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  1. Hello Goaty ♥

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Yayy! this is or was an Amazing game
  2. Hello Goaty ♥

    PlayStation 5

    Its the games. They don't release the right ones! My new console comes out in 2019 Fall and the release games are: Ridge Racer Radical The Legend Of Powerstone Panzer Dragoon Lancers Syphon Filter Extraction Virtua Racing Evolution Universe Defence Force - Attack on the Solar System ( probably by Space Spiders again! ) Gradius Worlds Prince Of Persia : Journey To Tibet Castlevania Curse Of The Werewolf Naxat Open Golf Resurrection Sim City Environments Ultra Monkeyball Namco J-League 2019 ( Mystical Ninja ) Goeman Returns To Peach Mountain Chase HQ Beatdown and they are all bloody brilliant My console probably doesn't have Netflix on it either!
  3. Hello Goaty ♥

    PlayStation 5

    Heres how it will work for me this time. I haven't got a 4k tv or whatever yet. So the next gen console I decide to buy will come with a new TV. I'm not actually getting one this time for at least 1 year After release. No bullshit! i'll still be playing Red Dead anyway
  4. Hello Goaty ♥

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    how did I miss the draw on the other hand , Spain! yay - we have no manager thanks a lot! great video
  5. Hello Goaty ♥

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    Scarlett..? As in... the Pimpernel with an extra T
  6. Hello Goaty ♥

    Buying games on release in 2018

    And as if by magic It is the only way. I would have bought it weeks ago at that price. Psychology. ( and only 33.99 on Amazon)
  7. Hello Goaty ♥

    Buying games on release in 2018

    All big games should be 39.99
  8. Hello Goaty ♥

    Team Sonic Racing

    Sonic All Stars the racing transformed one is a proper stunner on the PC at full fat resolution. Sublime i'll go for the PC version again possibly
  9. Hello Goaty ♥

    Wreckfest - Bugbear (IBM Compatibles).

    I have this on steam from way back, will keep an eye on it!
  10. Hello Goaty ♥

    The Golf Club 2019

    aha! brilliant so dry he is
  11. Hello Goaty ♥

    The Golf Club 2019

    I didn't buy Golf Club 2, is it one of the Devs commentating again
  12. Hello Goaty ♥

    'Atari' are up to something

    any more thoughts on this ? is it still Vapourware//
  13. Hello Goaty ♥

    Photographic Modes and Streaming Gameplay

    do these things constantly record now? or only when a button is pressed
  14. Hello Goaty ♥

    Naming conventions - how do you do yours?

    I used to do that on some old footy games, used to have most of the Marvel crew on board. and some others like Frank Sidebottom and God or Jesus. - Xcom2 you say?? yahoo!
  15. Hello Goaty ♥

    Photographic Modes and Streaming Gameplay

    Cant tell if sarcastic or not but you do say - Why would anyone want to watch that? - Well exactly. It would only be useful for someone who couldn't be arsed to get there and do it themselves in the game.

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