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  1. matt0

    Great lines in videogaming.

    "Now we know the legends were false. Legendary swords are useless. Useless against these dragons." "I agree, guns are the best."
  2. This is fucking infuriating. The left analogue stick should be black, the face buttons and both triggers should be red. The functionality should be mirrored, not just going "the red bit is on the left!"
  3. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I just finished Dandara, which was very good. 2D Soulslike/Metroidvania where you don't have free movement, you dash from surface to surface and can stick to the walls and ceiling etc. Amazing soundtrack, doesn't overstay its welcome.
  4. matt0

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    I keep wondering if someone will ever manage to make an old school console with a (probably very small) library of new games at a sensible price and it have some kind of lifespan and market presence. There's been loads of open source things, spectacular kickstarter failures, vapour ware time wasters etc. but never an actual new/old system, even though it seems like there's some demand for it. Maybe even something running on an actual 8 bit or 16 bit processor (or some kind of FGPA setup). This isn't really that, but I do like the season idea. I'm curious to know what those two new NEO GEO systems are going to be.
  5. matt0

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    Is that video tool assisted? It's beyond incredible either way.
  6. Being able to type the name of almost any game you can think of, no matter how obscure, in to Youtube and watch footage of it. It's weird to think how exciting seeing footage of games on TV was back in the day, or just seeing screen shots of new games in magazines.
  7. matt0

    Gaming Podcasts

    More vintage Idle Thumbs hindsight comedy. Episode 7 and they're following the announcement of that Tony Hawk Wii Balance Board game by joking about people making xbox games that use a web camera for a controller. Full on pissing themselves over it, thinking it's the most outlandish thing in the world and would never actually happen.
  8. Also a lot of talk about Pauldrons. And everyone will have hands "the size of hams".
  9. matt0

    Monochrome games

    Pool of Radiance on Mac: And for comparison, Pool of Radiance on PC:
  10. Literally everything, right down to the most mundane things like having arcade sticks at home. I remember looking at Gravity Force 2 in the arcades and thinking it was the absolute pinnacle of graphics. It looked genuinely real to me. Emulators, wireless pads, modern 3D graphics. Zelda: LTTP was one of the games that made the biggest impact on me in the early 90s. Most of my friends had Amigas or Megadrives, and I managed to get this idea in my head that SNES games were some kind of luxury thing (fuelled by talk of £60 cartridges for whatever version of Street Fighter 2 was current), like a mid point between what we had and something completely untouchable like a NEO GEO. Just showing me a GBA SP with LTTP on it would have been pure witchcraft.
  11. matt0

    Gaming Podcasts

    I'm re-listening to Idle Thumbs from the start at the moment on account of no other games podcast managing to take it's place for me since it ended and... 5 episodes in and there's some choice moments with 10+ years of hindsight. Talking about Stardock, Brad Wardell and them acquiring the Sins Of A Solar Empire devs, Chris says "They're just such a cool company that it's hard to ascribe any evil values to them." immediately followed by Jake jokingly saying "FOR NOW!" in a spooky voice. They're also loving how productive Valve are "They're putting out a new game every year at this point, it's incredible!"
  12. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    Forza, Forza Horizon, Halo MCC, Halo 4... Halo Wars Remastered and Halo Wars 2... maybe? I've heard Sunset Overdrive is decent. There's honestly not that much exclusive stuff. It was game pass that sold me on the system (not got any other current gen consoles). I've found Gamepass is good for getting me to play random indie titles I've always wanted to check out but never got round to.
  13. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (Xbox One): I liked it. But it's a mess. The difficulty level in this game is fucking bananas. The general consensus I got from podcasts was to just play the game on the lowest difficulty (completely with Blazkowics wearing the bonnet and dummy on the difficulty select screen). I thought this was probably an exaggeration so I played at "Don't hurt me!" level (the default...) and it was rough. Exacting, trial and error stuff by the end of the game and I had to save scum the final battle. I'm not amazing at shooters but I can usually comfortably bump them up one notch above normal difficulty. This goes up three difficulty levels higher... but... what would that be like to play!? I think the problem is the combat model. If enemies can see you, you're constantly taking damage, but it's not like the Doom reboot where you deliberately charge through the damage to execute enemies to get your health back, or Vanquish where you can dodge your way past most attacks. You just take damage constantly, and hoover up health and armour pick ups constantly. The guns feel great, the shooting is satisfying but you don't feel like you're coming under fire yourself, or even like you're being hit by enemy bullets. It's more like your health is a timer that ticks down whenever you're in an enemies line of sight. Like a really weird reboot of the Sentinel. It's an odd feeling game. It has a "hint" button that tells you where you need to go, but it really has to be seen to be believed, because it is that shit. Pressing the button flashes up a waypoint marker or an arrow for what feels like less than a second, which is almost always lost in texture detail the first time you press the button. So you have to keep repeatedly pressing the button (which is on a cool down) and scanning the screen, and then when you do see it, it's still gone again in a second so if you're moving through complex level geometry it's as good as useless. Like I said, odd. Also the Xbox version is just plain shonky. Glitchy scene transitions, lighting bugs, texture glitches, widely reported crashes to dashboard in certain situations. But like I said, I did still enjoy the game. Blazkovics is still a likeable hero. The resistance members are also great. There's some audacious moments in the story. It's not quite as memorable or as clever as the first game, but there's one scene... It's a game that was made anyway. ... 2019 so far:
  14. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Minit (Xbox One): Actually finished this back in March but never got round to writing it up. It's an 8 bit Zelda-ish adventure with the gimmick that you die every 60 seconds and re-spawn at the last bed you slept in. They get a lot of mileage out of one button controls and finding new ways to interact with things in a top down game, I can't stress enough how inventive this gets. It's also got great black and white, minimal pixel art and some decent chip tunes and loads of polish in general. It is very, very short though. Took me an hour and a half, and that's with getting stuck for 20 minutes at one point. I came away from it thinking it was basically a miniature playable lecture on game design. Well worth a look if you see it in a sale or it comes up for free somewhere. 2019 so far:

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