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  1. You may have seen Death Of Guitar Pop appear on facebook somewhere as they do have a lot of sponsored ads their new single, a cover of Rancid's "Junkie Man " is ace from their new album Pukka Sounds...
  2. Just downloading it, glad i've not got round to carrying on with it yet!
  3. Get a Neo Geo AES and live on the street
  4. It Takes Two - 8 Still quite a harsh review team then. its a 9 or 10 ( out of 10 )
  5. any video of Riiiidge Raaacccerrr in action please?
  6. " Study your opponent " Is it a pervert based shooter?
  7. I'm playing this through with @Salsa Party Animal and what a fucking game! utterly bonkers and original. It just goes on..and..on..and on! we wont say where we are due to spoilers but pretty far in.
  8. There might be mention of this somewhere on the forum, but i've not seen it https://www.focus-home.com/en-us/games/hood-outlaws-legends Anyway, this is by Sumo Digital and i do hope its going to be ace! out on May 7th was one date i saw.
  9. I know these companies do their best with backwards compatibility, but it’s the throwaway culture once a new console comes out that is part of the problem. Look at how many PS4 Pros and Xbox One X consoles people are wanting to shift now. And with that a whole generation of gaming is dismissed - despite the inclusion of backwards compatibility! Which in reality doesn’t get used a great deal. As soon as the new Nintendo console ( Switch pro? ) comes out, the current Switch will be toast. All that investment in a top class product just ends. Nintendo are kings at it it’s the kind of practice
  10. I might get an Apple TV for this, whats the minimum one that allows Apple Arcade?
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