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  1. Firstly. Happy Christmas Mukkers, secondly this was a glorious Xmas present. Thirdly as a man who has never played Smash before its an amazingly exciting letter to gaming (if not of menu design?. Fourthly, fuck me they don’t explain anything do they? so lost with so much. And finally - question - should I stick with the button lay out as it is or move the jump button? Feels weird on the pro controller. Or should I learn per the default?
  2. ...and my love for the game has shot up even further. Of course she has a built in synth... why wouldn't she. There's so much joy for things that are just fun to do baked into this.
  3. That video is all kinds of ace. Also, what frame is it? It looks like the best Japanese Robot ever.
  4. I am obsessed and in love with this. It's the exact level of digital crack i've been looking for quite possibly all my life. Staggeringly satisfying combat, the right kind of 'busywork',super cool design, excellent synth soundtrack, and no end of people to just dip in and out with where you don't need to speak to each other to know what to do. Also, as a man that spent more time than should be legal on my Warcraft characters outfits... I love the customisation of looks. Truly an epically brilliant game. With 45 hours on it since launch the other week i'd say this is in the running for my GOTY. .
  5. Further to add to this, it's per hour watched so shove it in on running in a browser or the twitch app and profit. It doesn't actually tell you what you've got till you log in, in game (despite twitch suggesting otherwise) I shoved it on for 4 hours yesterday while i was in the office muted and got some (admittedly not that great) free things when i logged in this morning.
  6. Update. No sooner did I type that than 2 dropped for me in the void. Nikana blueprint being researched now. Ready in 2 days.
  7. If anyone can spare an argon crystal I’ve supplied all the other mats for the sweet Samuari sword aboard the dojo
  8. Call me Britain’s stupidest man - and many have, but I’m struggling to see how I can contribute to the clan. What am I doing wrong I can see something being made but I can’t see how I can help donate resources etc. Sorry this is clearly blindingly stupid of me but...
  9. Strong work!! All hail team MUKTenno. Can I have an invite please. In game name Womble
  10. How the hell is this free? It's utterly, utterly brilliant. Always passed me by on PS4 but thought i'd jump in on Switch and i'm now obsessed! As a man who loved Destiny but never had time to join in on raids, this scratches a similar itch but it more bite sized chunks of fun. Plus i LOVE a diablo-esq loot collector... Customisation FTW. Just a brilliant slice of gaming fun. Short snappy levels, I can (so far) play on my own or be matchmade super easily. Just great. Is there a Switch Rllmuk Guild?
  11. Help please mighty hive mind. Dipped back into D2 and had an absolute blast it’s such a brilliant game again!, but now on light level 505 on my hunter and not really sure how to raise it. There only seems to be one bounty spider offers with Powerful Gear reward (I cleared a load of the non-power ones and jut for 500 capped gear). And I think I’m too low level for Dreaming City bounties. So not entirely sure how to progress. Annoyingly I can only ever dip in and out and random times because of a chaotic work pattern, but would like when I do hop on to be able to do stuff that might benefit me if you see what I mean. Any thoughts hugely appreciated.
  12. Absolutely bursting with excitement for this. And - this is important - I 100% am not debating taking the day off on Friday just to play it all day. Nope. Not me.
  13. I quite clearly am being colossally stupid... but... I've got my 8 mighty travellers, and now i'm around level 14 I think, but all the second chapter stuff on the map says suggested levels 26 ish... What am I supposed to be doing here? Somewhat confused as surely i'm not supposed to just grind for 10 levels? Yours, with apology at clear stupidity.
  14. Truly and utterly astonishing game. My first play of it today I only paused to find the tv control becuase the telly was going to switch itself off as I’d played for so long without a break evidently! One of the most memorable and fanstastic opening 6 hours of a game I can recall. A joyous wonderful thing in every way.
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