  12. Stanshall

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Even for me who hasn't really played this before, it does take a certain conscious effort to delaying the button press a fraction as you come to land on a surface. It still feels responsive and reliable but it does slightly take me out of any flow state I might be enjoying. It'll become more natural with time, though, I'm sure. I'm really really digging this, by the way. Four worlds down now, the challenge is just right for me and I can see that there's actually a shitload of great game ahead with the mopping up of coins and various challenges. The Luigi DLC seems class, as well, much more about maintaining momentum and finding the best routes. I had relatively low expectations but I'm so happy to have a new (to me) top tier 2D Mario. It's a really lovely feeling.
  13. Stanshall

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    There have been two occasions when a game has been so hard I've felt like crying. First, the Defiled Amygdala boss from Bloodborne. I must have tried it fifty times, at least. It was probably more like a hundred. It honestly could have been more. It's a completely unfair fight against a massively dangerous, slightly unpredictable boss in a confined area where you can barely take one proper hit or you're dead and the boss requires probably a hundred hits. The second phase of the boss requires you to get right up close and hope it doesn't do certain moves or you're instantly dead. I'm sure there must be better strategies but for my build, that was that. The actual winning fight probably took me fifteen minutes or something. There were times when I was so angry and frustrated that I wanted to cry and kick the fucking telly in. It wasn't even the difficulty per se, it was the sense of the passage of time and the fading of my reactions and co-ordination and confronting the possibility that I just might never be able to do it and that over time, my chances of success were actually becoming less likely, from a physiological perspective while my desire and obsession to overcome this only grew stronger. Coupled with the themes of the game, and the morbid end of certain NPCs, this was really heavy going. When I finally did it, I annihilated the rest of the game and I've pretty much left it alone ever since. The second was Ikaruga. I only got into it last year and finally understood how to play it. The reality is that there's one way to play it - perfection. It's not really a game about creativity or expression, it's about understanding the strategy and executing it. It's like a puzzle game in terms of your strategy and a bullet hell in terms of movement, but it's also like a rhythm game with the polarity switching and use of missiles. It reminds me of drumming in that you seem to be doing different things both independently and interdependently. I'm a really shit drummer. I decided I would keep playing until I hit S Class on Chapter One. And so I practised. I practised and practised and practised and I played it for several weeks. I thought about it a lot. I dreamed about it. I daydreamed about it. I visualised the run. I knew what I wanted to do and I could not do it. I simply could not do what I knew I wanted to do and what I tried and tried and tried to do. I was improving all the time, through C, C+, B, B+, A...but every improvement was so painful and so dependent on something beyond my conscious control. I just kept going and going and I gradually built more and more fine movements into muscle memory. It was a really intense time and in some way, I felt quite overwhelmed by it. It was like the Bloodborne feeling I described above. I basically had to do it. I reached a point though where I simply reached a plateau and no matter how much time I put in, I couldn't execute what I wanted to. Even the easy sections started to fall apart. I genuinely felt like my nervous system was slowly dying. I could feel age irreversibly gnawing at my twitch fibres and brain cells. An infinitely slow but inevitable petrification of my faculties. And then I fucking did it. Max 90 combo. 3.01m points. S Class. And I did it again and again and again and then I did it every time for a few days. Probably a dozen times. Max 95 combo. 3.6m points. That'll do. I felt such a weight lift from my shoulders and I never want to play it again and I never want that feeling again.
  14. Stanshall

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Gotta be honest, I've found every game I've ever played way too easy. That's ironically the only thing I find hard about playing games.

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