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  1. I got round to reading the free comic book day Avengers book last night. The main story is by the numbers but the preview of Ta Nehisi Coates' Captain America is something else... Steve Rogers protecting black bloc protesters from an army of cloned super soldiers with American flags painted on their faces who mindless repeat the phrase "Our boys" over and over again. They're not fucking about are they?
  2. matt0

    Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth

    They should call it Doom: Thy Face Consumed.
  3. matt0


    Steam is big enough and such a revered part of gaming that Valve could take any stance on this they want.
  4. matt0


    I'm already soft boycotting* Valve/Steam over their handling of anti-LGBT and white supremacist groups and curators on Steam. They just ducked all attempts by the gaming press to engage on the issue and then quietly announced a month later that they'd added an ignore option. So if you want some indication of the things that fall outside of "extreme trolling" for Valve, there you fucking go. At some point you've got to ask why they're are okay providing a platform for certain kinds of content. Gaming culture has sadly been one of the key incubators in the current surge of the far right and while I don't think gamers and the industry should beat themselves up over that retrospectively (although a bit of reflection can't hurt anyone), now it's out there how companies and individuals choose to react speaks volumes. ... *I say it's a soft boycott because obviously I've still got my game library and there's other complications since Steam has become such a key part of the industry. I'm working on a game at the moment that'll be released on Steam (and other platforms), and sales of that game will determine whether the developer makes another game, which will potentially mean a big chunk of freelance work for me. So in effect sales of something on Steam will be tied to my livelihood over the next few years (one step removed, but still...). Between other stores and my decision to finally get a current gen console at some point in the near future I should be fine games wise although Dragon Quest XI is touch and go though... I was angling towards xbone. I've only actually spent 39p on Steam in the past year anyway (Space Moth DX on sale!).
  5. matt0

    'Atari' are up to something

    It's probably going to be a disaster but at least their industrial design is on point. The stick, pads, console all look fantastic.
  6. The impression I got from Last Jedi was that Johnsson hammered two films worth of story arcs in to one movie to try and finish his take on the new trilogy leaving. Rey tricking Snoke would have worked better if you'd seen more of Snoke's hubris and arrogance over two movies to sell his delusion and over confidence. The slow space chase between the rebellion and the persuing first order would have made a killer Empire style cliff hanger and opening to a third movie. Finn and Rose's romance would have been more believable with time to grow over two movies, and Rose saving Finn by crashing their speeders would've had a bigger impact. Benicio Del Toros character would have made an excellent foil for the heroes spread over two movies. That's just off the top of my head. Of course it's easy for me to sit on my arse playing back seat screenwriter, director and editor and rearrange the pieces that some one else came up with after the fact, without studio interference, without any of the pressure...
  7. matt0

    Worst game names ever

    In all fairness that's way better than the UK Megadrive version's art. I don't understand why anyone would ditch the original box art though, it was perfect.
  8. matt0

    Eye of the Beholder C64 and Spectrum ports

    Magnificent. Hope they manage to finish it.
  9. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Scott Pilgrim (360): I like Scott Pilgrim. I like Paul Robertson, the character designer / animator on this game. I like River City Ransom which this game lovingly pays homage to. I like scrolling beat-em-ups. I liked Scott Pilgrim The Game for the first 4 levels but the game haemorrhaged so much good will by the time I finished it... Then all the shit bits from scrolling beat-em-ups make an appearance, like rolling balls flying across the screen, environmental hazards and clunky jumping sections over pits. And there's a sudden difficulty spike you need to level up to get over, only once you've done that the boss fights and action set pieces suddenly become challenge free acts of attrition. Also there's a redundant lives / continues system which constantly gets in your way and is made even worse by the fact that levels frequently glitch out and refuse to scroll onwards, meaning you have to quit and restart minus any lives you might have lost. The basic combat never stops being fun and the early boss fights were tense and usually beaten on my last sliver of health. There's loads of playful set pieces and throw away background details and a very cool take on the fighting-on-public-transport section that always crops up in these games. And despite the drop in quality in the second half the final section of the last level is a decent finale... But overall It's just too scrappy and rough around the edges. Also, the end credits are surreal, they last about 15 minutes. So many people worked on this game, I don't know how it was supposed to make any money. It's sad that this got de-listed though. 2018 so far: 2017 list:
  10. matt0

    Atlanta - New Donald Glover show on FX

    The delivery of Paper Boi's response was perfect.
  11. matt0

    OK, I need a chain of games.

    Lemmings to introduce concepts like indirect control and interacting with an in game GUI. Sensible Soccer for a mid to high tier dexterity game. (I like tiny sprites...)
  12. matt0

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Saw this at a baby friendly screening this morning and even having to wrangle with a tiny animal that kept crawling off down the aisle I enjoyed every moment. Maybe it was something to do with lower expectations but I didn't have the "yeah, but..." feeling I had at the end of TLJ and Rogue One. I honestly don't know what counts as "good" Star Wars any more, I've enjoyed all the new films, but they've all felt like fan fiction to some degree. It'll be interesting to see how I feel about them after I've rewatched them all.
  13. Quality stuff. Also, props for making it in Fast Tracker 2! I went from Protracker on the Amiga to Fast Tracker 2 on PC with a SoundBlaster 16 and the freedom of having more than 4 tracks was almost too much for me.
  14. Emulation doesn't necessarily mean input lag, it depends on how well coded the emulator is. Also input lag tends to be worse on PC emulation because frequently the latency comes through the operating system.
  15. matt0

    TotalBiscuit died.

    I always got the impression he was someone who got internet famous young enough that he hadn't figured out "real life" yet, which combined with the cancer hanging over him probably pushed him to some of his more acerbic opinions. It's very sad whenever anyone dies so young, I feel terrible for his wife.

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