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  1. pledge

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I've hardly ever played tetris so truly coming in as a beginner expecting that level to be that. Nobody in my household can manage it when it gets to speed 9. Does this have infinite spin? I'd read that tip and tried hitting rotate but after a certain number it seemed to end. Edit: We are loving it though, and will be perceiving.
  2. pledge

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Was about to ask if it was just me. I'm really pretty bad but enjoying it. The intensity when the speed ramps up is fantastic, but even on beginner it is too much for me. I've done most but it feels like luck. I'm sure I'll improve but it seems like beginner should be a bit easier. Practice is not a comparable mode.
  3. This is meant to be out of focus around the edges sometimes right?
  4. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    Are you definitely clicking on the version of the show that has the UHD badge in the corner, and not the regular version?
  5. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    Yeah it should say "HDR Ultra HD".
  6. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    On my LG TV app it is also showing a 4K row now, third one down, rather than having to go down a dozen rows to click into the section. That has homecoming as the first entry too. So this is an improvement but they've done this before and then removed it again.
  7. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    Yeah it’s crazy. I started a chat with them and even then they could not tell me if some content was 4K or not.
  8. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    It’s only 6 episodes, and it’s still fine
  9. pledge

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Is this getting a physical release in the UK?
  10. pledge

    The Apprentice 2018

    The after show was good this week. The extra content where they are in those costumes dancing and singing with an attendees reaction was hilarious.
  11. pledge

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I thought it was just the PC icon that did something. Does the console also?
  12. pledge

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I was a little surprised when I did a manual save and it said 26%. Is that just counting main story progress? I feel like I've hardly done anything, including missions.
  13. pledge

    Destiny 2: Forsaken

    Why don't they let you dismantle more than one shader at a time - dismantle the whole stack. Some i have so many but deleting others as I just don't want to sit there dismantling for ages? Am I missing something?
  14. pledge

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Turn photos off on the map?
  15. pledge

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Can you get his thoughts on this:

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