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  1. If we win tomorrow then I think a draw to Swansea is not the worse result in the world. Think Brentford are away at Derby next which is certainly no gimme. Win our 3 home games (Stoke, Barnsley & Charlton) and take at least a point from one of the away games & then it does not matter a jot if Brentford win all their remaining games 10 - 0.
  2. Your welcome. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Yeah Brentford are a definite worry. They have the easiest looking run in as well, so now the Stoke game goes from being a free hit to a pretty much must win considering we are away at Swansea at the weekend.
  4. Has the makings of being a big round of matches for Leeds the way the results are going so far. Would not mind if Forrest nabbed an equalizer, & if Charlton can hold out or even hold Brentford to a draw we basically get a free hit at home to Stoke to all but wrap it up on Thursday.
  5. Anybody with an interest in WW2 or specifically the War in The Pacific should check out The Fighter Pilot. A Japanese film (Subtitled) unsurprisingly about an ace zero pilot fighting from Pearl Harbour through to the end of the war. Extremely interesting to see things from a Japanese point of view & just one little tidbit I picked up early on was the attack on Pearl Harbour for the Japanese happened on December 8th 1941 and not December 7th date we all know from the history books.
  6. Plenty of other Stones songs that are basically Mick drooling over scantily clad girls, so easy mistake to make.
  7. Not sure I agree with you on this. The song in my understanding anyway was always about the unexpected death of a spouse/lover. On top of this it's a cracking song and easily my favourite by the Stones.
  8. first one that jumped into my head was 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' by Aerosmith!!!!!
  9. I am a Leeds fan and so hope very much that we will be affected by this decision, but funnily enough I don’t have an issue with it on first glance. My take is that the journalist is being a little mischievous in how he has presented the story. The reality is due to the agreement reached with broadcasters there will be a smaller pot of money from TV revenue to divvy up over the next couple of seasons, and so the newly promoted teams will be receiving their fair allocation of that smaller pot. They have calculated this to be 8 million quid less a season than what they might have expected to receive pre the Covid lockdown. This assumption only holds water if all the other teams in the league receive similar reductions in their prize pots depending upon finishing position over the next couple of seasons. I literally don’t think they would be able to get away with just penalising the newly promoted and relegated teams in the way the article tries to frame the story.
  10. They really need to do something about VAR for next season because they are ruining the game. There is literally no point celebrating a goal these days, as 4 minutes later some clowns in a van hundreds of miles away from the ground can overturn it. The technology is fine, but it should only be used for absolute clear and obvious howlers. If it takes 3.5 minutes to decide if the ref made a mistake or not then that is neither clear or obvious.
  11. Being a Leeds fan can be incredibly frustrating at times. Simply not good enough at this stage of the season to be dropping points at home to the team who started the game bottom of the table. We just seem incapable of making it easy for ourselves.
  12. Yeah just looking through remaining fixtures and WBA have definitely got a tougher run in on paper. Our last home game is Charlton, who are not exactly pulling up trees. 3 Away games for us are Blackburn, Swansea & Derby so nothing particularly easy there as they are all pushing for play off places.
  13. Next 3 home games are Luton, Stoke and Barnsley. Maximum points from those 3 should be enough to do the job, with 4 spare games left over to cover any slip ups.
  14. A big one as well if we can hold on to it.
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