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  1. New show from the creators of Bob's Burgers, started today on Apple TV+. I've watched both episodes and really enjoyed it. The animation and art is almost identical to Bob's Burgers and has similar humour, but it is part musical.
  2. Just watched the first episode of season 2 and glad they made more, but seeming everyone in the credits still cashing their producer cheques it is a shame they didn't return. Maybe it is just the focus effect they use, but there seemed to be numerous moments of noticeable green screen going on.
  3. Oh, I love Aperol with gin. Definitely trying this at the weekend.
  4. Please do. The closest I got was making one of the basic syrups (orange blossom I think). If I can make anything close to what I've had there over the years I'll be happy, as seems unlikely I'll be back anytime soon, I've been using https://www.diffordsguide.com as it lets you list what you can make with what you have, but all these sites are really basic in terms of then filtering it down. Like this is what I have, but today I feel like something X based, or this flavour - without having to completely adjust what your 'bar' contains.
  5. I've had this book for quite a while now and and always been intimidated by it compared to others. They all seem to involve either a lot of prep or ingredients that are difficult to get outside the US, and I'm not sure what to substitute with. Can you suggest any that worked well for you?
  6. The Matrix Reloaded: 3/5. Better than I remembered especially the motorway sequence. There's some ropey CGI in places though which shows up a lot in UHD. The Matrix Revolutions. 1/5. Way worse than I remembered. So little actually in the Matrix, I hope they don't do this again in 4.
  7. One explanation for #1 that I read
  8. Half way through and I'd say it is disappointing. The music is great when they are playing and so is the setting, but I still don't particularly care about the characters or what's happening to them. He only directed the first two episodes.
  9. Started yesterday in the US. Watched the first episode and it didn't really hold my attention. Not getting particularly good reviews either, at ~50% on metacritic.
  10. On my second playthrough after not not really touching it since it originally came out - and realised I never actually completed it. That's because I'm not stuck at the exact same point in the epilogue Think I'm going to have to grind to over level as I really want to try the DLC.
  11. Are more and more adverts getting put at the start of Prime? I usually only watch Amazon "Originals" and rarely, if ever, had these pre-show adverts for other things to watch. I'm going through Bob's Burgers again and it seems like every other episode I'm getting told to watch Hunters for 20-30 seconds. It is becoming really obnoxious.
  12. pledge

    Edge #346

    Apart from the Nioh 2 score.
  13. pledge

    NIOH 2

    Edge have given this a review Hoping my copy arrives tomorrow to understand why.
  14. pledge

    NIOH 2

    If you want to use the cups to summon people, make sure you are using summon visitor at the Shrine, not the blue benevolent graves. That won't be an NPC, but they could also just not be very good..
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