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  1. It will not be internationals. Man Utd vs liverpool and 3 other weekend games.
  2. Do you use jockey? I find it's impossible to defend without it, and I've never used it before fifa 20. Still getting to grips with it.
  3. All sbc's are a gamble. You're hoping to get something decent in the pack rewards or at least your money back.
  4. Packing Alex Sandro in squad battles rewards allowed me to sbc the big man up front. Last year I hated playing bundesliga teams so if you can't beat em join em.
  5. I'm currently battling the controls more than I'm battling my opponents. With contain being next to useless now and tackles being very prone to immediate yellow cards ive had to change a lot of my buttons and it currently feels like torture. Surely the game is gonna see dramatic changes in the form of updates from community advice cos currently this ain't much fun.
  6. Last year it opened up for me after I played about 40 games.
  7. Haven't spent a penny on FUT in 3 years, always call my team RTG and I stick to it.
  8. No real world money spent, just packed a couple of decent players like Witsel.
  9. Initial packs from sbc's and objectives have been kind so I've got this squad assembled.
  10. I have no idea how to defend in this game. Normally that's what I rely on. Played the 5 rivals placement games and 3 wins put me in div 6. Last year 2 wins got me div 5 gonna be a slog.
  11. Mine too. Are the servers live yet?
  12. Really enjoyed playing fut on the beta and looking forward to the full release a lot. Same as for fifa 19 I'll be calling my team RTG from the start and sticking to it.
  13. Oh I see FUT has been added to the fifa 20 beta and high end player packs available for use. A friend of mine needs to get home quick to try that.
  14. You only get 8 hrs of play for fifa 20 with ea access.
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