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  1. Xbox One Console Thread

    If I already own something - Forza 6 VIP membership, for example - the store wouldn't let me buy it a second time, would it?
  2. Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    That's the one. Used to love that
  3. Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    I always liked the single round of Galaga (iirc) on the Ridge Racer loading screen... Clearing the screen got you a better starting car in the main game. Kinda related, I'm sure I remember Ghostbusters on the C64 having a Space Invaders clone playable on the loading screen...
  4. Xbox Games with Gold | May 2018

    I've pretty much never played a MGS game. I gave 2 (I think) a go, but got bored of watching instead of playing and gave up fairly quickly. Is Phantom Pain worth a look?
  5. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    I'll give them a look listen, ta. Keep up the good work!
  6. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    I'm loving these, but the way. I'm fairly new to podcasts in general, so now have all of these queued up in a playlist. Along with any Cane and Rinse that interests me.
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    Wasn't there some kind of giveaway for watching last year's? Rare Replay or something?
  8. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    I was quite surprised to hear how bad it was. The C64 version was amazing. One of the standout games, IMO.
  9. Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    Anyone know what the C64 emulation is like? All this C64 Mini talk has given me a hankering to play some of the classics...
  10. You're saying it wrong!

    Live and learn. Never sure how to pronounce Shenmue. I got with Shen-moo-ey. Chalk me up as another Rye-oo. Had a mate who always called Guile "Gilly", while we're on Street Fighter.
  11. You're saying it wrong!

    How should it be pronounced, then?
  12. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    I'd been wondering about the "Hi guy!" thing, to the point where I nearly put it in my last post. And now I know...
  13. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    Loved Myth on the C64, so looking forward to this. Though, looking at some YouTube videos, I don't think I ever got off the first level.
  14. Remember those cardboard keyboard overlays you used to get with these things? Used to love me a good keyboard overlay... There were a couple of 90s PC flight sim type affairs I used to love - Apache Longbow and EF2000. I always wanted a stick, throttle and pedals, but those things were stupid prices.
  15. Xbox Appreciation Thread

    I've recently grabbed a CoinOps Lite bundle off Pirate Bay. The full CoinOps bundle wouldn't fit on my hard drive, but the Lite version has a decent selection of arcade and console games and I can just add any extra ROMs I want to play. It all seems to work perfectly, I've got encountered anything not fully working yet.

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