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  1. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    I do hope Rushy isn't taking these thoughts as sniping. - My thoughts are that its not all that original. BUT THIS IS GOOD. - there are too many games out there that have forgotten what makes a good game. This looks like it will be a hit with traditionalists. remember that game Blur for example.. that was aces. This looks up there / maybe better than that.
  2. Old Gaming Telly

    oh theres a few of us oldies about My tech show was Tomorrows World(!)
  3. The Man Utd Thread

    Manchester United as they are now, have not had any chance to evolve and become a " team " yet IMO. Tottenham also got knocked out too we know, but genuinely gave it a good go - as a Team.
  4. City based circuit arcade racers

    The Runabout series used to be a laugh too!
  5. City based circuit arcade racers

    Does anyone know if you can emulate GTI club ( like with mame or something? )
  6. Arsenal

    Gahhhhhh! my betting slip is a tale of WOE. Spent the last 7 mins shouting at someone to score
  7. Name this game

    PP Hammer? http://www.old-games.com/download/768/pphammer-and-his-pneumatic-hammer
  8. Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    Dream Wife!
  9. Football Thread 2017/18

    MUGGED I almost did ok again. Had 2.50 on at 20/1 for a 5-1 win. Walker-peters is a BUGGER.
  10. Football Thread 2017/18

    Dunno? I put it on just before 18:30 on the night! - I normally use William Hill as they make it clearer. Still happy enough though
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    yep that's why I went to the game! and.. Booom! 16/1 and 85 quid richer I put that on after drinking 4 pints in Harrys bar Wigan too! clear..head LOL I also recorded the last 4 mins or so! - AMAZING DJ Skills on the final whistle too
  12. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    I just hope the racing is addictive and responsive! that's all I ask.. oh and no grass cutting penalty
  13. Cobra Kai - Karate Kid sequel series on YouTube

    Haha that was a bit creepy continuing to film him in the shop!
  14. Cobra Kai - Karate Kid sequel series on YouTube

    Theres a US band I like No More Kings and its their fault all of them are in this 2007 Video.. and its ACE

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