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  1. I've never played it. I was going to get it, but a guy I worked with at Psygnosis said it was shit. He clearly knew nothing about games - pretty mich the only things he did of note he did in the games industry was create a bunch of driving games with silly names based on comic book cities, of all things...
  2. This is one of a select bunch of films that I've paid to see (I rented it on VHS, iirc) and didn't watch all the way through. I think there's probably only this and Freddie Got Fingered. Always tempted to give it another go. Crash, that is, not Freddie Got Fingered. That was truly awful.
  3. I really liked Atomic Blonde. Thought it was a really good, stylish film.
  4. 6 Underground Bit of an odd one, this. Objectively, I know it was shite, but it was still enjoyable. The action sequences, which made up 90% of the film were actually really good, though right from the get go there's a massive innocent bystander body count. There's some really funny bits and laugh out loud one liners. But anytime it tried to get serious it was just shit and there was a lot that felt really out of place in a fairly throwaway action film - civilians bring gassed and kids bring orphaned. There was a good amount of gore thrown in for no good reason as well. It's odd, I liked it, but I think it's a 2/5 film.
  5. Jojo Rabbit Just an excellent, excellent film all round. The whole story is brilliant, even if you just take it on face value. It has a load of great characters, almost all of whom are acted brilliantly. It's all kinda sweet throughout, since it's all seen through a naive ten year old's eyes. There's a lot of laughs, some unbelievably sad parts. Were it not for the whole Hitler / war bits, it could almost be a kids film. I just loved it throughout. And it has a really important message to get across, which it does really well. One of the best films I've seen for a while. I honest wish I could give it more than 5/5
  6. Playing With Fire Took the kids to see this because it's half term, it's pissing down and it was the £3 a ticket film. It's a Nickelodeon John Cena vehicle which was surprisingly enjoyable. Laugh out loud funny in places, surprisingly poignant at times and has a few good action bits. I thought it was pretty good 3/5 Kids absolutely loved it 5/5
  7. The bit where Was not prepared for that. I was in bits.
  8. When I was getting 360 games, which is a couple of years ago now, Pirate Bay had pretty much everything I wanted
  9. I think we're alright as long as we're not actually linking to files? Torrent sites are favourite. If you can get a Gazelle Games account, it'll be in there.
  10. I've installed the latest version of MAME on Linux and was somewhat surprised to discover it immediately recognised my Xbox 360 fight pad. Been having fun playing a few bits and bobs, but have the usual problem that I have too many ROMs. What I could do with, really, is a slightly smaller, more focused list. Maybe a top 1000 or so.
  11. o/ I remember a mate excitedly showing me the "amazing"' Attack Of The Mutant Camels on C64 and just really not understanding why he thought it was so great.
  12. Is this not down to adding an element of progression? Like Doom drip feeding in the weapons as you go through the levels? The MSR / PGR series gradually gave you access to better and better cars, which made you feel like you were actually progressing through the game, rather than just aimless unfettered access to everything from the start. I remember there being a bit of fuss when GT4 came out and the Endurance mode was locked until you'd completed 25% of the game. It seemed to me to be a response to the fact that people worked out in GT3 that you could take a starter car and almost immediately run it in an endurance race that would bet you thousands of credits and a 1/4 chance of winning an essentially game breaking Formula 1 car. I think 5 and 6 went for full xp levels, with events locked away until you got to a certain driver level. The Forza Motorsport series did this from the first iteration.
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