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  1. The fact that everyone keeps banging on about it based on the damned song is more of a giveaway than the trailer is. This is nowhere near I see dead people levels
  2. She HAS to get to interviews just so they can destroy her.
  3. Last weeks Talks was just weird. It was already weird enough during the first episode of Undeadwood when it turned out that Brian had been running a home game for years yet no one has actually played in it.
  4. It was like herding cats but finally got my storm king brolly last night after 17:21. It's actually really good fun as long as you mark up the spawn things so people don't just focus on the boss and let adds run amok. Looking at Fortnitetracker, that person was playing on a phone Shimmy so I'm not surprised.
  5. I did. I always read the books. They are great. Especially good was finding out why Geralt is known as the butcher of Blaviken.
  6. Shit, I've played 10,279 matches and I've neeeeeeever had a solo win although I did come second way back in season 2 Mind we have pretty much lived in Team Rumble ever since they added it Ugh, there are so many good things about this season like them taking out all of the superfluous shit, but crossplay with pc players has got to be sorted out. People were already asking for fucking ages for mouse and keyboard players to be seperated out on ps4 and then they finally do it only to make it enforced with people on keyboard and mouse on fucking pc's unless you are doing solo, creative, or playground.
  7. I can't believe there are only two episodes of undeadwood left it's so good Aye 81, 82 was a lot better so it might have just been a blip of not having regular eps due to cons
  8. Yeah, it isn't that he's charming, it's just that on a programme about selling he seems really good at it
  9. Damn, I'm just watching this now and wondering how many they would have got if Thomas had actually been on that team? The treasure hunt is the best because they get so involved in finding the thing, that getting it for the best price just goes right out the window lol I really miss Nick and Margaret
  10. Locals are pissed about the tourists hanging about when they really should be setting up food trucks and drink stations. Capitalise on that shit!
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