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  1. This old chestnut. It's bullshit. LCDs go brighter but that doesn't make OLEDs dim.
  2. If they drop that low I'll be in for a 77" as the size increase from a 65" would help persuade the purchase for me.
  3. Pug

    Rock Band 4

    I need to try and get back into this. I LOVED playing this and Guitar Hero and have quite a big library. It's been a long while so I know it's going to take ages and sore fingers/forearms getting back to my best. I was never great on Expert but could hold my own on Hard.
  4. I'm still flip flopping over upgrading my tv. It seems the sweet spot is going to be 4K 60fps which my C8 will happily do and I'll no doubt love. But I have a massive FOMO on 120fps that, in the near future at least, I probably won't use. Basically I'm pondering spending £2000+ just for the few instances of 2160p or 1440p with 120fps. Is VRR another thing that should be seriously considered? I don't know if 4K 60fps is going to be locked in on most games and the preferred way to play anyway. I'm waiting to see what the prices do and think about it more if they drop I gues
  5. There's a few games I'll be redownloading for the new Series X shiny like Forza Horizon 4. I didn't finish Gears 5 so will be diving back into that also. My short attention span means I like to nip in and out of different games and yeah, I'm blessed to have the spare time. Bit annoyed at Avengers not getting the SX patch, if ever. I was waiting on it so I could finish it but now I'll just get on with it and sell on.
  6. Trying to catch me out? I dare say I'd briefly manage with a USB 3.0 external drive for some non updated One games but the Expansion Pack will make life easier in the short term and be essential soon. Can't believe I'm asked to prove my justification for it by someone on the internet, lol.
  7. The games I'm playing barely fit on 1TB and I have Control Ultimate, Ass Creed Vahalla, Cyberpunk 2077 and Blops Cold War all bought needing space. I don't want to be faffing about moving stuff back and forth from an external drive.
  8. Just had an email from Microsoft about the expansion pack being left in my basket (had gone out of stock during the purchase process). Looked like they were back in stock but with a delivery date of the 12th, two days after console launch. Ordered and cancelled the reluctant order I had with Game (who also charged £4.99 delivery!).
  9. Control Ultimate arrived today early from Simplygames. Not that it makes a difference as I'll be waiting to play it on the SX.
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