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  1. Illyria


    I have also seen all of the above, and I disagree The larping episode was silly fun!
  2. Illyria


    So's your face!
  3. Illyria


  4. Illyria


    The only person on here, perhaps! Not in the wider Spn fandom
  5. Illyria


    I've finally finished Death Note. Only took me 12 years! I did see (most of) season 1 when it came out originally, but somehow never got around to season 2. Rewatched the entire thing now, and it was very enjoyable all-over! Ryuk still my favourite as he was back when I first watched the series. But I also loved the character development of Light, and the back and forth between him and L. Which brings me to some things I didn't like: not sure I need to spoiler this as the thing is so old and everyone here will have watched it, but just to be safe! Otherwise I sometimes had to try really hard not to let the representation of female characters cloud my enjoyment of the series. I know this is anime we're talking about, and I'm not gonna complain about this in detail, but ugghh. Anyway, finally ticked this off my list, and it was a great ride, particularly season 1
  6. Illyria


    Yeah tbh ever since they introduced the entire new team, then split them from Team Arrow and gave them their own storylines, I'm more forcing myself to watch the show than anything else. I like Curtis but all the other characters need to die or disappear or decide a vigilante life isn't for them. And take John Diggle along cause he's become unbearably annoying.
  7. Illyria


    I loved the Scooby episode! I agree with the problems of pacing, I guess it's somewhat unavoidable to make characters disappear for weeks when you have such a tightly controlled budget, but it feels extremely off.
  8. Illyria

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Finally caught up on this. When I first started watching season 1, I actually ditched it, and only picked it up again later because a friend liked it so much and because of the crossover announcement. By now I'm enjoying it quite a lot, its self-awareness really makes all the difference. And that final boss battle had me laughing out loud, it was amazing.
  9. Illyria

    Harry Potter is 20 years old

    For a second there I got excited about my American edition of Sorcerer's Stone, but it's 1999 not 1998. Damnit! Also it's in well-read condition so no one would pay shit for it anyways. Also I think I am too attached to it to give it away, ever. Imagine having one of those first editions in mint condition though... rich over night!
  10. Illyria

    Bad films with terrific music

    Queen of the Damned! I thought that had a really fantastic soundtrack, both the film versions done by Jonathan Davis as well as those performed by others for the Soundtrack release.
  11. Illyria

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I think I'm finally done with this. I considered doing all the collectibles/collectables (?) and things and ran around for ages but I've given up now. Don't really see the point in using a guide for this stuff, takes the fun out! And using pumpkins as basketballs, really? But I enjoyed the game and am very much looking forward to the next installment.
  12. Illyria

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Mature No actually it's true. Sometimes.
  13. Illyria

    The Witness

    Just read this, I'm currently doing the shady trees! Got stuck on one yesterday though, hope I can solve it quickly next time I play, fresh mind and all. The water raising bit was insane, am kinda proud though so far I've played everything without taking notes. Came close though
  14. Illyria

    The Witness

    Sometimes I just don't see the forest for the trees! I did play some more yesterday and it was nice. I do love the atmosphere, and when you do get puzzles right it's so much fun. But I think I have to play this in short bursts, I don't have the patience
  15. Illyria

    Rick and Morty

    Valve should hire him!

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