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  1. Fortnite actually worked before the patch that added tilted towers, it's been downhill ever since.
  2. You literally just can't do it on console. I nolife watched the prison raid and it was just perfection and such a high point in the whole Summers iniative thing. Me Chang planned that shit perfectly and Ramee overcame his sbs and was a fucking don with the thermite. I actually watch this over most tv these days.
  3. https://youtu.be/0tLEQiHUmsE I've been watching nopixel for a couple of months now and holy shit some of the RP is so good. I wish normal online had more of the stuff they use integrated into it
  4. Interesting considering she has said she said bigger stores
  5. Wickedkitten


    Is it August 30th yet?
  6. its set at cat show at Crystal Palace in Victorian London
  7. That's exactly what I do as well and the levels of salt that people have after you have blown them up in their own titan is hilarious. He kept trying to swoop on me for ages after that and I just kept owning and boning him.
  8. I fucking loved Tokyo Dtift. It's the only one that is actually about street racing Also
  9. lol we were both wondering about the twitch guidelines when Sam rolled in lol He is so OTT for live shows though and I love it
  10. nah he doesn’t make anywhere near 5 Million a month from twitch. Iirc when he was profiled in ESPN last year he was making 600k a month from twitch subs and since then his channel has lost a shit ton of viewers. Most of his money is from sponsorship deals iirc.
  11. That Cthulhu one shot was fucking amazing. We watched it before last nights episode and Everyone brought their A game. Definitely need more.
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