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  1. Yeah maybe, I am giving it a go for a couple of months so i'll be able to tell you if that's the case I imagine whilst it's still a small start up type thing the selection of games will be ok, if they got bigger is when I would get more concerned, if they are rushing to select games etc. I thought it'd be fun to give a try, I am probably that niche in that I have a lot of consoles with a very small number of games on each so this gives me the opportunity to try some games that i've probably missed out on.
  2. I can see how that could be an issue, initial reviews i've seen online seem promising but I've no idea how long they have been going
  3. Unsure if anyone in here has heard of this but it's a subscription service that sends out retro goodness each month. Options include records and video games. I've just signed up for my first month (19.95) so will let you know how it goes, they should be sending out 3 games (not necassarily boxed copies but they should all be genuine). So I selected three genres, rpg, platform and adventure and selected the consoles I own, I've also paid an extra fiver for SNES games. I have no idea what they are going to send and their site say's they won't send out the same
  4. So, with some big games now providing cross platform options, EA have only really dipped their toes in. Do we think we'll see it in the next few years with fifa? Is there any reason for them not to do it?
  5. Be on about 9 / 10ish tonight if anyones about
  6. To be honest we just jump in and play and chat so wherever you feel comfortable
  7. You create it and then you build up the stats as you play games I'll add you in a little bit and get you added to the psn group
  8. Planning to be on this evening if anyone's about Didn't get on last night as the little un developed a bad habbit that led to me taking her to hospital outta worry
  9. I think as there are quite a few who have mentioned playing on the ps4 im going to download the ps4 version as well so anyone that hasnt transitioned yet or is happy to play both versions just drop a comment and we can get a psn party going for the ps4 game
  10. @SteelyI thought it would be I might be about again tonight if anyone's on, we kept up last night, think we have 4 games to pick up 6 points for promotion
  11. So who's been playing with the ai players? I jumped on for a couple of games with Kris last night and our keeper is now @SaintM and @Jamin has been set up as a defender (just to name a couple). Hehe, and yellow, well we will certainly stand out
  12. I managed to get it redownloaded so i'll be about a bit later in the week
  13. You could literally feel the tension through the headset, the silence as we all concentrated trying to end the evening on a high note Everytime talk started about retro games and we just got too distracted to play We have to be careful here, with so many people wanting to play again we are in danger of bringing back thursday night games That game when Kris disappeared and pretty much every shot we had went in I won't be on this evening but if people are about tomorrow night I can be on
  14. Clubs has not seen this much attention in years The other day we had 6 of us on in one go @hannay I will see if I can get the ps4 version installed, I think my ext hard drive has space and i'll encourage some of the others to do so
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