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  1. Looks good from a quick video I just watched. I'll add to my watch list. If you like Speed Runners, try Runbow. - I've played it lots, and looks like it is very similar to Speed Runners. Runbow is on sale for £2.39 until 1 Mar, and supports up to 8 players. https://www.dekudeals.com/items/runbow
  2. It’s great 4p as well. Chilled and super easy to play.
  3. I've not played enough to notice the sentinel much. How does it change things?
  4. 2 player co op games that are easy to pick up for the other half who doesn't really do games but has shown an interest recently. Ideally on the Switch Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (up to 4p, very chilled on easier settings) Super One More Jump (coop game about timing - up to 4p) Towerfall (yes it really shines as up to a 6p competive game, but the coop is good too) New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (up to 4p, one player can play the invulnerable to enemies Nabbit - great for my youngest) Mario Odyssey (2p coop that's great for your other half to play) Kirby Star Allies (very simple easy platformer - nice to breeze through in coop) And more: Competitive games Astro Bears (simple, but great) Runbow (up to 8p on one Switch - running and jumping game) Astro Duel Deluxe (like 4p Asteroids) Crawl Party Golf Fantasy Strike (fighting game that's easy to pick up) Also, as a random aside I've got some love for Nine Parchments. It's not the best made game ever, but it's sort of like Diablo with up to 4p. It's a great game for 4 mates to chill, talk and do spells on a big screen. It's regularly on sale (like now) for around a fiver.
  5. Not much chat about Apex. I’m loving it right now. Anyone want to squad up?
  6. Soi


    They should teach Celeste in schools
  7. So I download the free Colouring book, then I can download the 1st game on the list on the 10th, and then the next on the 16th etc?
  8. Yeah, I have it and think it's pretty good. It has a small but active community, and I've never found it hard to find a game. There's a very active discord too. On Switch, it is cross play with Steam, and cross play with PS4 is coming soon.
  9. Lots of good stuff in the sale, and more stuff seems to be added since I last looked. Fantasy Strike is £19, which I think is a bargain
  10. Cheers. Another kind soul helped with my Machamp. Happy to help you or any others. Just PM my your number and we can arrange via WhatsApp.
  11. Yeah it’s easy. I think it is pretty clearly balanced for kids, rather than experienced gamers. But I’m fine with that. My 10-year-old daughter has been looking forward to play it for about a year, and she’s loving it. She’s played Yellow, Crystal and Ruby, and found them all doable but tough. She’s finding this similar. She’s playing how she wants to rather than the “best” way. So far she’s died 3 times on the 2nd gym (water) because she’s made a what she regards to be a principled choice to play all the gyms only with her fire starter...
  12. I’d love it if I could organise a Machoke trade with someone, who could then simply trade the Machamp straight back. Could a a kind soul pm m and we could organise by WhatsApp or whatever. Thanks
  13. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can a trader Pokemon be traded again? I’d like a Machamp. I’ve just started the game and have found a Machop. Can I level it to Machoke, trade it with a kind soul here and then immediate receive it back in a trade?
  14. Yeah, powerline will limit bandwidth, and mine also caps out at around 30mbit. But I’d rather have less ping and packet loss (WiFi is also bad for packet loss - and it can depend on things like your neighbours using a microwave). It’s not like I need more than 30mbit for PS4.
  15. I'm buying for my pokemon crazy 10 year old daughter. As long as she likes it (it is aimed at her rather than me, right?), that's all I care. (I'll play too obviously)
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