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  1. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    "I have a cunning plan. Let's get him throwing deep downfield!" "But coach, that's going to be so much harder to pull off than some short quick throws." "Exactly! They'll never expect it."
  2. Do you watch Squdige's rugby analysis videos? I've found them to be really good, funny and with a level of detail I've never really seen before in rugby. He spent a couple of minutes on the current Wales team in the latest video.
  3. For 80's vibes from your KPop, the new Twice release is good, but I preferred the energy and drive from Everglow's comeback.
  4. There's a lot of talk about everything wrong with Vimes, and it's all on point, but also what have they done to Vetinari? Charles Dance's turn as the ruler of Ankh-Morpork was nigh on perfect, practically lifting my mental image of the character straight off the page and onto the screen. Sure, you could change a lot about the character, gender being one of the least important to be honest, but surely Vetinari's core character is as the smartest person in the city, with a cold piercing intelligence a dozen steps ahead of everyone else. From the few lines and confused expressions we'
  5. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    Wow, they post that replay and still try to tell us it wasn't caught?
  6. Headache

    NFL 2020!

    I got to go first in my 12 person group, hence McCaffrey. My rating afterwards was A+ with a predicted 14-0 run, which is just setting me up to fail!
  7. @Flub Thought this would be in your list too.
  8. And it's not like Swansea fans are craving to return to the Premier League right now. I think we've already reached the peak of what our current squad is capable of right now, and we've not got the ownership and structure in place to build up a team that could survive a season in the PL. So rather than spend a season watching us getting hammered over and over again, a challenging but exciting season in the Championship would be much preferred.
  9. I remember the season the Swans got promoted to the Premier League last time, Cardiff were also in the playoffs but ended up falling short to Reading. There was a lot of weird talk then about how Swans fans would have to avoid travelling on the M4 for fear of meeting Cardiff fans on the way there or back. If it actually happens that we both end up in the final this year, it'll probably coincide with a second covid wave forcing everyone to stay at home.
  10. The nightmare is that we somehow scrap past Brentford only to find Cardiff waiting for us in the final. Then we have to support the Swans going for it!
  11. What is this weird feeling? I'm happy the Swans won but I wasn't really bothered about us getting into the playoffs as I don't think the squad's really in a strong position to push for and survive in the Premier League right now.
  12. I did like this tweet from the bbc live feed
  13. Should have sent him out on the pitch.
  14. I know it will definitely benefit those teams with deeper squads, but I have always enjoyed how in International friendlies and other sports that allow more free substitutions the pace of the game stays higher as more players haven't exhausted themselves (or know they can push hard for 45mins and get subbed off), and there's a greater variety in team formation and tactics as games progress since more subs allows managers more options.
  15. I don't follow Hull, but they've made this a much more amazing story than they needed to. The Athletic write an article about Hull and invite them to comment. Hull decide to reveal the journalist's data and say, "We have redacted certain names and financial information in his email in the interest of preserving the confidentiality of the parties involved." and publish their own response. One problem, they didn't delete the redacted parts, just stuck a black box over the bits they didn't want people to read. So anyone who copy/pastes the document can read the whole u
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