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  1. If you are knocking off Exotics, have you done Wishender? That's been taking up space in my inventory and I think it is gone after the end of the season, as it is part of Forsaken.
  2. That makes sense, but I also get times where I load and I'm out of bounds. Finished it with help from the nightfall bonus that started yesterday. Now I realised how far off I am from completing the Gambit one. Why are people still so bad at Gambit? I can understand people just not playing to get the weekly done, but there's so many who appear to be trying but just making all the worst possible decisions. What's the chances of a Gambit bonus week before the end of the season?
  3. Is the stat tracker known to be broken, or cross-play can mess it up? I don't particularly care but for some things like Season of the Worthy Rank it says I only got 8 which seems very wrong. There's multiple seasons like that and I'm sure I at least completed the first 100 ranks for all. Destiny makes my brain make some clearly ludicrous things seem reasonable. I'm chasing the 2 Vanguard resets and when I calculated I can just do 40 odd Lake of Shadows in a row in my mind I thought that's not too bad. Are there some serious skips on this strike? I seem to get matched with people either doing a skip or idling for the points.
  4. Anyone now receive their subs copy? This is the only one you cannot order a replacement for, and seems that way immediately since it came out. With the contents being Elden it would be the most popular for a while, but it seems a large number of subs copies that have vanished. Got this from support chat. Being ungenerous it feels like they sent out these and then blaming the post on subs copies.
  5. My hero @Nobuo's Organ. Took me through GOA twice. Got Gjallarhorn, the catalyst, Vidmaster title, MMXXI title all in one session.
  6. Anyone around this weekend to run through the Dungeon? I'm trying to get the 30th seal, and exotic, but not attempted it at all before.
  7. Thanks, found these two channels earlier. The second has a lot of unavailable videos. Do you see them? I think they are geo-blocked rather than removed so can fire up the VPN if needed. I have to watch them in order or not at all.
  8. I've not had my copy either, and having no issues with any other post. Its been like this for the last few issues. Private Eye manage to get it to me before it hits the shops every time. Did @Rudderlesssay a new distribution company took over recently? Service has definitely declined significantly.
  9. Is there any way to watch old episodes of this, other than hope people uploaded them to YouTube? iPlayer is limited to current season, presumably due to a deal they have with Dave or something.
  10. This was excellent. We rewatched the John Oliver episode about the Sacklers straight after (it is on YouTube). Only Murders in the Building didn't live up to forum hype (almost) but this really did. Keaton performance is outstanding, but many other people also delivering their best.
  11. I have no problem getting on in the mornings but always lose out when I have lunch. Queueing the evening is hours and they seem to have no made the idle kick really aggressive so if you miss it connecting that’s back to the start. Need a big siren to go off.
  12. I think as people finish the campaign more people will have comments similar to @Uncle Nasty. I went from this is really quite good, to that wasn't all it could have been. The bosses towards the end were not enjoyable but there were some high points before that final section though. The rooms packed with power weapons just point that its not been that well play tested or balanced in many places. Is there some basic lore I'm missing that explains why there would be human rocket launchers just on the ground (Trying to avoid spoilers of locations)
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