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  1. pledge

    The Shield

    The tweets from Shawn Ryan said that although they are starting with the blu-ray they prepared them at 4K (originally recorded on film), so that it is ready for streaming. So maybe after these are on sale for a while that will happen.
  2. pledge

    The Shield

    I've started watching the new blu-ray version. At first I was wary as I've not seen it since the original airing and remembered it being 4:3 and having a gritty aesthetic. Normally all the promises of it being planned from the start to be ready for widescreen are nonsense, but now I've got used to it being cleaner I actually think it looks really good.
  3. The most recent Family Guy was also about porn addiction, so seems like a topic on his mind.
  4. pledge

    Bros: After the screaming stops

    Is it because it is plural? So brother changes to bro. and then you can still add the s to get bros.
  5. pledge

    Christmas songs

    The original Songs for Christmas is also good if you've not heard it before. More traditional but still sounds Sufjan. I didn't like Silver and Gold that much when I first got it, but enjoying it this year.
  6. pledge

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    You don’t have a dedicated stick for smashes still. I ordered the £20 Hori GameCube style wired controller
  7. pledge

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    A pair of joycons is fine, but I found playing with a single joycon painful after a couple of rounds. I have fairly long fingers though.
  8. pledge

    The Apprentice 2018

    Kurran's going to rescue it with the ad.
  9. pledge

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I think you can see it briefly in the BFI video too, but when they were in their seats watching the preview Bob had some bags of soil.
  10. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    Came to post the same. They used to be extremely rare or you didn’t get them at all. Now I’m getting man in the high castle trailers every few episodes even though they should already know I’ve watched it all on this account.
  11. pledge

    Sous Vide

    Any particular bags I should get? The chef steps site linked to Ziploc
  12. pledge

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    Saw two episodes of this at a preview and it was bonkers.
  13. pledge

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    The fire and poison mechanics are close
  14. pledge

    NieR: Automata

    Yeah in what way does it look ‘atrocious’?

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