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  1. I dont think this works as solos,kill somone,loot box ,then be killed by someone waiting in a building quite easy getting wins just by just hiding in a building in the circle and waiting but thats just fucking boring. Back to ranked for me
  2. Struggling in platinum rank at the min. Whats everyone else at??
  3. Also getting the number one place in the uk on trackmania turbo for a couple of tracks
  4. Me and @mackenie getting to the final of a rocket league tournament,lost 2-1 in the end but man it felt great playing in front of a crowd.
  5. People also need to look at the state of fortnite when it first came out.... Gold 1 so far in ranked,ranked has pulled me back into this game,so much better working towards something.
  6. Ahh man i forgot about braid,such an amazing game.i want to play it again now
  7. SanDisk SDCZ50-064G-B35 64 GB... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BX5FOCK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share This one
  8. Played this for the first time today,spent a bit too long playing(2.5 hours)as i felt a bit sickly once id finished. But its bloody brilliant,looks so much better than i was expecting.
  9. Yup ,and the aim gun thingy
  10. Right im hopefully gonna be buying a psvr bundle from someone on the forum,it comes with astrobot and re7 which after reading through the threads im super hyped to play,what other games are must play??
  11. Id say dc universe ive spent thousand of hours on that,most people hate it but ive loved it for years and for me its still great. If you doing apex @Luseth dont forget to team up with the forums best, me and @sjvinnie usually have a space is sladey isnt playing
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