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  1. Funnily enough, I've just started watching some of these type of videos of late and I completely agree with you. There's almost always a "do this repeatedly and you'll win" element to it, along with a hefty dose of skill. Final Fight seems to involve a bit of an exploit of the combo, or lack thereof. It's essentially punch, punch, punch, quickly turn away then turn back, punch, punch, punch ad infinitum. You can even stun lock bosses and just burn through their health until they're dead. The D&D themed one (Tales of Mysteria?) is just doing the energy sacrifice move repeatedly and grabbing health along the way.
  2. I did NFS for the Top Ten. You do a "tutorial" race, which takes maybe 3 minutes, pick a character then pick a car and the achievement pops. Does anyone know if the 250 points for playing Fortnite on the cloud is Windows 10 only or could it be done on Linux?
  3. The Gray Man I know the plot is thin on the ground, but I thought this was completely fantastic. Essentially two jacked Americans smash the shit out of Europe while chasing a fairly pointless McGuffin. Both Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans have a whale of a time action heroing the shit out of this. Chris Evans especially chews the fuck out the scenery throughout and is just an utterly ridiculous villain. There's not a single annoying, superfluous character in here an everyone plays their parts brilliantly. It hammers along at an unbelievable pace and is just nonstop action. They must have spent a fortune on bullets, let alone all the shit they blew up and all the dead extras. Theres very little meaningful dialogue, but there's some good exchanges and a few laughs. It was just massive fun for two hours. My only criticism is that it was a very definite series of set pieces. But those set pieces were all so brilliant that I'll let it slide. And there was some really well thought out bits in the action as well. No, it will never be as well regarded as the classics like Apocalypse Now, A Fistful of Dollars or Gigli. But it was really entertaining from start to finish. Definite 5/5 for me.
  4. Oh I didn't know that. I've just been blasting anyone I come across. What does gold do for me?
  5. Ah right. That makes sense. I'm actually having fun playing it, which has really surprised me. Any hints and tips? Weapons I should be aiming for? I discovered I'm fucking deadly with a sniper rifle, though I'm not adverse to running headlong and an opponent with a shotgun. Are there upgrades or perks or anything?
  6. So I started booting this up purely for the Microsoft reward points. But now I've started having a quick game every so often. Is this mostly populated with bots? I keep encountering opposition who just seem to be walked around, right up until I shoot them. Are they real people playing badly or what? Speaking of which, I've played half a dozen times, tops, don't play FPS type games and have just finished 9th. Is that because I'm being matched with fellow noobs or is it the above mentioned bots giving me an easy ride?
  7. Yeah, this is my usual port of call for completing stuff It's worth having a scout about True Achievements for easy Achievements in the games you need to play for the weeklies and monthlies. If you just search for the game, each Achievement has a bar underneath it for how many people have completed it. A completely full one would indicate it's one of those *walk right at the start of the tutorial" ones. I've actually found I really like a few games that I thought I wouldn't, purely because was after easy Achievements, so put a bit of time in. Killer Instinct being a good example of this.
  8. I've never worked in retail, hut would obviously spend a good bit of time in games shops. One incident that sticks in mind was in the PS2 days, a quite posh sounding and well dressed guy in his 40s really couldn't get his head around why he couldn't just do a straight swap of his used game for a new one. His (loud) justification for this was that they were still selling the game he was trying to trade in for the same price as the game he wanted to trade it in for. I'm also trying to remember who told me this one, I think it was a mate of a mate who worked in the Manchester Arndale shop. Pretty much every weekend, they'd get parents who would leave their kids in the shop while they went shopping. They didn't mind so much, because they wouldn't leave them for very long. But one day, a woman came in as the opened with a little kid, who was maybe 6 or 7. She plonked him in front of a demo pod and said "stay there, here's your lunch, I'll be back at two". The guy working there fortunately heard this and ran over to tell her she couldn't do that. He said he felt kinda sorry for her because she had a shift in one of the other shops and had noone to look after her son, but he literally had to threaten to call the police to stop her from leaving him there for five hours. Whenever I worked on a stand at ECTS for whatever games company I was at, we'd always wonder how Game, Gamestation and EB managed to stay in business when they all employed at least 40 to 50 Directors of Purchasing, National Buying Managers and VP of Global Purchasing. They were all in their early 20s and they were all after freebies...
