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  1. Also, in Harry Potter the magical folk only went into hiding because the non-magical folk wouldn't let them live in peace and tried to kill them and all that.
  2. Meanwhile I thought Thor was pretty funny, but soulless/empty. Agree to disagree it is!
  3. Also, Afrofuturism is really fucking cool.
  4. Alright since you wanted to know my thoughts, I'll try to elaborate a little now. Didn't have time before, sorry! There are some things that I agree with, some I disagree with. First of all, I didn't mind that there was a lot of exposition, I actually appreciated that about the film. I do enjoy the MCU but it is all very cookie-cutter and incredibly action-focused, obviously. I think that is exactly what lifts this film above some of the others: more exposition which helps you get invested in the characters and what's happening to them. Black Panther had very limited exposition in the previous MCU films (he was only in Civil War, IIRC? Might be mistaken) and it is absolutely necessary to give an idea of where he comes from, who are the people he loves, what motivates him, etc. If anything, I'd rather have had even less action scenes (but maybe that's because some of them were a bit disappointing - but maybe that's just cause I really didn't care all that much for them? I don't know.) Next point: I guess this one is just a matter of personal taste, but I didn't mind T'Challa at all, I really liked him. He grounds the film and the viewer watching it. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the role of Killmonger, things did get more interesting when he arrived on the scene and his motivations became clear (although who he is was incredibly predictable imo. I have never read any of the comics, that's just from watching the film). The cinematography, I didn't pay *that* much attention to. It's very cheesy, but tbh I don't watch a Marvel movie for amazing cinematography. I like them but they are ultimately popcorn-entertainment, easily digested, good for a laugh, but not what I'd necessarily call fine film craft. Still, I enjoy them a shitload! On whether it's a good film or not - no, it's not comparable with any Hollywood classics, but no one expects that from a Marvel film, do they? I hope they don't. But was it a bad film? Not in the slightest! I wouldn't call it mediocre either. It was immersive, it had very likable characters and arguably one of the most multi-dimensional villains of a Marvel movie. I loved the soundtrack, the costumes, the CAST was amazing, and ultimately, while it could have been a bit shorter as some bits here and there shouldn't have been dragged out that much, I think it was well worth my 11€ I wouldn't rate it as the top Marvel film, but it's definitely one of the more intriguing ones. i think they shouldn't have included Martin Freeman at all though. He was an annoyance. But maybe that's cause I'm a bit tired of seeing him pop up all over the place these days. Now, all of that is just what I thought when excluding all the socio-political implications of the film. Cause THAT adds a whole new level and yes, it is one of the reasons I loved the film very much, as well. While it was a Marvel film and accordingly adhered to a certain structure and style, I just really fucking enjoyed getting to see a film where whites don't take center stage all the damn time. (*eyes Freeman*) I don't want to get into this too much cause writing about it makes me feel like I got white-saviour-complex or something, but I can assume I don't really have to explain what this film means to a lot of people. What I feel I can speak about though is the role of women in this movie, cause DAMN there were a lot of incredibly strong women in this, and they all had their own personalities, strengths, goals, motivations. You don't even know how fucking awesome that was to see! We don't get that a lot! Name one Marvel movie that did this as well as Black Panther, I currently can't think of one. So yeah, this stuff just goes on top for me, and everything combined in my opinon made for a special experience. That is why I disagreed with your posts. I often think people are too negative anyways, I prefer looking at the positives.
  5. @JPL seen your comment, not ignoring, just don't have the time to get into this right now - will post later! Was reading the thread last night after the film and was half asleep, I actually had several things multi-quoted and today didn't remember why XD But yeah, I disagreed with things, I really enjoyed the movie (and it's miles above Ragnarok....) and I think the film means A LOT to many people. Ok I'll continue eating my dinner now! Laters!
  6. Woooohooo! I kind of want Supernatural to go on forever.
  7. Anime

    Oh I've finished FMA:B btw, really really enjoyed it. Doing Death Note next, I saw the first season when it was released originally but never finished it. Looking forward to it, probably gonna be weirdly nostalgic though.
  8. Colossal - Anne Hathaway controls a kaiju. Seriously.

    It's been a while since I've seen it so I forgot a lot of details, I just remember thinking it was a dumb movie with idiotic characters, and that the extreme shift with the guy beating her down and happily killing people in Korea (if I remember that correctly) was way over the top, like. If you want to make a movie about misogynists or domestic violence or nice guys turning into assholes when they don't get what they want, maybe don't put it in such a ridiculous context if you want the audience to have a serious think on that subject matter. I know sci-fi and monster films tend to be about bigger issues than what's on the surface, but in my eyes this one just failed. I like at least some subtlety.
  9. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    Invisigun Heroes is off 67% off and thus down to 5€! I've only played the free demo so far but even that was tons of fun, so I imagine the full version will be great with loads more levels and characters to explore
  10. Doki Doki Literature Club

    He got scared off? Bless his gentle soul.
  11. Stranger Things - Season 2 October 27th

    I miss a lot of the nods as I was born in the late 80s, and I just can't seem to find the same love for this show as you guys. I mean don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it, but I'm just not blown away and think there's a lot of more interesting stuff out there. I do think that nostalgia is a huge factor in its popularity with adults.
  12. This is us - NBC show now on Channel 4

    I don't know why I keep going back to a show that hurts me so. But I do. (I know why, cause it's amazing.)
  13. This is us - NBC show now on Channel 4

    People still watching this? I was just watching yesterday's episode and my brother came in my room to show me something and made me pause and I kind of yelled at him for it. That episode was very intense.
  14. Which classics have you still not seen?

    Eek that's still on my list as well
  15. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    You do sort of start just decorating your camp whichever way you want later on, when you've invited most or all of the animals. I mean, I always kind of had it the way I wanted. Because, to answer your second question, you don't have to keep the furniture once you invited the animal over. That's what I assume anyways, I haven't actually sold any furniture (BECAUSE I'M A TOTAL COMPLETE HORDER) but I don't use or place it in my camp either if I don't like it. Right now for example my camp is half café, half flower shop. I recommend visiting Oi Oi's camp, that one's.... lovely Regarding your first question, if you go to your inventory and just click on the fruits you can sell them there, for very cheap though. And you find your friend code when you go to friends, add a new friend, and then I think you get the option to view and copy your friend code. Sorry don't have my phone on me right now, but that's where you find it anyways.

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