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  1. Isn't Hirata him in the past? Maybe I misunderstood the story. I also killed him and regretting it.
  2. Yeah I just grabbed and ran too. He didn't have any deathblow dots though.
  3. Found a number of shortcuts in Hirata, with one that gave me a prosthetic I've not noticed mentioned here yet. Both found by not being afraid to fall in water.
  4. I still can't find an alternative way to a single main one. I've found what I think is the first boss but seem to have missed loads described here.
  5. Does the amount for each level grow like it does on the normal levels? Noticed in the menu that the premium bundle is half the usual price. It is about £35 at the full price, which seems a lot if that's what it will be usually in later seasons.
  6. Just had someone swear at me and then quit because I picked Octane first.
  7. Good timing as I'd just saved enough red coins for a second additional legend, and wasn't that keen on Caustic. The menu for the "Custom Look Controls" on console is pretty comprehensive.
  8. pledge

    Football Thread 2018/19

  9. pledge

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Wow, tense.
  10. Watching not watched?
  11. pledge

    Apollo 11 (2019 - UK release TBD) - Documentary

    Saw this at IMAX today as I’m visiting New York. Not really much to say as it’s exactly what you’d expect. It “just” shows you the event from launch to splash down in order. I liked how it just gets straight into it. The footage is astonishing and I felt quite emotional at times. I was worried when a toddler arrived a few seats away but they were mesmerised. Definitely make the effort to see it in IMAX if that’s an option.
  12. I must be lucky as most of the games I have with randoms are perfectly fine. Maybe I'm happy following where they go. Had a game today where we had 21 kills, 11/5/5 and we didn't speak at all. (Obviously carried by someone who was amazing, but still randoms).
  13. pledge

    The Chase

    It is massively stacked against them. The time it takes to buzz in, have your name said, and then answer takes so much longer than how the Chaser answers - who frequently also interrupt Bradley before he finishes asking it. They don't need to fix it when there's so much unfair about it in the basic structure of the game. Highly entertaining though.
  14. This is the best advice. I kept wondering why I wasn't get many kills until I did this.

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