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  1. Yeah, that would be about my summary as well. Looked cool and held together enough to be more enjoyable than some of the bad sci-fi out there but its promise was let down by a simple cheesy script that hadn't been polished in regard to the other languages it was using and an unfortunate reliance on a weak extended cast that only have work in the Korean industry because they are foreigners and sometimes you need a foreign face to fill a role. I've watched a lot of Korean series and it's a common weakness. You can have a great show, tightly scripted and well acted, then suddenly this European
  2. A stupid Welsh mistake to keep the game going when it should have been killed off, and then another mistake from the Irish to actually end it. Weird ending to a crazy game. Wales won but Ireland came out of it looking better.
  3. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Brady has not been sharp through most of this second half. Some of his interceptions and missed passes have felt like surprising mistakes, they've dropped a lot of potential points and it's going to be a close now when they might have walked away with it by now if he'd been more clinical.
  4. Yeah, I remember watching the first episode bit bored at first wondering what all the fuss was about. Why was everyone in Korea going nuts over a show about rich people trying to get their kids into college? Glad you're enjoying it!
  5. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Chiefs if Mahomes is healthy, but you don't 'get over' a concussion inside a week. Even if they pass him off as fit, I'm dubious he'll be able to perform to his best and while Henne did really well at the end of last night's game I'm not sure he'd be able to carry the Chiefs over the course of a full game. It's going to be close isn't it.
  6. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Huge end to that game. Well done to Henne coming back after that pick to win it the with scramble and that throw.
  7. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Yeah, terrible INT, but I can see why they went for a long throw. That 15 yard penalty was a drive killer already.
  8. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Yeah, the end of this game is going to be interesting! I think Mahomes' concussion came from his head being slammed into the ground after the initial contact which was the defender's helmet into his shoulder. The defender wrapping his arm around Mahomes' neck as he fell and it looked to me like his head hit the floor first.
  9. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Crazy that with the increased awareness of head injuries and stricter helmet rules there was no flag called against the Chiefs for that touchdown saving tackle. The defender didn't even try to use his arms, just launched himself head first at the receiver. No wonder he lost possession, it was a helmet to helmet collision that must have shaken both of them up. Now we know more about concussions, any hit like that just makes me uncomfortable knowing the long term damage it's causing both players.
  10. Yeah, Korea still has some super strict laws on what can be shown on TV which apparently are holdovers from when they were still basically under a military dictatorship which lasted until the late 80's. Knives and gore is blurred, smoking is blurred, sex scenes are completely banned. The funny thing is guns don't have to be blurred, so you can see someone holding a gun and threatening another person, but if they were holding a knife that would get blurred. If you're into the criminal drama shows, Signal is another popular Korean one. "A cold-case profiler in 2015 and a detective in
  11. I've binged dozens of Korean shows. Stranger is definitely up there are as one of the top shows in terms of script. When it comes to acting and directing though, I'd say it's about the average for the high standard lots of Korean shows have, especially for shows produced by tvN (the Korean cable channel behind Stranger and a lot of other shows Netflix have picked up the rights for). I'll recommend Sky Castle. It was a huge hit in Korea when it came out. So a little info, SKY is an acronym used to refer to the three most prestigious universities in South Korea: Seoul National University, Ko
  12. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    "I have a cunning plan. Let's get him throwing deep downfield!" "But coach, that's going to be so much harder to pull off than some short quick throws." "Exactly! They'll never expect it."
  13. Do you watch Squdige's rugby analysis videos? I've found them to be really good, funny and with a level of detail I've never really seen before in rugby. He spent a couple of minutes on the current Wales team in the latest video.
  14. For 80's vibes from your KPop, the new Twice release is good, but I preferred the energy and drive from Everglow's comeback.
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