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  1. Sam can't have read it in the chat because the ep was prerecorded, luckily things are shut down but they are ahead by two weeks on the eps.
  2. I don’t think they have been involved with Scientology since Jett died. I remember before they never spoke on his challenges but after he died John had an interview where he did. Kelly was getting treatment at a cancer centre in Houston before she passed.
  3. They just found a body and are in the process of recovering it but it's more than likely her.
  4. We watched Narrative Telephone last night and I'm just going to say Taliesin’s is every bit as good as I thought it was going to be This person sounds exactly like the type of person that makes their community toxic to the point even they have distanced themselves from it somewhat.
  5. ma shoe! I loved that one. Perkins’ ones were too damned short!
  6. Forgot to post but Dnd live was this weekend and all of the vods should be up on twitch.
  7. Yeah I just did this the other night, turned off the light and just sat in front of the window listening to music and watching cars go past and it was great. definitely helps being present listening to it
  8. Wickedkitten


    Fucking love Gunship and got my therapist into them and Tool
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