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  1. I've literally no idea what those are - what did they do? How do they work?
  2. new666uk

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    hah - I feel like the exact opposite. Thumbsticks have me aiming all over the shop and rarely on target. The joy of using a sniper rifle in Unreal tournament 99 with key and mouse is bliss.
  3. new666uk

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    I see what you did there There is a fundamental difference in how a thumb stick and mouse work. One is a relative movement in a fixed distance (thumb all left is like full lock left on a steering wheel) whereas a mouse allows you to 'move' in a direction more flexibly and with far greater speed and accuracy and precision. Might not be the best explanation but I thought it was widely accepted that thumbstick based controllers are inherently compromised compared to key and mouse.
  4. new666uk

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    I have joypads etc but to be honest hate them and just can't get to grips with the all or nothing movement it creates which is why my console collections pretty much ends once thumb sticks came out. Key and mouse is far more elegant with a million variations in movement.
  5. new666uk

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    Thanks Kareez, I guess my two reservations are the sense you need to do a preflight checklist and procedurally work through all the right steps when docking etc and that playing multiplayer means too many d!cks spoiling the experience.
  6. new666uk

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    So, as a big fan of Elite and Frontier back in the day I've always been put off by the over complex nature of ED and so have never taken the plunge to try it. I was massively disappointed by the release decision to require online play - the single play previous versions were ideal. How accessible is ED on PC? I mean, do I need anything beyond a keyboard and mouse? It seems too flight simmy for me. Is everything a grind? Not arsed grinding. I've become a more pick up and play casual gamer and live is too short for endlessly grinding to get a 'perk' Can the game be enjoyed single player? With my limited game time, events in the persistent game (Interstellar Initiatives etc) will have completed before I get there. I enjoyed the exploration in the old games over the combat. Thanks in advance Lapsed Eliter
  7. new666uk

    Play Expo Manchester 2019

    Not sure this time. It's SHMBO's birthday weekend and apparently I'm supposed to be doing stuff with her for that. If I am going , I'll buy on the ukpin link - I did so last year and with some great coms it was all super smooth to order.
  8. new666uk

    The Expanse

    I sort of got into this by accident. I usually read a lot of Peter Hamilton (all very weight tomes and mostly excellent) or Stephen Donaldson's Gap series and was looking for something similar and spare opera-y when I stumbled over Leviathan. Very impressed, ready more like a movie and I feel it uses a lot of movie symbology. About half way through Calibrans War and have the rest queued up ready and waiting. Torn about watching the series, a brief trailer looked good but I didn't want to spoil the books.
  9. new666uk

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    I have Wild Ride as well and to be honest I just don't like it and so rarely play it. That said... Mr Do's Wild Ride! arcade pcb for sale. Great condition blah blah, ask for details.
  10. Depends what they are. You might have some interest with folks tidying up poor quality boxes if yours are in good condition.
  11. new666uk

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    If they were lucky (like really , really lucky) they would be sent a jamma version to research. Like you said though, it's very impressive that they replicated sight, sound and gameplay with virtually no access to the source material.
  12. new666uk

    Raspberry Pi - Playstation ROM help

    Thanks Ninja. I'll get to see my bro after his holidays so will go through to make sure he's set it up correctly. It's his first emu machine and I know they can be a bit daunting at first (that's partly why I prefer real hardware).
  13. new666uk

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    There you go turning our nice quiet Mr Do! love-in into some sort of contest. I can only get into about screen 5 or 6 so no doubt you've blitzed past me.
  14. new666uk

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    I still play Mr Do! on my cab. It's a great game and far from the Pacman clone I first suspected it to be. Has it's own personality and I particularly like the way the pace changes if you eat the food attracting a bunch of baddies.
  15. Hi all, I gave my brother a spare Raspberry Pi 2 I had lying around and he's setup retro pie emulator on it. He can run snes and megadrive etc but no PSX roms will work. I've not been round to his lately to faff about with it but assume it's something simple like either the right BIOS or having the roms in a particular format. Any suggestions appreciated so I can teach a young 'un how good retro games are.

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