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  1. I won’t mention names but don’t fall into the trap of releasing something “ radical and different ... or a new kind of something “ especially! if you don’t have the budget to keep throwing money at it till it clicks with the gaming public. Try your best to make it addictive and make you smile while racing and smashing into other vehicles. Traditional gameplay ( ha whatever that is ) seems to be the way to go. Like the other thread says, it has been such a long time since I’ve enjoyed a good arcade racer. Forza Horizon is a good example of a team doing something right as the racing in that is superb, but I do think they rely on their massive game maps too much, and it becomes just like every other racing or driving game in recent memory then. - Like being handed a list of chores!
  2. Well, I quoted Ridge Racer as an example! You could argue if you look into it that the original Ridge Racer was one or two racing tracks and bugger all else. Its what Namco did with what little content they had which worked so well. I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs, as you already know this anyway. Even Rocket League is a simple concept with not much content really. But that’s like crack too look into the intricacies in what content you have in your game and see how to bring the gameplay out for us all. Edit: Tokyo Highway Battle had a lot of fans too ( admittedly not Edge magazine! ) and that’s literally one big track with devious naughty rivals that make you throw the pad!
  3. RI didn’t know Mario Kart 8 had auto accelerate. OK if that’s your thing but blindly auto accelerating would remind me of a mobile phone game a bit. It’s perhaps a good feature for someone with a disability. ( I’m not suggesting Soi has one! ) As far as your game goes, it looks lovely. Make it as arcade as you possibly can but don’t fall into the trap of having no content. Saying that also think about how good the original Ridge Racer was and what was there to play with, remember how you could literally just keep playing it and playing it ..forward tracks,reverse tracks and keep on playing it! ... facing off against the pesky black devil car. Combine longetivity with with good controls and we are into a winner. You probably have online play modes in mind but don’t let it ruin what looks like a solid game!
  4. Hello Goaty ♥

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    How can we forget Animal Crossing
  5. Hello Goaty ♥

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    I'm having this one top, top Disco action. Still think this game was way ahead of its time! and good use of the hardware
  6. Hello Goaty ♥

    All Time Favourite Gaming Mission

    It’s a blur, but I will blanket all of them... back when the Ghost Recon games were good, all the missions were ace!
  7. Hello Goaty ♥

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    EDF 5 Hopefully its great!
  8. Hello Goaty ♥

    Remembering when video game intros were epic

    Hairs on the back of the neck Job this one was of course
  9. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

    exactly Sean!
  10. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

    This is what we want! shit the kids up properly. This is actually the best who universe thing ever. Outstanding episode if its on iplayer. And yes.. it was Torchwood surprisingly. The first clip is where the faries kill her stepdad I think and take her as the chosen one, the second clip is the aftermath proper scary shit.
  11. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

    I agree with John here. In fact I haven't really enjoyed any of these. They are all too Scooby-Doo for my liking. I think the episodes are an insult to kids as well never mind middle aged old folk. Very simple and watered down no matter how you look at them..
  12. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

  13. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

    Another episode another ex Coronation Street actress oh and Lee Mack. Edit: Its now 19:05 and nothing has happened much.
  14. Skim reading the topic...Has Final Blow been mentioned? Came out on the Megadrive and maybe others? Was pretty decent!
  15. It has " Boxing " in the title so I will hopefully be ok posting Panza Kick Boxing, I had the Amiga version and theres a PC Engine version too! reminded me so much of Karate Champ at the time. The PC engine version noticeably has proper speech. Amiga: PC Engine:

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