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  1. Chuffed you're having loads of fun out of it @ScouserInExile
  2. I think the Disney Pus app situation is a clusterfuck to be honest. It should be the same across all devices yet it looks loads better on my Apple Tv 4K than it does via the LG tv app (though still not 4k). I could even get Toy Story 4 in Atmos just on the ATV 4K. Have you tried a VPN on your Firestick? IPVanish has an app on Firesticks and if you set to USA you should get 4K, DV & DA as they aren't restricted there.
  3. Unfortunately that's not the case. They still all show as UHD Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos yet only the Dolby Vision info is correct as the stream is not 4k or Atmos. My AVR will display Dolby Atmos on the front if it receives it. Also you won't get UHD, Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos via Sky.
  4. I have a daily ritual of checking the Marvel and Star Wars films in the hope they have stopped restricting.
  5. Yes, the only film I've had Atmos is Toy Story 4 and that's only via Apple Tv, the app on my LG tv is 5.1.
  6. Don't forget they are still running reduced bandwidth for lockdown increased usage where both video and audio quality is taking a big hit. I'm impatiently waiting for them to run full bore so I can rewatch the whole MCU and Star Wars movies again.
  7. *if you have a Sky Q v2 box and download Kings Of Lemur Island. Looks fantastic and look forward to some movies/sport/nature soon.
  8. This vid shows a guy dismantling his, not sure I'd go as far as to remove the pedals though.
  9. That's a bit rubbish, never had any probs with it. Googling it and it may just be a case of taking the bottom off and cleaning the gubbins with a can of compressed air. Worth a try.
  10. Yeah it's the wireless one. It's got the common bearing wobble but works fine.
  11. I've got an official 360 wheel and a PS3 Driving Force GT boxed and gathering dust. Keep meaning to either give to charity or take to CEX but can never be assed.
  12. Pug

    Xbox Series X

    That was rubbish.
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