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    Nintendo Switch

    it puts the mario hat on its head or else it gets the hose again
  2. So is it a continuation of the same story or am I good to dive in with the new series?
  3. Hat? That's his head you psychopath. Right? Right?
  4. Regarding Top Boy, is the new series a continuation of the Summerhouse one? Only the new series is called 'Top Boy: Season 1' whilst the other ones are called 'Top Boy: Summerhouse' - seasons 1 & 2. They look like different programmes, at least the way that Netflix is listing them. Should I watch the Summerhouse series first, or is the new Top Boy a new set of characters or a different setup?
  5. It's really good, she's talented!
  6. This is of course a very tricky subject, but there is a point somewhere here that I agree with. Someone who has been raped has been raped. Full stop. If the rapist gets away with it, it still happened, they're still a rapist. The victim is still a victim. Sometimes a rich sexual predator might use their wealth to hound and discredit his victims - see: Donald Trump. All perfectly legal. An innocent man, of course, even though he was caught admitting to sexually assaulting women on national TV. And sometimes being guilty doesn't mean much anyway - sometimes a jury might reach a guilty verdict, only for a judge to be extremely lenient on the rapist - see: Brock Turner - because, well, he's a man from a certain background. Guilty, but not punished. On this subject, there's an interesting detail I didn't mention about what happened with my sister - the guy who did it was Romanian. Why is that interesting? Well, her lawyers say it was possibly a factor in his guilty verdict. Before they decided to press charges my sister's legal team talked her through potential outcomes. Part of that process was about being realistic - summarising other cases with similarities to hers and exploring their outcomes. One case was particularly similar, and the result was 'not guilty'. My sister decided to press on anyway because she needed closure After she won her case, she asked her legal team why she'd got a good result but this other woman in the example case didn't. It's difficult to say for sure, but one potential reason was that the accused in the other case was a white middle-class English man. A Romanian was, perhaps, deemed more likely to have committed the crime. So if my sister's rapist had been a white English guy and got off, would the rape never have happened? Of course not. Similarly, my sister decided to testify and answer questions by his lawyer, reliving the experience and having it implied that she was a slut. If she didn't do that and he got off as a result, would the rape never have happened? Of course not. Also, my sister was lucky enough to have the funds to pay for decent legal representation. If she hadn't access to that money, and he got off as a result, would the rape never have happened? Of course not. So whilst the concept of innocent until proven guilty is laudable, the scales of justice in these cases are tipped so far in the favour of male sexual predators that its use is laughable. Our legal systems let rapists rape with few consequences. The focus should be on changing that system rather than tipping the scales further against victims.
  7. Of course the system we are working with sucks for both the powerless victims and the wrongly accused. But time and again we see (often the same) people worried about the much smaller group of wrongly accused men and showing a lot less interest in the much larger group of female victims who never see justice. The fact is that rape and sexual assault convictions around the world are pitifully low. We know that rapists get off every day, and victims are shamed and harassed every day as part of a legal process that allows it. The minority who get wrongly accused might have to live a shit life in parts (or even sadly turn to suicide), but the majority who have to live with the result of rape and sexual assault are having an extremely shit time of it too, knowing that the person is out there free to attack someone else, knowing that society doesn't value or believe them, often traumatized by their experience in severely life-limiting ways. What about all the women who kill themselves because they knew they wouldn't be believed, or because their rapist walked free when they looked for justice? It never ceases to amaze me that in this completely unbalanced situation we have people always asking why there isn't more protection for the accused. The accused, of course, that are already protected by the police (where's her incontrovertible evidence?), the courts (how many sexual partners has she had?) and society (she was asking for it). Now these people want to go the extra mile to cover the accused asses on social media, too. It's like saying that US policemen need more power to be able to shoot citizens because a few of them have got killed by some lunatics in tragic circumstances. It's completely missing the point.
  8. That's how I remembered it too. A lot of dialogue, a lot of in-engine cut-scenes. Which is all fun of course, but it's not being in control, it's pushing the story forward. Compared to other games and genres, that era of FF games did this a lot*. It wasn't until the final third or so when you'd got through most of the story that you had the freedom to go where you want, follow up on side-quests and so on. That part was a lot less hand-holdy. *Unless you got lost of course, then you were walking from one area to another and fighting a lot. But that part wasn't much fun for me.
  9. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo have realised from fan feedback that this SNES thing actually makes a Nintendo digital product good value so they are having a rethink.
  10. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought my first sub this morning. I would have happily paid £18 for just one of Zelda ALTTP or Super Metroid, so now it feels like a bargain.
  11. My sister was raped way before Twitter came about. Before the (successful, thankfully) trial, police advised her against prosecuting the rapist because the chance of him being convicted was so low. They weren't being horrible about it, they were incredibly supportive I believe, they were just being honest. Women just aren't believed, not to the extent men are. For every Christopher Jefferies there's a Trump, Weinstein or Saville - people willing to use the law to continue their abuse unchallenged. Twitter isn't perfect by any means, but until we have equality here - and we're a long way from that - it feels unfair to strip women of a clear warning system. Because once they find themselves in one of these awful situations, it's too late and there's often not much they can do to get out. The idea that women shouldn't speak out unless they go through the 'right' channels reminds me of The Handmaiden's Tale, with women expected to stand in silence and obedience in a world that abuses them but is uninterested in their welfare. "But who can remember pain, once it’s over? All that remains of it is a shadow, not in the mind even, in the flesh. Pain marks you, but too deep to see. Out of sight, out of mind."
  12. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    I never knew it was a thing. Just tried 8 carts: 5 were expired but still got 140 coins so thanks for the heads up! One that worked was a launch Zelda, so no idea what the expiry rules are.
  13. I recently bought Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime to play with my kids. It's a charming co-op game, and it's some weird mashup between Vostok Inc. & Overcooked. The idea is that 2-4 players are controlling a circular spaceship. There are 4 turrets around the side of the spaceship, and when you want to shoot an enemy you needs to run up stairs to man a turret, Millennium Falcon-style. But you can't just sit at a turret and shoot - someone needs to fire the engine to guide the ship through the cavernous levels, someone needs to control the movable shield to protect the hull from enemy attacks, and someone needs to push the ULTIMATE WEAPON button when you need to clear the screen of bad guys. So it's about moving between these posts to fly, fight and progress. It works, and is particularly fun with 3 or 4 players. Also, the weapons are up-gradable and you can mix weapon types to create crazy weapon combinations. My kids (aged 4 & 7yrs) love it as it's really easy to play and it's so satisfying completing levels and bringing down the bosses. Recommended.
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