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  1. Pug

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Didn't realise I could play this now on EA Access, downloading now.
  2. Pug

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Sounds promising guys? Looking forward to the physical release.
  3. Justwatch is a good app to search where you can stream/rent/buy shows & films. It says not available to stream yet.
  4. I enjoyed it and love Queen. I'm not going to argue with those who don't like what I like as I couldn't give a shit.
  5. So you can delete the normal versions once the Legacy ones are installed?
  6. This is great. I'd have paid for this, but I would have probs needed a demo first so glad it was free to push me to try it. What a pleasant surprise game.
  7. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    My Flip Grip arrived today, didn't expect it anytime soon after I ordered it on the 31st of January. What a great thing this is! I'll actually play the Pinball games I bought yonks ago now.
  8. Pug

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Haven't tried this weekend, I got a feel for it last weekend and saw enough to keep my preorder. Yep, it needs work but am hopeful it'll be good to go on launch. Or there about, lol.
  9. Pug

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    No case, no fees here.
  10. Pug

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    One of my fave films, it's one of the few I've watched with director's commentary. I've got it sat in my iTunes Library but am patiently waiting for a 4K HDR/DV upgrade before watching again, but this thread has me itching to watch it soon.
  11. Pug

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    Mine was £23.79 all in.
  12. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    Not interested in a Switch Mini, but would be all over a bigger screened, better materialed 'Pro'.
  13. Pug

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm enjoying so far but not sure I can stand not being able to skip to next line of dialogue in cut scenes like in most other RPGs. I play a lot with the volume low whilst chilling with the family watching telly. This means I read the dialogue but am finding the lengthy cut scenes a bit of a slog. I know you can skip the whole cut scene but I'd obviously miss the storyline gist if I do that.
  14. Pug

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Ah, go on then. I have Pinball FX3 but couldn't get on playing landscape and portrait is too awkward.
  15. Pug

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    I had a different grip before this which helped, but the Satisfye really made a difference to my man-size hands. I can still dock with it on due to swiping the gubbins from the original dock and painstakingly installing them into a mini frontless dock I got from Amazon.

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