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  1. I thought about doing that using the app, but it turns out that the app lists games that aren't part of Game Pass anymore. Which is annoying.
  2. Another one added to the list, then...
  3. I haven't and know nothing about it. I'll give it a look. Yeah, I've heard a few people mention this in a very positive way. Another one I'll be trying. Never heard of it. What is it?
  4. I've run into the Netflix problem with this - there's actually too much choice, so I spent ages just flicking through the list of available games last night. Normally, I'd only get one game at a time and would only play that until I was done. There's so much on there that I basically don't know where to start... I did give Man Fall Down a go last night, though. I thought it was charming, but it gave me motion sickness (I'm guessing because of the constant need to change the camera angle up and down), and I can't see me sticking at it. I fancy something 2D...
  5. Not sure f this is the right thread to ask, but: can I buy 360 games with the credit I get from rewards? I have £3 to use and Darkstalkers has been reduced to £2.39. Last time I bought a 360 game, it didn't seem to give me the option to use existing credit.
  6. That could be it. If I forget to turn off my VPN, so Chrome thinks I'm in Romania, I don't accrue points.
  7. Are you searching using Bing?
  8. I have Mortal Kombat XL on disk, I'll be interested to see if I get the DLC characters if I download the digital version of X.
  9. Where there's a price in the app, normally with a discount, is that I have to pay for it originally have to pay for it if I want to play it after my subscription expires / it drops off Game Pass?
  10. The Xbox app, or is there another one for Game Pass?
  11. I may never leave the house again. Annoyingly, there's a couple of games on there that I've bought and not really played yet.
  12. Boom. Done. £76 to get Ultimate until December 2021. Is there an easy to read list of games somewhere? Can anyone recommend any indie and / arcade type games that I might have missed up to now?
  13. Cool. Thinking of getting two years worth, since my Gold sub runs out in a couple of months. That'll be about £76 of cdkeys, which is about all I can justify at the mo. Then I'll upgrade.
  14. If I'm reading this right, I can convert my standard Gold membership to Game Pass Ultimate for a quid? Can I go back to standard Gold after that? What's the cheapest way to extend my Gold membership?
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