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  1. My favourite film this year. Loved it.
  2. There is a worse one coming up in my opinion called Precious Cargo. I have watched all but the last episode of season 2 now, and that is definitely the worst I have seen to date. The acting is atrocious which is not something you expect even from bad Trek.
  3. Terminator Dark Fate 4/5 The Best Terminator film since T2. Shame it bombed at the cinema, as I would have happily watched more of this cast and premise.
  4. My absolute guilty pleasure. Watch it at least once a year, it just has so many fantastic quotable lines. ‘Houston you have a problem’.
  5. Don’t see why not as it would only be down to the exceptional circumstances. I wonder if all the clubs and fans who are pushing (purely for selfish reasons imo) for the season to be abandoned, would be quite so keen if they have to restart the season with the same squad, manager etc they have now, which to my mind is only fair if the season is to be scrapped and started again.
  6. I would not worry too much about that. Disney have deep pockets and so will buy up new IP’s as appropriate to keep the service fresh, as well as the original content Disney themselves will be bringing out.
  7. There are countries out there China, Japan, Singapore etc which are in a much better position in terms of containing their Covid outbreaks than Europe. Wonder how feasible it would be to finish at least the PL for example over there. They definitely have fan bases out there, so in some sense it could help to grow the game.
  8. Yep although they are both excellent to be fair. Another one due Friday and then weekly after that.
  9. Do Disney own the rights to the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferringo Incredible Hulk TV series? I would not mind watching through that again if they ever show them. I firmly believe the first episode is the greatest pilot to a TV show ever made.
  10. Yeah I have on a Samsung QLED. It was an impossible to miss ad when I turned it on this morning, so just had to click on it to download.
  11. I watched the first two episodes of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends before I went to bed last night. Will properly set it up and have a good looksie today, but from what I saw last night it is going to be worth the £50.
  12. I have almost finished season 2 and I think on the whole it has a higher percentage of good episodes than season 1. It is meant to improve even more for season 3 and 4, so I think you are heading in the right direction.
  13. The Circle of Life on The Lion King (Original version not the remake).
  14. Quite possibly my favourite Disney film. Love watching it with my nieces.
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