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  1. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Here's my well informed prediction for the first race (not). Hope others make theirs and post them up to discuss.
  2. Name this game

    GTA V?
  3. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Is Jar Jar Binks gonna be in it? Cause I really loved that character.
  4. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace! Man, it was so good it deserved more than 6 episodes. And these should be the Season 2 Titles!
  5. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    I heard this for the first time in early summer this year and haven't stopped listening since, so happy and uplifting. I actually think its synth perfection.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    This still sounds so modern, how they weren't more popular I'll never know.
  7. Top Gear music question?!

    I've been wondering for ages what the music is at the start to about 1:10 of the review is, sounds like something from a cool version of E.R to me.
  8. Internet Radio

    I wanted to start a thread on Internet Radio because I've really got into listening via Soma Fm and particularly like Underground 80's and Groove Salad as I enjoy synth and ambient music. It seems like I've discovered loads of artists I never knew about before that make really interesting music (Thomas Leer - International, The Jetzons - When The Sun Goes Down, Number 9 Dream - Summer Offering are just some!) If anyone has good recommendations for internet radio stations and more obscure artists, feel free to contribute.
  9. The worst game you have ever played

    The one that sticks out for me on the main consoles that I've played, was Simpsons Skateboarding. So bad in every way, I was a fool for renting it because it had the Simpsons brand on it. It's definitely no Tony Hawk!
  10. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Dirty Harry?
  11. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Sex Lifes of the Potato Men?
  12. Metroid: Samus Returns

    It's taken me 9 hours to do 25%, seems like there is a lot left in this game! After playing for longer than an hour my hands start to cramp a bit probably because of the back buttons, but I like how the game controls overall.
  13. Guess the film from the opening line

    Master and Commander? (A genuine guess this time!)
  14. Guess the film from the opening line

    Yeah, you must be in the 8th dimension! I found out about it from the book 101 Cult Movies You must See Before You Die which I borrowed from the library. its got some good stuff in like Memento, Braindead, The Hitcher and Manhunter and then the weird stuff like Frankenhooker. (By the way, I looked up Suspiria because I wanted to set the Buckaroo one, I had no hope otherwise!)
  15. Guess the film from the opening line

    Mine might be quite obscure, I just watched it for the first time recently. "T minus six zero three and holding, laser positive, latch compressors."

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