  9. Theres a wonderful flaw with the AI in the original C&C. The AI won't destroy sandbags. So you can build rows of sandbags to stop them getting anywhere near you or, in some missions, getting anywhere near resource fields so you could starve them out. Plus, if you played as GDI, your artillery was longer ranged than anything JOD had, so you could carefully position them to destroy anything that had walked into the sandbags and got stuck. I did the QA on the PS1 version, so put a good bit of time into it.
  10. Pretty much all of them. I'm struggling to think of a game I've actually completed beyond something really short like Mortal Kombat or Streets of Rage 4. And even then, I doubt I've completely finished them, there's still stuff to be done. I tend to stop playing games when the either become too difficult or I get bored with them. I don't really have the skills attention span to complete most games.
  11. I was a big fan of the later Burnout games. Weirdly, I didn't really like the first two but, once they went all "Xtreme to tha Max!!!!" and were all about smashing shit up, I loved them. I've still got them all in my loft. Great games. Really good for a ten minute blast type of games. Just loads of fun. German, wasn't it? Or was there different versions on the NTSC and PAL versions? A Google reveals there's both Spanish and German versions of the track (and French, Portuguese, Japanes and Mandarin)
  12. I had a couple of big issues with it: 1) from the start, I pretty much had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I've read a good few things saying that the joy of it is the exploration, but I just found wandering around aimlessly really frustrating. I resorted to using a guide and there were a couple of points where I found myself thinking "how the fuck was I supposed to know that?". Even googling around, I couldn't work out how I was supposed to have come to a particular solution. It's like you're just supposed to know these things. 2) And this leads on from the above. I reached a boss where I had no idea how to beat them and then, even with a guide, couldn't beat them. I couldn't even work out if I was doing them any damage or how much damage I needed to do to get past them. I think this was exacerbated by their damage resetting whenever one of their attacks knocked me down a level. And this wasn't helped by: 3) the combat elements are awful. I wouldn't mind if it was a once in a blue moon thing, but it's near constant. There's enemies everywhere on the map, no just in the dungeon segments, and your shitty little sword swing makes it really hard to hit them without getting hit. And health seemed hard to come by. I thought the graphics, sound and overall atmosphere of the game was amazing and I really, really wanted to like it. I just found the actual game bit of it to be (and I'll be polite here) really frustrating. I feel I gave it a fair shake of the stick as well - I probably put about 20 hours into it in a couple of big sessions and gave it my undivided attention in those sessions, no podcasts on in the background or the like. But I just didn't enjoy it. And it's put me off playing any of the others.
  13. This was kinda my thoughts on it as well. "A friend told me" that there seems to be more and more adult content out there for VR. It's generally accepted that porn was the main driver for the uptake of VCRs in the 80s and I can imagine it going the same way with VR. This is probably a good thing for gaming, since the more devices there are out there, the more attention publishers will pay to it as a platform they want to release games on. You may take a bit of stick off friends and family for having "one of those advanced wanking devices" but if you can play a fully immersive Zelda / Souls / FIFA / whatever your favourite game series is game on it, will you care?
  14. Biggies? Zelda - I played ALTTP recently with the intention of then working my way through the rest. Fairly quickly found I had no clue what I was doing and then reached a boss where I just couldn't best him. Gave up, have never touched another one. Pretty much anything Mario, Luigi or Yoshi related. I got the Mario All Stars pack when I got my SNES. Have never really felt any need to play any other games in the serieseseses. Metroid, Pokémon, Smash Bros... never played them. Don't want to. Final Fantasy. Wrote the official guide for VII, have never played any other. First person ganes give me motion sickness, so no Halo, CoD, Wolfenstein, Doom, Far Cry, Battlefield... I could go on. GoW in both God and Gears versions give me motion sickness as well, as it turns out. Tried Metal Gear Solid, didn't care for it. Tried the second one, didn't like that either. Didn't try any others. None of those Souls type games interest me either. Or Assassin's Creed. Or Tomb Raider. Haven't played FIFA since 98, which is the last iteration I had to play for work. Don't really do sports games at all - no NBA, MLB, NFL or whatever. To be honest, it'd be quicker to list the series I have played. Erm... Gran Turismo up to 4 (I barely touched 5&6), Forza of both flavours... Some fighting games... and erm... Sniper Elite...
