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  1. SF-02

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Bottas is a number 2 driver all day long. Never has that cutting edge
  2. SF-02

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    McLaren slowest renaults? Honda way above them. Oh dear.
  3. My Gt sport wont connect now and says to download update. No update in notifications. Restarted it 3 times. Just me?
  4. SF-02

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    Speed Freaks was a great kart racer.
  5. I really like the qualifying. Always was luke warm on GT ever since the first coming from F1 97 which was my first ever racing game with damage, good AI, qualifying, 22 cars then going to GT and away from number of cars it seemed hollow.
  6. It's up. Dived into single player challenges. Can see this getting some flack. Up to number 7 and PD really stringing them out. Stop after 100m, stop after 200m etc EDIT: now onto challenges which is better. And next an online race!
  7. Not having a minor PS4 upgrade of GT6 was a big mistake. GT6 was much smoother than GT5, had tons of cars and tracks yet was too late in the PS3s life and so had much lower sales than GT5. Would have helped improved the tarnished GT brand after GT5 in time for this and subsequent releases. I remember when GT6 was announced. During the summer and out by the end of the year. Very unlike the drawn out period most GTs see.
  8. SF-02

    Just Cause 3

    Its wonderful. Couldn't give a shit about a bit of slowdown. Reminded again that gamers on forum love a moan
  9. SF-02

    Playstation Vita

    Anyone got a list of ps4 games that work well with the vita? Basically where l2 and r2 aren't needed
  10. SF-02

    E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

    So it was £449 in the end. I thought £479 to £499 would be too high in the UK and MS would cut the margin to gain any sort of traction.
  11. SF-02

    E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

    It'll be £399 to £449. Not £499 = $499. But sony will be £299 for PSPro with a game by then. It pretty much is already.
  12. SF-02

    Xbox One X

    Is that true? I've no idea to be honest but a few deals have popped up in my inbox for them at around £320-30 if I recall correctly. That wouldn't happen if it was selling so quickly? And in Japan it's selling about 10-20% of the normal PS4 isn't it?
  13. SF-02

    Formula One - 2017 Season

    Out of interest how are worldwide TV ratings, and in the major markets? I've never known interest so low in the UK sadly. Maybe Ferrari's domination around 2004/5 but at least that was on "normal" telly to get some interest.
  14. I think I've had PSPlus for about 4 years now, and in that time probably "purchased" 90% of games on the store, yet barely played any, or even downloaded much. So I was wondering if anyone has any hidden gems that may have slipped by. I have a Vita, PS4 and PS3 so open to all. Every month the PS4 games are generally barely remarked upon unless a AAA (or asking why there aren't any), let alone other platforms. For example, I remember downloading stick it to the man early in the PS4s life and really enjoyed it, along with Contrast. Even at the time they were barely mentioned and now seem completely forgotten. Any recommendations of games that you liked but the world seemed to take barely any notice of would be great as I fancy getting stuck into some of the very long list of freebies available. One on the list is Invisible Inc.
  15. SF-02

    Nintendo Switch

    Vita flopped, 3ds too until a big price cut and ps4 was 350 at launch though getting it for a but less not too hard with competition. And it came when the market was desperate for a new console.

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