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  1. So... anyone watched any of this yet? Thoughts?
  2. We need a dream wishlist for cutscene actors. My thoughts: Nicholas Cage: Russian lieutenant. Brian Blessed: Allied commander. Sonja from EastEnders: Scared / rescued villager.
  3. Soviet MIG airstrikes were the best
  4. NickC

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    at that thumbnail image.
  5. So has anyone here been reading Doomsday Clock? For anyone out of the loop, it’s DC's attempt to integrate the Watchmen universe into their established DC universe. I’m a fairly casual comic book reader, although like many comic readers I love Watchmen. I reread it every few years, and in my mind it’s pretty much peerless. Given the unbelievable high quality of the source material, and the major reservations of many diehard comic fans, I went in with low expectations. But I’ve read the first 5 comics (out of 12 planned in this run) and I think it’s rather good. It’s not a cheap cash in, not so far anyway. It feels like it has something to say about superheros - what they mean to us, why we love them and why we hate them. Something different to what Moore had to say, I might add. It explains what went down directly after Watchmen and it contrasts this horrific vision to both the DC universe and also current real-world events. And what went down after the original Watchmen is actually pretty cool, IMO. One Watchmen character returns with someone else in the suit, and as terrible / sacrilegious as that sounds, the reasons they are in the suit and why they are doing what they are doing makes a lot of sense. I'm totally intrigued by this person, and I can't wait to find out what happens to them. The interplay between DC and Watchmen character is also good, and they’ve even introduced a few new superheroes from the Watchmen universe that seem to fit. I guess my only real criticism so far is that in trying to mirror Moore’s writing style but also make it more mainstream, it can be a little exposition heavy. And is it as good as Watchmen? Of course not. But what is? Anyone else read it? What do you think?
  6. The reaction is the consequence. Preaching misogyny has an impact on some people.
  7. NickC

    Breaking Bad

    It'll be a silent film, comprising of endless saturated vistas of the New Mexico desert, and focusing on the origin of Marie's kleptomania.
  8. Just loving this. The Necromancer is just so awesome. Also ramping up the difficulty has been a revelation for me, it gets boring eventually when there's no danger.
  9. NickC

    There She Goes - BBC4

    Thanks for posting this. From the advert it looked kinda heavy going. But I'll give it a go at some point this week.
  10. You said the nationality was relevant as it was indicative of the audience they are going for. Chinese people and companies make a lot of stuff that Western audiences enjoy. They are, amongst other things, pretty good at making mobile games that are enjoyed around the world, which makes sense as that's what Blizzard have asked them to do with this version of Diablo whilst they focus on their PC and console games, including the next Diablo.
  11. This is gonna shock you but Chinese companies and people make a lot of stuff that the rest of the world enjoy.
  12. On Reddit there's a lot of discussion on this topic. As you'd expect, it's all kept in proportion. This is my favourite post, a response to someone saying that the anger about a mobile game is getting a bit out of hand:
  13. I've started the Seasonal thing, whatever that it. I'm a level 23 Necro, after completing the atoryline can I switch my character to adventure mode?
  14. NickC

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Just finished Episode 6. Wow. They totally nailed Up until this episode, I thought they didn’t get the character. But they totally do. I really hope they can keep this up for the rest of the season.
  15. NickC

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    Mario Kart gatekeeping

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