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  1. Guys, this was Mario. I know it's an niche one, sorry for those who didn't get it.
  2. omg switch is less powerful than other consoles i never knew what are we all doing what is the point thanks mate
  3. It does, but you also need to figure out a puzzle on that level. It's not an obvious puzzle at all IMO, a 'blink and you'll miss it' sort of thing. I googled it and that's how I got it. If you want a hint:
  4. NickC

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I thought that bit was awful, I laughed out loud when he turned up.
  5. A girl is kidnapped and kept in a dark dungeon. A junkie who is addicted to magic mushrooms - and hallucinates that he has the power to get bigger, fly and shoot fireballs from his fingertips - kills thousands of wildlife by viciously stamping on them during his journey to find and rescue her. His creepy brother, who dresses exactly like him, comes along for the ride.
  6. Shit the bed. I beat it! Had an amazing run in terms of drops, I got 2 gold weapons and an amulet that made me invisible until I hit an enemy. Final boss went down after necking my last potion, and on my final strike I had around 100HP to go. Such a good feeling. Haven't beaten a challenging game in years
  7. So yesterday I made it to the last boss again. That’s 2 times in total now. This time I lasted longer and got maybe close to half of his health down. So some progress. For some reason I really want to complete this game. If I push on and put all my collected cells into getting a high % of ++ weapons, I think I might do it. But my goodness that’s going to take a lot of runs. But right now I’m up for it, the game compels me to try again and again, it’s got a wonderful rhythm to it. I feel like I’m slowly mastering the main game - not only am I breezing through most of the levels, but I’m getting a much better understanding of how to get the right combinations of weapons and traps to maximise damage. Before I move on to the next level, I always try to spend a bit of money on adjusting my weapon / trap modifiers so that, for example, I have a bow that emits a toxic cloud, one trap that sets enemies alight, and another trap that adds damage to burning enemies. Makes a huge difference in finishing enemies off quickly, which is the key to surviving High Peak Castle, where a number of dangerous enemies congregate together often shielded by those bastard training dummies.
  8. NickC

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    pls send hasslehoff
  9. NickC

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    If this helps anyone with a purchase: Some people say Dead Cells was hard - in my experience it isn't. I've got to the end boss a few times now and I think there's a reasonable chance I'll beat the game at some point. Some people also say Hollow Knight is hard - in my experience it is very hard. I've had two 30 minute cracks at it so far and I've died so much and have not got anywhere really. I'll persevere as everyone talks about how great the game is, but it might be too much for me
  10. NickC

    Better Call Saul!

    I do enjoy Better Call Saul for many reasons but from a storytelling perspective, I’m finding it a bit frustrating. The problem I have is the reliance on Breaking Bad characters. It’s the classic prequel problem: the use of characters that we know die later really zaps the tension out of some scenes. We know that The Twins, Fring and Mike all die in Breaking Bad, so every time they come into contact with other characters, we already know the basic outcome. Also, Breaking Bad set up Fring and The Twins as forces of nature, evil people seemingly able to do the impossible, able to withstand actions that would have taken out mere mortals. Delving into these characters’ backstories removes some of their mythos. Now that we’ve taken a peek behind the curtain Fring and The Twins seem more grounded in reality: the twins visit their uncle’s bedside in hospital and Fring is worrying about construction work. With Mike it’s less of an issue, his character has always been rooted in reality, he has a methodical nature and Better Call Saul keeps to that. But do we really need to know how Fring and The Twins became who they are? For me, I don’t mind them being in Better Call Saul, but building a significant chunk of the story around them devalues them a bit. A comparison I suppose is how I really liked Obi Wan in ANH when I thought he was this mysterious cool warrior who had gone a bit mad when he went into hiding after the Clone Wars, but after the prequels we find out he was actually a pretty dull character with a fondness for lame jokes. Obviously Lucas fucked that up royally, and Better Call Saul is a lot, lot, lot better written than the prequels, but the point about removing his mysterious nature is the same. I find it more interesting to explore the characters that don’t appear in Breaking Bad – Kim, Howard, Chuck, Nacho, etc. With the exception of Chuck, we don’t know if they will make it through Better Call Saul or not, and we don't know what their future holds. There’s a fair chance that Better Call Saul will jump forward at some point to explore what happens after Breaking Bad, and I’m interested to see what characters reappear and what their future roles will be. I assume Kim will make it, will anyone else?
  11. Anyone read the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy graphic novel adaptation? I remember loving the books, and the idea of reading these is really appealing.
  12. Anyone with even a passing interest in #MeToo, sexual or gender politics should watch Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette. It’s a brilliant, ground-breaking and award-winning stand up show. Actually fuck it – everyone should watch it. The last 10 minutes were so honest and ruthless. I finished watching it yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  13. NickC

    Search Party - All4

    Just discovered this. Holy shit, it's really good! Funny, dark stuff. Millennial lols without taking the piss too much. Easy to binge. Last episode in season 1 is amazing so if you watch it don't search for fear of spoilers. Am half way through season 2. It just gets better.
  14. Ha! Gathered that much from my first crack at him. I had probably my ideal loadout and I barely got him down to 2/3 health. Drinking potions was almost a waste of time because by the time I stood still to drink them he'd knocked off a third of my health bar. Any tips?

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