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  1. Not keen on the checkpoint save system though it's forgiving in landscape traversing fails letting you carry on from the fall.
  2. SImplygames done good. Installing now.
  3. That's very helpful thanks. I'm happy as long as it comes on release day.
  4. One of the reasons why I got rid.
  5. Anyone had a dispatch message from Simplygames yet? I've ordered this for my daughter and also ordered the new Star Wars game for myself. I received the dispatch notification about the SW game but nothing for Pokemon. They haven't even taken the money yet. It may be because I ordered the one with Steelbook and they ran out of stock. If so I'll cancel the order and order the standard (same price). I've already emailed SG but would be interested to know if anyone had received dispatch mail so know what to expect.
  6. Pug

    Apple Arcade

    Still just rumours.
  7. I agree with the music not feeling right. Didn't ruin it for me though. Thought IG-summat was fantastic. I have spoken.
  8. Yep, started off shit, got better and competitive then all went to shit. It's already off to it's new owner. Sorry Apex.....why did I ever leave you?....
  9. What's the online play like on this now? Didn't enjoy it when it first went live.
  10. There's a very good chance you'll get it early, occasionally publishers put a strict ban on early posting but I doubt this will have such restrictions.
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