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  1. Ah so we have replaced like for like then. (Jaques Maghoma is much of the same). Plays great for the first month and great for the last but everything in between he's just there to make up the numbers.
  2. You guys are off to a good start We got our second win under our belts last night with a 2 nil win over Barnsley. I thought for much of the first half that it was going to be a boring nil nil draw. Our defense shut them out pretty well but then our attack didn't create much in way of clear cut chances. Second half they came out flying for 10 minutes or so and I thought hey, here we go again. The half settled down and we got our first goal closely followed by an enjoyable second goal that was chipped over the keeper. Montero came on for 20 minutes or so as well and he looked exciting, had the Barnsley defenders in tatters when he tried to take them on which was nice to see. I've spoken to a few West Brom fans though that say whilst he is great on his day he can be incredibly hit and miss. Onto a tough game at Swansea the weekend.
  3. I believe it's 10, enough to get an idea of whether or not you like the changes I imagine
  4. Literally mugged brentford off lol we won 1 nil, had 1 shot to their 14! I expected a thrashing and they were unlucky not to do so. Our 20 yard header was pretty good though, well worth a watch
  5. So, the new map is pretty good, I think it's the best thus far. But must admit bit fed up with the fact that each new update / map etc seems to bring with it new bugs. They aren't even minor things as well, they are issues that you shouldn't be missing in testing. I think with all the bugs, the lack of new content and the focus on a game mode that next to no one plays (Firestorm, trying to jump on the back of the battle royale success) has really put them on the back foot for the next game for me.
  6. He's a prick. He evidently takes a disliking to you because his future ruler takes a liking to you. I do think sometimes I should just leave him in the field alone so he get's torn to pieces by the enemy....
  7. So, I wonder how this will play on the Switch now that it's been announced.... Also it's not going to be released with the other reiterations as another group are porting it over.
  8. I think one of your students say's that he's to strong and to avoid him or something like that?
  9. Faculty training (speak to other teachers / staff), seminar's and I think there's a third method but can't recall what at the moment.
  10. Yeah so the idea is that raising the support lowers there stat requirements So you can combine the 2 in order to bring in the character you want.
  11. Pretty much every battle i've done, losing her is a loss but not sure if that's because I'm playing classic? It's your stat I think along with improving the support rank with them. So sit down for meals/ choir practice and collect lost items for them etc
  12. Wasn't this part of the issue when the game caught media attention previously? That you can essentially 'groom' students that are on the young side? I think Petra's only like 15/16 or something isn't she?
  13. I thought I read something in game that suggested they would be the easiest house that's why I didn't choose them I'm enjoying it despite initial reservations on the school concept.
  14. So Blues just signed ivan sunjic. I mean wow talk about buying players well above us! Just a striker or 2 n i’d be feeling quite positive about the upcoming season. a far cry from how i felt after monks sacking. Im not sure Clotet is the right guy to be in charge but we will see
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