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  1. I'm at 27 hours played now, my team all have a sub job and are all level 21 and over, with my main being 28. They've all got some sweet gear and ready for the chapter 2 quests. I've visited all the chapter 2 towns so I can fast travel to them, cleared 3 small dungeons (one of which had a nasty boss at the end!) and done around 60% of the side quests I've picked up along the way. Unsure if I want to clear up more side quests with the help of a guide or progress the main stories. I love everything about the game, it's meeting my very high expectations and in some regards exceeding them; the combat and music in particular.
  2. I think the best course of action after you get all 8 characters is to seek out the shrines so each get a subclass. The shrines seem to be on the way to the chapter 2 towns so opportunity to get xp to level up on the way there. I've found 3 so far. The chapter 2 towns will have far better loot to steal or buy and you are asked if you want to continue the story or just explore. Edit: once you get in the general area of a shrine an icon appears on the minimap.
  3. I've collected all 8 characters and, after mopping up most of the side quests, went off to do Therions chapter 2. I made the mistake of bringing the Hunter and Scholar, both of which were well under the suggested level (Therion was 20 I think). It was going quite well until the boss who was pretty much one shotting both the lowbies. I stuck with it though using well over 20 revive potions. It must of taken a good 30 minutes to finally down him! He had and insane amount of HP and I could only really do any significant damage with Therions Steal Heath/SP attacks. Everyone else was reviving and using heals. Didn't look at the other chapter 2's to see if they had a lower level requirement. So yeah, some grinding required and need to buy and/or steal some better gear!
  4. A few tips: Don't forget to unlock new abilities every now and again. It only prompts you the first time. Once you've got a new chapter, head back into their town and there will be new side quests. These can be quite cryptic and some wont be possible until you have different characters for new path actions.
  5. Started as Therion, the thief. I want to be able to get all the purple chests along the way. His steal SP is insane when boosted and the next unlockable skill means I can share his SP with another character. Think I'll pick up the Apothecary, Scholar and Merchant for my first party of 4.
  6. I think I was fully on board after 3 or 4 episodes. I can see how it's not for everyone though.
  7. No real spoilers in the EG review, it sounds great. Choo Choo!
  8. I've binged The Good Place over the last few days, absolutely loved it. Great characters, especially my favourite; Janet!
  9. That does sound strange to have the stories completely separate. Hope this is the only drawback of the game. I think I'll pick 4 characters and play through with them. To be honest I will probably struggle to remember each of their motivations if I rolled with all 8 in one play through anyway.
  10. Nosejam

    Who is America? - Sacha Baron Cohen

    Monday 10pm
  11. Thanks might give it a go
  12. Anyone seen Good Girls? I liked the trailer and Retta's in it. Worth a watch?
  13. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    For fucks sake.
  14. Nosejam

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This is painful, especially when I don't want either team to go through
  15. Nosejam

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    Had it in my head that Octopath was 23rd July, so that's a nice surprise for me. Code of Princess looks like Dragons Crown so that's a day 1 too.

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