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  1. The backstory I guess, it's not integral though, you could quite easily play it alone. There are things that witcher 3 refer's back to, i.e. history between Geralt and certain characters and there might be reference to times gone by but yeah you could very easily play without knowing what happened in them. That said they are both good games in there own right albeit clunky combat and the such.
  2. What's the performance like? I quite fancy picking it up as I never completed the dlc I find it remarkable that it can be played on the switch full stop.
  3. Surely the biggest example would be to expel them from UEFA until they book their ideas up? Or maybe a 3 strike and your out, so that game last night would have been 1, if it happens twice more in the next 10 years they are banned for 10 years or something.
  4. I love this line in the article - Getting creative with those names
  5. It's not easy to get on the end of em when you play it into the oppositions feet
  6. Think you have the wrong guy
  7. Man when he steps down from there I want that job. You could literally sit on your arse for the next few years getting paid because results don't matter
  8. I intend to but not for a little bit, skinted
  9. What content had we received since launch? It's taken a year for much of real substance. We had a map about 2 weeks after launch which was evidently already there and could have gone into the initial launch (what did they need the extra 2 weeks for?) All they had added up to my post which was 2 months ago were 4 maps and firestorm (with 1 added between now and then I think?). The guns they have brought in have generally been a bit lacklustre. Is there any way to tell what the player numbers are for firestorm? It's a shame we can't see how many people they had working on it when they could have been adding to the game in ways the players wanted. To me the fact they are bringing so much new content out now and going forwards is a little bit late, you want to be doing that during the first year to retain players and to get new players interested. Look at how much we have all played it in recent weeks, admittedly our little group will probably be on a fair bit this weekend but thats because there is a bit more fresh content I think they have been somewhat fortunate that this year has generally not been the best for new titles otherwise their player base would have been much smaller by now. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the second year will be much better but next year also has so many new games to compete with, it seems to me it's more about business rather than producing something good, plenty of new content in the 2nd year to help interest players again ready for the launch of the new game. I mean bare in mind next year numbers may dwindle again when you have games like Last of us 2,FFVII remake, Watch dogs Legion, Rainbow six quarantine, Cyberpunk, Dying light 2 etc etc the list goes on. I'm just not sure there is going to be enough in there to keep me away from the many great titles looking to come out next year (and that's prior to the next gen releases)
  10. Luseth

    Playstation Now

    I renewed this for the first time in a while to play God of War again (properly) I've noticed the interface is different. It's much easier to find the downloadable titles now and just a bit easier to navigate which is a nice touch
  11. Yeah i'll be up for some again
  12. I think he worked there for a little while when it was game to didn't he? The only thing I can truly remember about that place through my hormonal teenage years is that quite a few good looking women worked there I think for most people their first job is one of their best, it's usually your entry level job with less expectations and you could get away with things a bit more. My first was the wetherspoons kitchen down merry hill and my god that was a laugh
  13. Thats where i bought my first three final fantasy games from. I remember the 2 on the left but dont recall the rest of you, i was only 14 back in 04 though so dont remember much of those years tbh
  14. Luseth

    Playstation Now

    You know I completely missed that >.< That's a valid point, with them only being available for a short spell it's a bit disappointing. Can't see me swapping my pc game pass for this anytime soon.
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