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  1. The American Not normally a fan of films where nothing happens, but I enjoyed this one. You could write the story on the back of a fag packet - a gunsmith / assassin hides out in an Italian village and makes on last gun, talks to a priest, falls in love with a prostitute. That's it. There's lots of scenery porn, plenty of moody shots where no one says anything and it's all nicely shot, with a great score. It reminded me in In Bruges at times. But of a blatant George Clooney vehicle, but a good use of an hour and three quarters. 4/5
  2. I did a load of the QA on this. Name in the credits and all that...
  3. I used to work for Sony. We would get free PlayStation games all the time and I'd basically give them away. Meh. However, every once in a while, we'd get a "staff only" version of a game. It'd be some random game like Rapid Racer or Tekken or something but would be made to commemorate something like consoles sold or something other milestone. They'd normally come in plain black cases and I sold a few a couple of years back for a good bit of money. However, we got a copy of Gran Turismo to commemorate 100m PS1 disks printed. It came in a really nice cardboard gatefold case. One of the times I was moving house, I stumbled across the case, found there was no disk in it and, for some bizarre reason, binned it. Even by itself, it was nice, so I have absolutely no idea why I did it. I can even remember pausing to think about it and then sticking it in a bin bag. I found the disk a couple of years ago. It was just a complete waste of something genuinely rare. I'm going to put the disk in a nice frame instead. I have my name in the credits and it's one of the few games I'm genuinely proud to have had anything to do with.
  4. Before they go on Facebook then eBay, any interest in any of these? I have a GCon for Time Crisis and dance mats for the two Dancing Stage games. If there's anything you're interested in, let me know and I can start to look at prices.
  5. The storyline for MK reset for 9, didn't it? I've never paid that much attention to the story, to the point where I don't really know what a Revenant is, would going back to 9 and working through to 11 catch me up?
  6. I fancied the latest Kingdom Hearts game and thought it might be fun to play it with my kids. Then I discovered that you need to play half a dozen others (might be a slight exaggeration) to understand the basics of the story, so dropped that notion. I understand it's a sequel, but you should be able to drop in at any point and get at least a vague motion of what's going on. I'll echo the "fighting games" thing mentioned above. I consider myself a thoroughly average gamer and I really enjoy the Injustice and Mortal Kombat games but I fairly rapidly hit a wall with them where I just don't have the ability to perform the actions required to "get good" at them, especially when it comes to playing online.
  7. That looks remarkably straight forward. He does a decent job of explaining where everything goes and what it all does. I'll give that a go when I find the time. When the wheel arrived and I got it out the box, it had that "hasn't been used for a while" smell about it, so I would suspect there's just a bit of dust stopping the pedal coming all the way back up. It's a great wheel, though. I love the feel of it. Even thinking of starting to use the shifter, rather than sticking with auto gears.
  8. That could work. Does it fold flat?
  9. It worked fine for a couple of days, then started acting up. It only takes the lightest of taps to stop it happening, but it's just a bit distracting. I have compressed air, I'll give it a go. Got a link to guidance where to spray it? What's electrical contact cleaner? Will it also involve dismantling the pedals?
  10. I bought the PS3 Driving Force GT that @Pug was getting rid of and have run into a bit of an issue. It seems like the brake pedal doesn't always come back all the way up when I take my foot off it. In GT5, it acts like I have my foot permanently resting on the pedal. If I give it a tap with my foot or flick my foot off the pedal, so it pings back up, it works fine. But this is kinda annoying. Given that there doesn't seem to be a calibration option in GT5, is there a way around this? Is anyone away of this kind of problem with this or other wheels and, if so, is there an easy fix? While I'm here: I've now got three / four wheels (two of them are Xbox 360 ones) and, while the Xbox ones sit on my knee fine and the two Logitechs use the lap attachment, I'd like to be able to clamp them to something. Is there a cheap, foldable universal solution for this?
  11. Self bump double quote. Fella who picked it up plans to turn it into an arcade cabinet. Has already got about ten. Its gone to a good home...
  12. I actually managed to sell this in eBay. Only for a fiver, like, but it get a it out the house
  13. I actually still have it, it's this: First proper "computer game" was Punchy on the Commodore 16, a Hunchback clone that came with the machine. First console game was Mario All Stars, which was the pack in with the SNES I got for my birthday one year. It remains the only Mario platform game(s) I've played.
  14. I suspect this telly predates Who Wants to be a Millionaire by a good 20 years...
  15. My missus said we could contact the Enterprise with it...
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