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  1. Skills are defo something you'll want to do manually to build your party to your preference, and certain characters do have innate abilities in different classes (which you'll be alerted to as they become available) so that's another layer to that side of things. The more mobile and magical options definitely change the combat dynamics for the better. The actual teaching and stuff seems like you might as well automate it, from my experience. In your free time, you just want to build their motivation so they benefit more from lessons and stuff.
  2. @Jamie John There are a shitload of characters. I stopped trying to do the support stuff or watch all the little side character cutscenes after twenty hours or so and Justin concentrated on the handful I wanted to 'develop deeper relationships with'.
  3. @Jamie John It does have a slow start but will pick up and move through the gears. Be aware, though, that much of the first half of the game is a balance of battles and exactly that Persona-style relationship stuff. It's a pretty big part of the game and the more you put in, the more you get out of the writing and character building. I was actually quite surprised by some of the quality of the dialogue and subtle character stuff. I've never played a FE game before and didn't expect to enjoy the anime college stuff but I really got into it. That said, you can skip all that, do auto training and just do the battles but you're missing a significant chunk of the game, albeit it sounds like you're not interested in that stuff. It's kind of like sprinting past everything between boss fights in Dark Souls and ignoring every NPC quest, though.
  4. Major titles usually midnight. It's a bit unpredictable, though.
  5. @Twinbee Zero issues of that nature with the extremely comfortable Pro Controller. I also have a launch Switch and the exact same issues with the JCs. Same with a second set in bought. Zero issues with the Pro Controller.
  6. Yeah, basically. That's exactly it. It's far from the first game to put the 'experience' before traditionally arcade or competitive ideas of fun (and that's more or less what I play games for, shmups and fighting games are my favourite) but it's probably the biggest ever production to do so. Arguably, RDR2 did similar but I'd say that has many more 'fun' gamey systems and rewards going on, even though I didn't personally enjoy its mechanics in any way. I treated it more like I'm playing Death Stranding, soak it up, wander round, do stuff when I feel like it. It's not fun necessarily but it's interaction. I know that sounds wank.
  7. This is intriguing, particularly the story and stuff. The visual design is amazing, all the clothes and gear, very Kojima. Facial capture is probably the best ever. I know RDR2 is a different kind of game but they look generations apart in this respect, even if RDR2 is otherwise probably the best looking game ever. Music is decent and appropriate, I think the direction has been pretty good so far, some interesting sections and decisions. It's also been emotionally involving so far. Yeah, I quite like it.
  8. It's a weird accent defo. He appeared on an episode of Bonfireside Chat ages ago, maybe around the time of Bloodborne, and he sounded as stilted on that. I really like his vids, though, and his weird voice suits the games and themes. I think these days, he gets some other dude to collect the footage but I think he originally did it himself. Pinned comment on that vid suggests the same. Bit gossipy but he was pretty pointless on Bonfireside Chat and along with some chat around the time that he'd lifted theories and stuff from smaller Souls creators, he copped a lot of flak for a while. Redgrave, in particular, did a lot of work for Bloodborne lore stuff which Vaati was accused of nicking. Seems to have come through it perfectly well though and to be honest, even if he's just packaging info collected by the community, he does his thing well and that's kind of a talent in itself.
  9. One tinnie, bought the bastard.
  10. I worked in China fifteen years ago and we had a student go to hospital because he played Warcraft or something in an Internet cafe for three days straight.
  11. Stanshall

    Unable to kill

    Just realised that every little tank, plane and helicopter in Dodonpachi DaiOuJou is operated by a real live person MAX CHAIN 1141
  12. Stanshall

    Gamer or lamer?

    What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.
  13. Yo @CS2x, I just wanted to say I appreciated your drone analogy, something I'd thought about myself having read some reviews. I like listening to something which seems pretty abstract at first but once you're familiar, the broad strokes become clear and bold, and you start to notice and appreciate the details and shifts. The tiny variations can seem enormous. I'm well up for soaking up a game like that, although there are already loads, just not with this budget. It's the story and the dialogue which really make me wary, as well as the fetishisation of 'Mads' and chums. Equally, it's one thing to set aside an hour to absorb some modulated tones and drones and adapt to a different rhythm. It's another to interact with something pedestrian for forty hours, much of which is punctuated by cut scenes. Whatever the medium, breaking the mould does not in itself mean that the work has something novel to communicate, or that it communicates it successfully. I'll be there day one because I'm always up for something different, and I adored MGSV including all the absurd story and character stuff, but the praise it's getting for simply not following convention doesn't particularly excite me, and seems to speak more to the conservatism of AAA gaming and 'the community' than the strength of the game.
  14. Prompted by @Jolly, Psyvariar Delta is on sale at the moment. It'd one of the very best shmups on the Switch and a 'grazing' shmup where you level up according to how closely you fly to the reams of bullets headed your way. It makes for an incredibly tense and exciting experience. Stages are short, there's lots of accessibility options and difficulty modes, as well as basically three games in one. It's absolutely brilliant. My tip is don't shoot, just graze the bullets! It feels so good to hear that LEVEL UPPPPP and the controller buzzing every few seconds, ploughing head first into a sea of bullets and riding the i-frames. It feels so good.
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