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  1. Anyone else have a crack at the Shang Tsung tower, when it was there? His Fatal Blow is ace...
  2. As mentioned, I'm finding this with the Gauntlet towers. You'll come up against one that is an exercise in frustration, followed by one you could do with your eyes closed. It's all over the place.
  3. Gotta collect them all! I found myself doing this with Injustice 2. I wanted certain pieces and sets of gear for my mains. The skins and gear aren't distinct enough for me to be pulled in quite so much, just yet. I am definitely starting to head that way with the skins. Though it seems like there are essentially three models for each character, with a load of different colours for each model to make up the 60 odd skins for each character.
  4. Is this out yet? It still seems to say "available for pre-order"
  5. You could see what was going to happen from a few episodes back, but the last episode put a massive smile on my face. Great episode.
  6. Nope, we're going to keep kicking you when you're down. A lot. C64 on C128? Gameboy on SNES, if we're including adapters? I was involved in doing the QA of the backwards compatibility on the PS2. Actua Soccer was the only PS1 game that I'm aware of that didn't work on PS2. I have no doubt someone will be along soon to point out that I'm wrong.
  7. That'd be... groovy. When's the DLC out? This week, innit?
  8. Yay! I finally got head tonight! Have started with Skarlet, but think I might be grinding a few more out over the next few nights. Noob and Scorpion next...
  9. Undoubtedly the biggest problem with them both. There's just too much going on and it's lost a lot of the focus - that bring racing.
  10. Legion of Doom. They were a tag team of pro wrestlers in the 80s and 90s. Sean hates them.
  11. The problem with the first two was there were a couple of glaring barriers where, for no good reason, there were whole sections of the map you couldn't drive on. The 360 version of 2 was even worse (the docks area was blocked off). 3 felt fully open world. And, IMO, it had the best mix of terrain to play on.
  12. Nah, Australia was the best of the bunch
  13. I've definitely fallen off it faster than previous titles in the series, but I think that's more down to me playing them too much than the game itself. I suspect I'll come back to it at some point, though...
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