  15. Depends on your definition of "recently". It was maybe 29 years ago, though possibly as recently as 28 years. It was essentially two flickery CRT monitors strapped to my face and made me very, very sick. To be honest, I get motion sickness playing anything first person, most things third person and even some driving games. I doubt VR would be any good for me at all.
  16. VR is something I essentially have no interest in, almost entirely because of the motion sickness issue, but I've seen it described as the future of gaming. So I'm kinda curious: do we know how well is VR selling, both in terms of hardware sales and then game sales? Is there any of that useful data around how many hours owners actually use it for?
  17. I'm sure I've mentioned before, my dad used to take me to the local Club when I was far too young, essentially because I loved stand up comedy and had this ability to remember jokes and parot them back in An Act. He's said since he always thought I might give it a go when I got a bit older. Plus he liked "the singers". Anyway, back in then I reckon 90% of acts did what Chubby Brown does now and just told a series of unrelated jokes. They weren't "funny" per se, they could just remember a string of "what do you call a ..." type jokes. What this means was that you'd often get a couple of acts telling a couple of the same jokes in their act. It's why I always mention the "so the blind can hate them as well" thing because they all told that joke. It was like jokes going round the playground. Someone would hear it and would repeat it as their own. Again, because they were reliant on only ever playing somewhere once. What we consider a comedy act these days really didn't go over well back then. The winning format was joke > laugh > joke > laugh and so on. Audiences could be brutal to anyone doing a funny story or a skit type act. Which is actually what translated to TV better.
  18. This is something I feel like I missed. We had a C16 then a C64 but, beyond "10 PRINT"I AM ACE!"; 20 GOTO 10" I never did any coding on them. I see loads of videos and listen to podcasts where people talk about the micros they had and they all go "... and obviously I almost immediately played around with programming on it ...". It just wasn't something that crossed my mind to do and I kinda wish it had. Not that I'd have done anything with it, I don't think, I just wish I'd given it a go.
  19. Part of the problem is that these people had An Act that they would tour Clubs with. This relied on their audience a) bring at least half pissed and b) having never seen the act before. You actually still see a bit of the second one if you see a modern comedian live once or twice and then see them on a QuizCom like Mock the Week - they generally recycle part of their act as an "impromptu" answer on TV and will repeat jokes on different tours. There's also the problem that the Club act was, more often than not, "blue" and usually what could generously be called "not politically correct". Which they couldn't do on TV at teatime. No TV channel wanted "So the blind can hate them as well" type jokes on prime time. So they did a watered down, light entertainment variety show version of their act. And they needed singing for the "variety" element (this is why The Young Ones had a musical act and Alexi Saile doing a turn every episode - it got them more funding than a sitcom or sketch show). So yeah, it was all pretty crap, even at the time. But it was designed to be mindless entertainment that just washed over the viewers and didn't challenge them in any way. And it was unbelievably popular as a result.
  20. Yeah, while I was no fan of the OG XB, the 360 and xbla converted me from Sony to MS for the last couple of generations.
  21. We must be a similar age and it almost all SNES in my school, along with C64 and Amigas / STs. I didn't include the 3DO in my original post, since I don't think it sold particularly well. I don't think I've ever seen a CD32 or CDi. The N64 and GameCube were one game systems for me - GoldenEye and Monkey Ball respectively. In the more modern era, never touched a WiiU (got negged to hell in the thread on here at the time because I genuinely thought it was an add on for the Wii, which I didn't own back then), PS4, PS5 or Switch. Just no interest in them.
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