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  1. I grabbed a Series S as couldn't find an X anywhere. A waste of time really having had a One X. Older games look worse (900p v 4k or 1080p) and almost no exclusives for next gen. I expected a slow start but expected some more optimised for S/X and exclusives 6 months later.
  2. Ham was 1.5 secs behind and catching rapidly (albeit with traffic) when he went off. Who knows if he'd get past Max but seemed very possible.
  3. SF-02

    Xbox Game Pass

    Looking forward to trying today's addition rain on your parade. Barely know a thing about it but pics look a bit katamari-like
  4. As someone who had a one X I really wouldn't recommend a Series S to those with a one x. Downgrade in many older games of course from 4k 30fps or 1080p/60 fps to 900p, but what has disappointed is so few games optimised or exclusive to Series S in the nearly 5 months since launch. Id hoped for a few more by now. Deffo get a series X if you can. I couldn't so jumped on an S when I saw it was available.
  5. I dont think Bottas did too badly. Without the pit stop mistake he would've been 5-10 seconds behind the leaders. That's decent enough for a number 2 which is what he is. Not many will get that close to those two. Maybe Russell, but it could unsettled Ham.
  6. Got lucky with new Curry's thing. Anyone contacted since they gave details? Ah just seen it's a bundle. Not that bothered now.
  7. I'm a bit wary as when surveys are done in media the vast majority of journalists are wealthy from Oxbridge and private education. Schemes like this do risk overlooking white working class who have the worst educational attainment alongside people of Pakistani and Black Caribbean origin. A measure such as those from state schools or free school meals for these projects in journalism (or other areas where while middle/upper class dominate such as law and politics) would sit better with me. There's a lot of cases where races are lumped together despite vast v
  8. MS polish store had them earlier who deliver to UK apparently for £30 less than UK RRP. Anyone tried that route?
  9. Interlagos. Played that so many times on F1 '97, and am over the moon when it comes up on GT Sport weekly races. Monza too is great, and that's on this week.
  10. Ah ok thanks. So many points coming in from various areas I wasn't even aware of the 3,000 over the three weeks!
  11. Was I supposed to activate the reward yesterday despite it only ending at midnight? I logged into rewards app on the xbox and its gone. I don't think it added the 3000 points I'd accumulated.
  12. SF-02

    Formula One - 2020

    Shame no two race weekends back to back at Bahrain with Oz off.
  13. SF-02


    PES 3 was my most played football game ever. Wouldn't mind trying it again
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