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  1. Forgetting about deals a minute Hitcher, just buying it directly... if Microsoft and Sony had frozen their prices at say 39.99 a year I wouldn’t be talking about it. 10 quid is 10 quid. In fact I bet prices go up again when the new consoles are out. the prices of some of the kit is astonishing as well. How much was an Xbox elite pad again? You can almost buy a Nintendo switch lite for the prices of those
  2. Because the price of it keeps going up for a start. ( and of course it’s free to play online on the dreaded PC ) 49.99 for the year for both PSN and Xbox live is pretty shit considering in the past it’s been as low as sub 20 to 30 quid through online deals etc. i’ve not tried that game pass thing as yet. But I bet you pay the monthly fee on top of Xbox Live? i don’t suppose Microsoft have thought about a price that gives you games pass and Xbox live combined have they? for example if they raised it to 59.99 and included game pass access for free, I would be right there with it.
  3. It’s not time to ditch the consoles, but it is time to scrap that yearly fee for Xbox live or PSN.
  4. @Nosejam Theres one or two sweary parts but nothing she probably hasn't heard (!) (it amazes me what passes for a 12a these days )
  5. There is a teeny little bit of history to learn. Well scrub that maybe not, as its completely ridiculous as a history tool. But fear not, its a total blast and she will find it a nice thing to compliment her interest. Plus its a film told from a person approaching their teens point of view on it all.
  6. I can only echo, Totally Outstanding film! even moreso with the explanations spoilered above
  7. I've recently watched JoJo Rabbit No Spoilers, but it scores SIX out of FIVE
  8. We all know what an Amazon Fire stick or Apple TV is. Along those lines what is the chance of Nintendo Switch based technology in a " gaming box " coming out, to plug direct into the telly? ( other than the old switch of course, duh) Imagine a Nintendo Switch for the TV only that was about the size of the old Ouya console...
  9. I've fallen out with gaming a bit. Not done it proper for a few months! However! .... I have stocked up on the indie games on my PC and will be playing the Goose game, a short hike and that Time Travel simulator one i will also check if i can get What the Golf? On PC now. I will also play through Shenmue 3 so all good!
  10. Its probably on here somewhere? not sure But this appeared on one of my facebook feeds earlier: its similar to Nintendo Labo of course.
  11. If Apple released a totally focused Apple Arcade box - I would be at the front of the queue
  12. Would Apple Arcade be available on one of those little mini Macs? The latest ones obviously. a Mac mini could be an option... if so
  13. Posted in wrong forum ( was about PC Memory ) but hey, Have a lovely Xmas and New Year!
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