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  1. Show me a single quote where somebody has said Returnal is shit? There are none because they only exist in your mind. The only thing which is shit is the £70 RRP and I believe that is the point most posters on here are trying to get across.
  2. I used to subscribe to 3 or 4 magazines 5 or 6 years back including OPSM, but one day on a works trip to London I was on the tube and saw an advert for a free trial of Readly. I had never heard of it before but had a look and all four magazines I was paying twenty odd quid a month for were on there, so for little over a fiver a month at the time I signed up and have not looked back since. All sorts on there including this, Edge, Empire, SFX, Film, TV Times, T3, Stuff, Sky at Night, loads of history mags and most of the daily Newspapers. You can also get magazines from around the Wor
  3. Did you check the trading folder? You could have found it in there for £57 an hour ago.
  4. It’s a moot point anyway if you can pick it up for £60 or even £55 quid as it has always been possible to buy for less than RRP. If the RRP had been £50 you would have been paying £35-£40 quid for the game and not £60.
  5. That was great. I am still continually impressed by how TCW, Rebels and now this spin off are able to make such fantastic use of the steaming piles of turgid shite which was gifted to them by the prequels.
  6. The comparison is Resi will sell a minimum ten times as many copies as Returnal when it launches at the £50 price point. To be fair it probably would have done at a £70 price point as well, because it is a hugely successful IP that people know, enjoy and buy into. Which just goes to make it all the more ridiculous that Returnal is priced £20 higher. Whether or not you feel the game or the developers are deserving of the price is kind of irrelevant, because at that price 90% of potential consumers (myself included) were never going to give it a chance. Now I might pick
  7. Resi Evil Village is under £50 quid on the PS5 at the end of the week. Asking £70 quid for a new IP in a relatively niche genre was always gonna be a non starter with the vast majority of gamers, and so I am in no way surprised sales figures are allegedly shite.
  8. Yep I went for guesses as well during my work break. Got em all right but the pure guess for me was Simon & Garfunkel with Bridge Over Troubled Water or Carole King and Tapestry. Again looking at womble9’s list only the one year between them.
  9. Stowaway - 3/5 Solid without ever being spectacular. Glad I watched it though.
  10. No matter how creative they get with the songs they were never going to be able to top the ultimate version of Crocodile Rock though. It is an excellent film however.
  11. Yep real end of season performance today or in other words utter crap. Anybody heard owt about the possibility of Aguero fancying playing under Bielsa?
  12. I got it from Santa and he’s magic, so didn’t have to worry about paying 70 quid for a game in them days.
  13. Exactly this. I do have all 3 consoles but that is so I can play every game that interests me. I am interested in Returnal and will play it in due course and at the right price, but that ain’t anything like £70 quid. In the meantime I have plenty of other games to be working through across all 3 machines.
  14. I don’t have a corporation of choice though being as though I own Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. The choice I do make is I will not pay £70 for a game on any of them no matter how great it looks.
  15. In a Sony office somewhere is a pie chart on a flip-board, which will show the breakdown of consumers their market researches are telling them are willing to pay £70 for a game. Guess people can’t help it if they fall into the sucker segment, as it is only market demographics at work.
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