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  1. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    Can i get an inv too - Luseth
  2. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    It's only 5 days after.... But yeah it is, I know people are generally only bothered about the multiplayer aspect these days but some games (This included) do come with a single player mode!
  3. Luseth

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    How much did you pick it up for? I have it on Xbox one but contemplating swapping it in towards the PS4 version as I'm more likely to play it on their.
  4. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    I'm contemplating skiving work that day and going and fetching it too @MardiganX and I'm fairly confident @KriessG is as well.
  5. It's ubisoft's alternative to lego dimensions / disney infinity and all that. So presumably you buy the digital game but the little toys you get with the starter pack are mailed to you? But yeah to buy it in a store it comes as a pack with a spaceship and some characters and that.
  6. Would like this but with so many other good games coming out it will be a while before I get it i'm afraid ^_^ It's a highly congested time of the year and the "good" triple A game's will be swept aside by the "great" triple A title's
  7. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    Whilst black ops 4 is vastly different to black ops 3 Most of the "new" additions to black ops 4 have just been done in previous call of dutys already and the genuine new additions have been copied from other games i.e. specialists from rainbow six siege, grenades that recharge (destiny) etc etc Both of the mainstream shooters are much of a muchness now. They have both hit their winning formula and neither move away from it too much because that would upset their own set of fans.
  8. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    I suggested it because there are a few people on the forums that play it and quite frequently too so you can get into a group most nights :) But if you are after a faster paced shooter then COD is probably going to be more for you generally ^_^
  9. Luseth

    The random discussion thread

    @KriessG might be able to tell you what it's like. Think you should wait for battlefield personally though :D
  10. Luseth

    rllmuk FC

    Up for a few now onwards if anyone's about
  11. Fixed that for you... Sadly I don't think BAP will return if it doesn't manage to get going this year. I think this will be me calling it a day on fifa (only really got it this year for pro clubs.) So i'll give it a few months and then trade it in when I have the inevitable better games i.e. Red dead, battlefield etc etc during the next few months
  12. Luseth

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    This! I chose the PS4 as my primary console this time around but I've started to pick up more and more stuff for the Xbone along with the game pass. I've decide next gen it will be Switch and only one of these and xbox is certainly ahead at the moment. I can see it helping if their building of the backwards compatibility is continued into the next console as it would be a huge base of games to start with as well, rather than it being say a Gears of war machine for the first 6 months or something.
  13. Luseth

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    I wonder if they will try and utilize some of their expertise in the making of the supposed next Fable game? I'd rather they were given a bit of free reign though to come up with something new.

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